The £13 Primark Dress To Shop Today


Oh hi there, how’s it going?

As you may have spied by now I’m currently doing some sponsored Instagram activity with Primark, and a large part of that campaign involves me spending hours perusing the new stock at Tottenham Court Road.

I know, poor Hannah. Someone send me some flowers. Or play the violin. Or write me a ‘thinking of you’ card.

I can’t lie, it’s definitely one of my career highlights so far. That, and being followed by Domino’s UK on Instagram. (Where my free pizza at though, eh eh eh?)

So, on one of my recent jaunts (about 10 days ago if the ol’ memory serves me correct), I spied this hun of a spring/summer dress for a v sensible £13.

First off, it’s a wrap style, which is always super flattering if you’ve got a big bust. Secondly, it has little sleeves and I like a little sleeve and thirdly IT HAS RED ON IT. And red instantly makes me feel confident and sassy and brilliant. It’s a bit of an empowering colour, isn’t it?

So I bought it home with me.

Without trying it on, because who really has time for changing room lighting in 2017? Not this gal, that’s for sure. I quite like my body confidence in tact, thank you very much.

Anyway, things to report: I LOVE THE LENGTH. Like, really like it. It’s not frumpy but it offers a decent amount of coverage should you not want your gusset trying to make an appearance. And it’s super comfy, and light – perfect for hot summer days or lazy holiday evenings.

The one thing I do need to point out though is that the neckline does hang open. There are obviously, a couple of ways to work around this. Firstly, you could slip a little black cami underneath, or you could do a HG, and have a large supply of safety pins scattered around the house.

I find most dresses I love always have irritating necklines that try and make my nipples the star attraction, so I always pop a wee safety pin in there. And to be honest, I always forget that they’re even there – you can’t notice or feel them at all.

Or, you could do as I did for these photos – ask to borrow some tit tape from your gal pal.

But yeah, good work Primark, super freakin’ cute dress. You can have an A++.

And on a side note – this little straw tote bag is from Accessorize. I bought it from the Gatwick North Terminal branch and haven’t managed to find it online yet, so keep ya eyes peeled!


Dress – Primark (in-store only) | Sunglasses – Primark (in-store only) | Sandals – River Island

Bag – Accessorize (currently in-store only)





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Photos by Chloe Plumstead.

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