The Sassiest Pink Skirt In All The Land

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Dun dun DUN, I have an announcement to make.

No, not that kind of announcement.

This gal is an ASOS summer ambassador.


Between that and my recent build-my-own-Big-Mac experience, I’m just about ready to retire. So as always, I just wanted to give a big shout out to you guys for supporting me and making these kind of wild opportunities possible. You da best.

Anyway, onto the first installment of sexy ASOS buys to shop this summer…

Some days taking outfit photos for the ol’ blog is mildly glamorous. You’ll go for brunch (avocado obvs because why break a well-known cliche?), you’ll gossip and then maybe you’ll buy some fresh blooms from Marks and Spencer and gallivant about in front of a pink house while your mate goes snap, snap, snap. And you’ll be like yeah cor blimey this is a great Friday morning.

And then there’s the other type of outfit shooting. The WE HAVE A 45 MINUTE SLOT BETWEEN RAIN SHOWERS type of shooting. The argue with your boyfriend because why aren’t my feet in the photo type of shooting. The getting told to move your car off the yellow lines by the police type of shooting. The getting asked for a selfie by a stranger type of shooting.

And this, well this was one of those.

Though there were no boyfriends hurt in the making of this post, promise.

I whisked Chris straight from his office yesterday evening armed with the Olympus Pen and the promise that in return for his camera handiwork I would ask the plumber some questions about fixing a tap or something.

(The tap is fixed, so I upheld my end of the bargain, don’t you worry.)

So yeah, THIS SKIRT. This glorious, glorious, skirt. Can I get a hubba hubba?

It makes me feel like a cross between Carrie Bradshaw (ideally a mildly less annoying version than the real deal), a Disney princess and well, myself.

Admittedly, it is a little over the top for every day wear, but I think that’s what I love about it so much. It’s just so much jazzier than oh look another pair of skinny jeans.

Even just driving to take this photos the tulle was right up to the steering wheel and I was like HEY THIS IS FUN.

It made me feel like a kid popping to Tesco with the family whilst wearing fancy dress. In the best possible way, obvs. I don’t think grown-ups have enough fun with getting dressed in the morning.

Oh and also, I think it’d be a great alternative to a dress or jumpsuit for a wedding – and hopefully one you’d get more than a single wear out of. HUZZAH.

So yeah, dya like?

On a side note, ASOS currently have 20% off  their ‘occasionwear’ section, so if you are on the hunt for something to wear to a wedding/graduation/party, go take a little browse…



Skirt – ASOS | T-shirt – ASOS | Blazer – ASOS | Earrings – ASOS

Bag – ASOS | Heels – ASOS

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This post is sponsored by ASOS but all sassy skirt love my own.

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