Three Days In Corfu

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Oh hi. Coo-ey. Me over here. How’s it going?

I meant to write a blog post about my trip to Corfu whilst on the plane home but alas this girl got too caught up in napping, eating salt and vinegar crisps, and y’know, leaving her brand new passport behind in a carrier bag on the floor.

Only me. Only this bleedin’ clumsy wally over here, eh?

So here’s your post, a casual week late. Soz and that.

You’ll probs have noticed from the horrendous level of holiday spam over on Instagram, that Chloe and I spent a few days last week in the very dashing holiday resort that is the MarBella Corfu Hotel.

Despite the slightly confusing name (a lot of you DM’d me to tell me how much you love Marbella… in Spain), the five-star hotel is in fact nestled on the east coast of the Greek Island of Corfu.

Which, if you’re flying by plane, is pretty much the closest Greek island to the UK. It’s hidden just south of both Italy and Albania and flight time from London is around three hours.

Whilst we were offered our three-night stay on a complimentary basis, we booked our flights through Easyjet a few weeks before we left. And even with short notice, when flights are booking up and you’re sitting in peak expensive fare territory, we still only paid a measly £90 each for return flights.

Not too shabby considering that if you’re looking at Santorini or Mykonos (the two Greek islands that 79% of bloggers have been too recently), flights seem to start somewhere around the TAKE OUT A LARGE BANK LOAN range (or around £300 if I’m being less dramatic).

We had a super early flight out of Gatwick so decided to stay at a Travelodge the night before. The best way to describe this experience is that it really, really lowered our expectations of hotels so that when we were greeted with fresh orange juice and salmon sandwiches in Corfu we could have done a little sob whilst kneeling down and kissing the staff’s shoes.

Our room, quite literally, took my breath away.

Mostly because the view was all the scream face emojis (it overlooked the turquoise sea, and you could see mainland Greece way out in the distance), but also because on our balcony, alongside the classic sun loungers and chairs, there was a MOTHER FREAKIN’ HOT TUB.

Or, as the hotel describe it, a ‘whirlpool’.

Whilst this room starts at around £200 a night (the Junior Suite Panorama Whirlpool), there’s also your classic double rooms and family rooms as well as extra extravagant rooms with PRIVATE POOLS. Come to mumma.

Because our stay was short but sweet we decided to spend the entire time within the resort. There are a couple of shops and tavernas a short walk away, but the main glittering lights (and gelato shops) are in Corfu Town which is about a 30-minute cab drive away. Perfect if you want to make a day of it, but a bit far for an Instagrammable ice cream.

Aside from a variety of different pools and a few different on-site restaurants (including an Italian and a traditional Greek one), there’s also a secluded private beach as part of the complex.

It’s tricky to explain, so I’ll let the photos do the talking. But basically, instead of the sand leading to the sea, the sand leads to a wooden walkway which is several feet above the crashing waves below. I found it incredibly peaceful. Like, so peaceful that it instantly cleared my brain and just made me feel – and please read my blog again after I say this – at one with nature. It made me feel a *bit* zen, I guess.

We spent our three days mostly doing all the most glorious things you do on beach holidays – we drank lunchtime cocktails by the pool, we read (and actually managed to finish!!!) books, and we took afternoon naps on sun loungers.

We also did that thing you do when you’re on holiday where you throw all your money in the air and book in for treatments at the hotel spa because who needs to pay for extra data on their phones anyway?

(Can v much recommend the deep tissue massage which, and I don’t say this lightly, was maybe the best massage of my life. She actually worked the ol’ bad boy knots in my shoulders rather than just lovingly stroking them like most masseuses seem to do).

And then we then spent our evenings being complete bores and watching a very delightful combo of BBC World News and Australian Border Control, whilst catching up with work from bed and taking turns to make cups of tea using the very extensive hot drink station in our room.

(Not just an actual coffee machine – but FIVE different types of tea bag. I was in old lady heaven).

But despite all the glorious little details of the Marbella Corfu, my favourite thing about our entire stay happened at around 4am every morning (I mean, I’m not entirely sure on the exact time because I didn’t check my phone).

We slept with the curtains to our balcony open, and every morning the bright light from the sunrise would wake me up. And every morning I was legit like OH SWEET LORD HAVE MERCY, THAT SKY <3

Between the sea, the mountains of Greece and the sky, it looked like someone had painted a big shimmering, pastel rainbow on our balcony door. It was 5643756 kinds of divine.

I’m a bit gutted I didn’t take a photo, but also kind of pleased that it’s imprinted in my mind like a little secret no-one else has access to.

So, would I stay at the hotel again? Abso-freakin-lutely.

It’s the perfect place for just completely switching off from the world and pretending things like emails and Instagram themes and work projects don’t exist.

Plus you can have unlimited chips and ketchup at the dinner buffet and if that doesn’t sway you, I dunno what will…

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