50 Dreamy Summer Buys Under £50



Topshop’s launched today, New Look also has one and hello OK have you checked out ASOS?

And OK not to over-excite you but MANGO HAVE ONE TOO AND OK I’LL STOP WITH THE CAPS.

Also, yeah, I created this little fashion post of all my fave things to snap up right now for under £50. At the time of compiling it (yesterday afternoon, whilst surrounded by my good pals – the fan and bottled water from the fridge) none of it was in the sale and none of it was sold out, but things change quickly in this wild world of the internet.

I’m currently on the hunt for a) more cute flowy midi dresses because maaaaan, this girl was not prepared for feeling comfortable in this heatwave and lord almighty I need more fashion choices should a second one swing by in the coming months.

Oh and also the yellow H&M sandals (number seven) which also come in black and look v comfy and yet v chic.

I’m also smitten with the red and white striped Mango dress (number one) and am all HEY GOOD LOOKING, WHAT YA GOT COOKING, over the bandeau swimsuits from Warehouse, as seen on the lovely Liv Purvis.

OK, over and out.

Time to get window shopping.

50 under 501. Mango red stripe dress, £49.99

2. New Look striped slogan tee, £12.99

3. Mango patchwork bag, £29.99

4. Mango red tassel earrings, £12.99

5. New Look one shoulder swimming costume, £24.99

6. New Look wrap ruffle dress, £24.99

7. H&M strappy sandals, £17.99

8. Warehouse gingham print shorts, £36

9. Topshop black wrap midi dress, £49

10. ASOS embroidered chain bag, £30

11. Accessorize horn necklace, £15

12. ASOS red beach dress, £30

13. Topshop pearl strap sandals, £29

14. River Island red floral skirt, £30

15. H&M lilac sun dress, £39.99

16. Aldo flamingo bag, £50

17. Warehouse striped bardot dress, £49

18. Accessorize yellow beaded earrings, £9

19. Topshop slogan t-shirt, £16

20. H&M pink denim jacket, £39.99

21. Warehouse floral bardot swimming costume, £36

22. River Island tassel beach bag, £35

23. New Look floral bardot dress, £29.99

24. Warehouse denim midi dress, £46

25. ASOS furry sliders, £20

26. New Look star studded bag, £19.99

27. Warehouse pink dress, £39

28. ASOS flower tassel earrings, £12

29. H&M red striped t-shirt, £9.99

29a. (FFS why am I incapable of simple numbering) Monki slogan t-shirt, £8

30. Topshop printed cami dress, £25

31. Topshop embroidered chain bag, £26

32. Warehouse ruffle floral dress, £46

33. Warehouse gingham swimming costume, £36

34. New Look embroidered blouse, £22.99

35. Topshop embroidered shoes, £46

36. H&M tortoiseshell sunglasses, £6.99

37. Topshop embroidered denim bardot dress, £36

38. Topshop nude midi dress, £46

39. New Look yellow floral skirt, £19.99

40. H&M leopard print bag, £24.99

41. New Look midi skirt, £19.99

42. New Look slogan t-shirt, £17.99

43. H&M floral wrap dress, £29.99

44. Topshop watermelon sliders, £22

45. H&M tiered midi dress, £29.99

46. Mango floral handbag, £35.99

47. Mango red blouse, £19.99

48. Accessorize hoop earrings, £15

49. Warehouse raffia stripe bag, £25

50. Warehouse tortoiseshell earrings, £12



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