Let’s Have A Catch Up


Oh hello there.

Just me checking in and holding my hands up and admitting that this week I have been in the top 100 worst bloggers of all time.

Y’know, if such a list existed. (Maybe one for you, Mail Online?)

Not only have you only had one measly blog post to sink your teeth into this week, but you *might* have noticed your inbox looking a little ahem, tumble weed-y this morning because this girl missed another weekly newsletter.


I’ve also ignored 98% of my emails, haven’t updated my ‘five to read’ section of my blog, haven’t filmed anything for YouTube and oh okay my ironing pile is spilling out onto the kitchen floor.

Because this week, and yes ok maybe last week too, I’ve been failing at life.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve been sat at home twiddling my thumbs like ha could do some actual work, or could also nap and play Theme Hospital and eat chicken dippers.

I have been ill, or y’know a bit ill. And I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff too. Some personal stuff which I’m sure I’ll delve into at some point in the not so distant future.

But it’s been eating me up that you guys might just have thought that I’d got lazy.

Because I hate the idea of being called lazy. Some people fear being called fat. Some people fear being called ugly. Some people fear being called boring. But me? I fear being called lazy.

I hate the idea that anyone might think I’m not pushing myself, that I’m not working hard enough, that I take being being able to work from home for granted.

But sometimes, life gets on top of you, and sometimes you cannot physically work at 110%. Sometimes you’ve got to step back and acknowledge that you’re going to have to deal with 40% for a while.

This week that 40% has gone on work commitments – it’s gone on doing my Instagram Live from McDonald’s and it’s gone on visiting the new Birchbox store in Paris.

It’s gone on not letting down the people I said yes too, and not ignoring contracts I’ve signed.

But it’s left little space for anything else. It’s left little space for my relationship, little space for chores (as I type this there is approximately four bags of belongings scattered about the dining room, clothes drying on a clothes horse that came out of the washing machine about a week ago and an ever-mounting pile of washing up) and little space for my blog. And I apologise that you’ve had to fall to the bottom of the pile.

So I thought you deserved some words explaining why.

Explaining that it’s because I haven’t physically been up to it. And explaining that hopefully next week things will be better and things will be easier and things will start to go back to normal.

So as always, thank you for your support. Thank you for being the sassiest, kindest, loveliest readers of all time. You da best.



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