Two New Primark Summer Dresses

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As most of you will have spied by now, this gal’s been doing some sponsored Instagram work with the babes over at Primark (which let’s face it is basically my career peak, so I’m not too sure where I’m going to go from here).

Aside from post cute snaps over on IG, the job entails me going into Primark regularly to hunt out their best new stock which as you can imagine is pretty freaking awful for me. Hashtag pray for Hannah.

I jest, I jest.

Anyway, I thought these two new frocks which I snapped up last week from the Tottenham Court Road branch were a little too good to keep to just Insta, so I thought I’d shoot them for the blog too.

This isn’t sponsored, but wanting to be transparent and all that, the dresses were purchased with gift cards for paid-for Instagram posts, so I hope you’re alright with that and what not.

So without further ado, TWO NEW DRESSES!



P7041492pink floral 2P7041397 (1)pink floral 1

This is the ultimate dress if you’re having one of those ‘FML why do I look like I’ve eaten an actual human child?’ days. It’s swingy and floaty which makes it a little bit perfect for uncomfortable heatwave days too.

Admittedly it is a little shapeless, which if you’re blessed in the ol’ chest department can make it hang in a sweet tent-like way, but I just teamed it with my trusty ASOS blazer and voila, dream summer outfit right there.

(I also sized up for extra floatiness – so it’s worth bearing that in mind when looking at the snaps).

Dress – Primark (in-store) | Blazer – ASOS | Sunglasses – Primark (in-store)

Bag – Topshop | Shoes – Topshop



P7041614palm print 1P7041526palm print 2

If there’s one thing I go gooey eyed over more than a midi dress, it’s a palm printed midi dress. Hubba hubba, come to mumma, you sexy little piece of fabric, you.

I love the bardot cut of this dress too – but it’s worth noting that for some hideously bizarre reason I decided to wrap the fabric belt that came with the dress right under my boobs. I assure you it’s not meant to look quite like that.

A perfect little budget summer holiday dress if ever I saw one. (I *think* it was £13 just FYI).

Dress – Primark (in-store) | Shoes – ASOS | Bag – ASOS | Sunglasses – Primark (in-store)

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