31 Things We Were All Obsessed With A Decade Ago


Because let’s face it, there’s nothing like a nostalgic post to remind you that FUCKING HELL WHEN DID I GET OLD and y’know what’s nice? An electric blanket and a comfy pair of pants.

Here’s 31 things us millennials were obsessed with a decade ago.


1. Wearing a waistcoat out-out to your local club. Because what says I’m a sassy, stylish minx like whacking on a black waistcoat over a shirt and getting down to Pitbull?

2. Connecting with friends (and random night out acquaintances) on Facebook. Although being fucking upset that there wasn’t any jazzy skins or customisation options so that your profile could show off your true self – y’know with a cute pink font and song that just got you.

3. And uploading 60+ images in an album of blurry ugly sweaty phone pics every time you had a night out because lord forbid people didn’t know what a wild and out of control party animal you were. And y’know, you’d totally want to look back on these, RIGHT?

4. Absolutely drenching your legs in Johnson’s Holiday Skin body lotion because GUYS YOU COULD HAVE A TAN FOR LESS THAN THREE QUID.

5. Massive beaded necklaces that looked like they were about to take over and choke you. Ideally faux pearl. Ideally from Primark.

6. Drunkenly sashaying about in a club with a VK in both hands because were you even a real proper lad if you only had one? Nah pal.

7. Chunky belts, normally with some sort of ginormous buckle. Best worn right under your boobs so it looked like it was hoisting them up.

8. A good, decent, Wetherspoon’s dinner. Because HELLO HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MUCH YOU COULD GET FOR A FIVER? Yes Curry Night, you da boy.

9. And obviously teaming said meal with a pitcher of Woo Woo because can cocktails get anymore delicious? I don’t think so.

10. Those skinny gold plaited headbands that you were pretty much sure 102% transformed you into some Grecian goddess – despite the fact it gave you an itchy forehead.

11. Popping Pro Plus because like you didn’t really like coffee yet but man you were shattered from staying up all night texting a boy and you needed a pick me up.

12. French knickers because what’s nicer than underwear that a) has little tiny white hairs apparently growing all over them and b) feel a lot like you’re rubbing your vagina with astro turf? Nothing.

13. Eyebrows that were made up of approximately six hairs and never had a single brow product go near them. You know what’s nice about not having eye brows? They make your forehead look even bigger.

14. McDonald’s Monopoly because hey look, you could put all your energy into your education but like you could also win a Mini Cooper or a free cheeseburger so….

15. Watching Skins on E4 and being so freaking happy there was FINALLY a programme that understood how freaking messed up being a millennial teenager was.

16. Having a serious side fringe that you’d get your mate to cut for you because lol you ain’t made of hairdresser money.

17. Collecting Pandora charms that matched your personality and interests so that you had a bracelet that adequately summarised who you were as a person. Laughing and chuckling with your mates over the gold ones that cost £250 because lol imagine being that rich.

18. Singing Rihanna’s Umbrella and Leona Lewis Bleeding Love really loudly because those gals just got you, y’know? (And yes, those songs came out TEN YEARS ago, no biggie).

19. Going to Halfords purely to look at pink hanging dice, diamante tax disk holders and faux fur steering wheel covers. Because was there any point in passing your driving test if you didn’t make your clapped out 1998 Vauxhall Corsa look like Jigglypuff had vommed up over it?

20. Mixing vodka with fruit juice as a standard pre-drink. Y’know what makes vodka taste less like nail varnish remover? Piling it with loads of tropical flavoured sugar.

21. Going out and wearing jeans and a ‘nice top’. The ‘nice top’ being a corset. Because obviously what makes you feel sexier than dressing like Elizabeth the First?

22. Going to Nando’s with your mates because what is this jazzy new chicken restaurant that makes me feel like a proper grown-up going out with my mates and sitting round a table without ketchup smeared across it.

23. Ripping out the glossiest vogue editorials to put on your bedroom wall as like some sort of weird life inspiration.

24. The Simpsons Movie because LOL Spider Pig.

25. Going into Ann Summers for a browse because oooh ahhh what a treasure trove of the unknown. HANDCUFFS. LUBE. DILDOS. OMG MUCH GROWN UP.

26. Cystitis sachets because apparently 2007 you had no concept of how to keep your urethra free of bacteria.

27. Wetting yourself about the prospect of going shopping in a big city because OMG THEY HAVE A HOLLISTER STORE AND IT’S REALLY DARK AND EVERYONE WHO WORKS THERE IS REALLY HOT.

28. Going to McDonald’s Drive Thru at least twice a week because where else can you hang out with your mates without your parents getting in the way?

29. Wearing your hair in a quiff with approximately 17 hair grips and half a bottle of Elnett. Mostly because then you could party the night away without getting those gross sweaty strands of hair at the front, y’know?

30. Getting really cute little meaningless tattoos. Yes I’ll have a little heart on my hip and a dove and a key and a bow and a daisy chain and n’awww <3<3<3 tattoos <3<3<3.

31. Wearing dolly shoes with approximately 92% of outfits which was particularly joyful when it rained and they basically transformed into giant soggy wads of cardboard. Dreamy.





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