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I won’t lie, most of my beauty routine of late has revolved around bath bombs (because ~apparently~ I’m no longer allowed to drink my stresses away) and heavy face moisturisers (I’ve been too lazy for make-up and so have been desperately piling on skincare products instead in the hope I can become one of those people who look ravishing without foundation/concealer/bronzer/contour powder/blusher etc etc).

BUT, I have stumbled across a few new beauty faves that I wanted to share with you because turns out I can’t just construct entire blog posts about how much I love Method’s rhubarb anti bac spray.

(Although I do really, really love it and if you’re more into cleaning products than make-up, I implore you to go and hunt it out. It smells of miracles and happiness and love and Care Bears dancing on clouds, and cleans surfaces too as an added bonus.)

So yeah, back to beauty blogging…



I had a real treat of a parcel last week, when the v delightful PR team at LUSH kindly packed me a box of pre-baby pamper products. I know, get the violins out, it’s been a tough old time.

Anyway, hidden away in there was bottle of Rose Jam body spray. Now, I love their Rose Jam range – it’s an abso dream for anyone who has childhood memories of sharing boxes of Turkish delight with their nan, but I’d never really considered using the body spray before. Mostly because I’m more of a fancy perfume kinda gal.

But I’ve been spraying it on my pyjamas and on my bed sheets before bed and oh lordy it is just divine. If you find yourself pootling around your local LUSH store, go give it a whiff plz. (I’m not saying you should have a daytime scent and a nightime scent because lol $$$$, but just go smell it, OK?)

Shop LUSH Rose Jam Body Spray, £25



Just a casual decade or so late to the party, but this powder foundation is a bit sexy innit?

I’ve been using it on top of my Complexion Rescue (which is a bit like a v dreamy tinted moisturiser with SPF), and it just makes my skin feel incredible.

It’s super light and instantly mattifies my incredibly oily skin without drying it out and making it look like a cracked piece of mud. It also adds a really decent level of coverage and is v easy to apply – AND GUYS IT DOESN’T DO WEIRD THINGS IN THIS SUMMER HEAT, EVEN ON THE TUBE. It just sits nicely on my face like a good little lad.

I’m never looking back tbh.

Shop bareMinerals Original Foundation, £27


The v wonderful thing about being with child is that I seem to have about seven bottles of stretch mark cream lingering about the house.

And by far my fave is this one. Mostly because it doesn’t leave me with sticky breasts for the entirety of the day. It’s like an oil that you pour into your hands and then smother across your naked body and I won’t lie, it feels seriously luxurious and makes me feel like a posh lady who gets blowdries every week.

It’s got buckthorn and jojoba oils in it, but I’d best describe the smell as slightly sweet with an almost kinda fresh, citrusy undertone to it.

If you’ve got a preggo mate, buy them this <3

Shop Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Stretch Mark Oil, £18


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