Six Things We All Need In Our Spring Wardrobes


When I did a lil Insta live Q&A session way back when in March (promise I’ll at least *think* about doing another one soon), I was completely taken aback by how many of you wanted spring shopping advice. From me.

You guys cray.

Anyway, I thought it made sense to whip together a post of the pieces I’m wearing the most this season. The pieces I adore, the pieces which are most versatile, and the pieces which you either already have hiding away at the back of your wardrobe or can v easily get your hands on.

Let’s get cracking…



My blazer obsession started in January with a classic black style from Matalan, and four months on I’ve managed to somehow accidentally on purpose add another three to my wardrobe. I’m supposed to be saving for a bathroom, so that’s gone well.

My most-worn right now is a white one I snapped up in the ASOS sale (similar here), and I gotta say, I’ve seen a lot of white blazers doing the rounds on Insta at the moment – it’s obvs the jacket of the season.

I love that you can throw it on over a summer dress, or ripped jeans and a tee, or even with a little pleated midi skirt. And a big part of the reason I’m loving blazers at the mo is for all the sassy girl bossin’ vibes they give off. They put me in a GO GET EM’ TIGER mood even when it’s the last thing I want to do.



If you scroll back on my Insta account to last summer you’ll see that I basically had a straw boater hat from Topshop glued to my head for 92% of the time. I adored it. And still do – p.much planning on wearing it with every outfit when we gallivant off on our California road trip in June.

This season Topshop have released it in a black version, which is also quite cool. Whilst straw bags are seemingly the only bags to be seen with at the moment. This £19.99 Zara one is super popular at the moment – maybe just y’know, don’t wear it in a torrential downpour. Soggy bags ain’t the one.



You guys seems to go a little heart-eye emoji over this white shirt dress from La Redoute, and I gotta say, it’s fast become a fave thrown-on for days when I cba to think about putting together an outfit but want to look relatively cute.

The beauty of the classic white dress is that it goes with everything and it’s super easy to dress up or down.

Just don’t do what I did and attempt to carry four bags out of the car and use my back to shut the car door because then you’ll end up with half the M25 on your back.



Unless you’ve been living on a desert island for the past three months (and if you have, can you take me with you please? I promise I offer good chat and company), than you’ll have seen that gingham is everywhere this spring.

I’ve got a cute lil smock dress from Primark and a jumpsuit I snapped up from ASOS for Valentine’s date night, and can’t deny that this is one trend I’m firmly hoping stays about for a bit.

There’s so many good bits out at the moment – these gingham trousers, or this cute midi skirt, or even these majestic heels from New Look.



The one pair of shoes I get the most wear out of every spring/summer are the classic black heeled sandals. They obvs go with everything but are practical enough for walking about between meetings whilst still looking mildly swish. You’ve just gotta make sure that heel height is somewhere between two and three inches for optimum comfort.

My go-to at the moment are this pair from Topshop as I love the block wooden heel, but you could definitely hunt down a cheaper version – like this New Look pair.



I jumped on the culotte train just over a year ago and haven’t looked back – they’re a super comfy and flattering alternative to jeans, especially for us gals with sassy thighs. Whilst my black pair got a lot of wear through autumn and winter, my new girl crushes are this pink pair from New Look (which are well worth sizing up in).

They’re great for days when you just cannot for the life of you work out whether it’s a bare leg day or not and tbh you can probably get away with not shaving your legs.

Culottes look great with everything from shirts to slouchy tees – think of them the exact same way you’d think of jeans.




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Photos by Debs from Bang On Style.

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