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OH HI. Hello. Good day. Coo-ey. Over here.

It’s me. First off, soz that the ol’ blog posts have been a bit slow this week – the four day week has set me back a little and means I’m behind at everything. But rather than let it get me stressed out and anxious, I’ma just sit back, drink tea and eat leftover Easter chocolate whilst ambling through it all. I can only do what I can, right?

(But seriously – how nice would a nap be around about now?).

Anyway, this post’s about three little beauty purchases I’ve made on three separate occasions over the past week. And there’s a story behind why I bought each thing, so I thought it was well worth sticking them on Chris’s bedside table, taking some snaps and writing some words.

So, enjoy.


I woke up on Saturday morning with one delightful red and crusty eye. Someone call Nuts magazine, we’ve got a new pin-up on our hands.

Basically, the skin below my right eye was super sore and red and made the skin crease there (ahem, wrinkle) super defined. I’ve never had anything like this before – especially on my face where my skin is usually oilier than a Jamie Oliver salad.

A swift Google confirmed it could be a beauty/make-up product that’s a bit too harsh for my skin, so I swore off everything and snapped up this ginormous pot of wonder from my local Lush store as recommended by a friend.

At £13.50, it’s a little pricey (it’s supposed to be a body moisturiser) but the pot is more suited to a giant – I think it will take til my 50th birthday to use it all up. It took the soreness and redness out of my skin within 48 hours and even Chris has started using it. (Shop here)



I put out a tweet earlier this week asking for your fave budget powder highlighters because I’d fallen out of love with the cream ones I’d been using for the past year (Topshop’s Glow Pot and Barry M’s Strobe Cream). Not because they weren’t awesome but because I wanted something lighter I could dust over my cheekbones with a brush.

No less than FIFTEEN people recommended this £3 one from Superdrug, so this morning I whipped over to the Ipswich branch and purchased it in shade ‘Iridescent Gold’ (mostly because y’know, it was the only shade left).

I haven’t used it yet – we’re off for a little Thursday eve cocktail later so will whip it out then, but the pigment looks absolutely divine. So that’ll be me transforming myself into some sort of unicorn-fairy hybrid then. (Shop here).



I have about 7 mascaras floating about my make-up bag but am still always on the hunt for the perfect one. Because of my aforementioned oily face, I find a lot of mascaras start to smear down my face after about an hour and it’s such a bloody ball ache. (At the moment my top one is the Estee Edit one).

I saw a few people discussing on Twitter how great this was, so decided to give it a whirl and OMG IT HAS A BRUSH THAT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING AN ALIEN DESIGNED.

Once you get over that it’s actually pretty good – especially as actually separating your lashes and avoiding that clumped together look. (Shop here).


Tried any of these badgers? Liked ’em?



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