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Um so big apols, turns out I haven’t uploaded a fashion blog post in an entire month. It’s probs because the reality is that maternity dressing is an absolute shit show.

I’ve been attempting to play this ‘just buy a size up in normal clothes, rather than buy maternity clothes’ game, and what it basically means is that both my boobs and the baby are attempting to burst out of everything I own.

Turns out, normal clothes aren’t made for pregnant women, who knew eh?

So whilst I’m struggling to pull together a decent maternity wardrobe, the one thing I’m not struggling with is my good old-time pals, accessories.

Shoes and bags and jewellery and hats and all those glorious things that will never leave me, no matter how whopper my breasts become.

So without further ado, welcome to my current accessory tribe – the pieces I’ve been wearing addictively over the past month or so.



Shock horror, Hannah Gale likes a tassel earring. I think they’ve become part of my identity as much as having a flaky nose piercing has. As most of you will know by now, my tassel earrings of choice are the classic H&M style.

I snapped up a white pair last summer, and then over the past few months H&M have relaunched them in a rainbow of colours – red, navy, black, blush, nude, gold, rose gold, silver and the list goes on. They sell out online the day they arrive, so your best bet is just to keep checking your local store for fresh stock.

A little birdie (also known as Laura from TinyTwisst) also told me she spied the exact same earrings in yellow, green and red in Topshop on Oxford Street, so FLY MY PRETTIES.


I bought my first pair of Converse in years just before my Trek America trip last autumn. Now, I’m v late to the party with these pop sock thingies and so wore them with barefeet until they started to smell like decay and death. I tried to whack them on the washing machine, but the heinous scent stuck about, so they ended up in the bin.

ANYWAY I GAVE IN AND BOUGHT A NEW PAIR. Why are Converse like the best part of £50 these days? Anyway, I’ve tried to get on board with other trainers but these just look so damn slick both with summer dresses and with skinny jeans and jumpers and I bloody love them and I don’t care how basic that makes me. Over and out.



This little love was kindly sent to me by the La Redoute team, but I’ve sadly been unable to find it online to link to. It became my California road trip bag of choice, mostly because a) it went with everything and b) was a whole lot roomier than my much-loved collection of eeny weeny cross body bags.

Everyone on Instagram seemingly has a cute straw bag at the moment, and I’m sure that come October they’ll be resigned to the back of the wardrobe, because lol straw ain’t so waterproof. But if you are still on the hunt for one, Bohemia Design has loads of different styles at pretty respectable prices.



Dress – New Look (super cute if you’re not pregnant, but ahem, a bit strain-y if you are) |

Bag – La Redoute (sold out online) | Jacket – similar from ASOS here |

Trainers – Converse | Necklace – Accessorize

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