A Little Lounge Tour

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I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’ve got a new sofa.

LOL that was a joke.

Obvs you’ve probably noticed. I’ve been flinging it left, right and centre over on Instagram and YouTube, so I thought it was about time it made its grand entrance onto the ol’ blog.

I thought it was also about time that I also introduced you to my new rug, a couple of new prints, and gave you all a good nosey at what’s on my shelves.

So welcome, welcome to the Hannah Gale little lounge tour.

Little because it’s a small post but also little because we have a teeny tiny lounge as we live in a classic terrace house, so maybe it’ll be kinda helpful if you too are living in a house that makes all your Pinterest boards completely redundant because HOW YOU HAVE SO MUCH SPACE.

So without further ado, let’s get cracking.



Shopping for a sofa was approximately 7375637546 times more stressful than getting a smear test (so if you’ve been putting that off, here’s reassurance that it’s really not bad at all). I wanted a corner sofa, but it needed to fit a small space and it really, really needed to be suitable for spontaneous afternoon naps.

I also wanted navy velvet, and after deciding that I’d rather go on holiday this year than invest in a Loaf sofa, I opted for a middle-price sofa, and went with the Next Garda in ‘tweedy blend light silver’.

I really love it and it’s so much roomier than our last one. ME AND CHRIS AND THE CATS CAN ALL LIE DOWN. Although I am hoping it’ll soften up a *bit*.



I’ve had both of these prints planned in my head for months – the palm tree one to signify the trip to California we haven’t even had yet and the New York one because y’know I’m a girl obsessed.

They’re both from Desenio, as are the gold frames, and until the 6th April you can get 25% off with code ‘hannahfgale25’. No, you’re an enabler.



Originally we had the La Redoute rug down here (so. much. softness. on. my. toes) but it was a bit too big, so it’s found a new home in my bedroom.

I scouted this one out on the Next website and it felt like it said ‘coming soon’ for an eternity. It’s a little more yellow hued than I expected but it’s super cute none the less and not crazy expensive like a lot of similar styles were.

Also, I accidentally squeezed tomato juice all over it and you can’t even notice, so there’s that.



There’s pretty much nothing new on the ol’ shelves, it’s just old stuff I’ve rearranged to look a bit nicer. You’ve got my travel guides, my Harry Potter books (and yes, I know Philosopher’s Stone seems to have gone missing…), a couple of plants, some prints and Chris’s baby shoes which he is adamant can’t be re-homed in the memory box in the loft.

I’ve recently also added this cute little painted concrete plant pot and succulent which was a kind gift from ‘AndProjects’ on Etsy.



This was one of the first things Chris bought when he moved into the house, and yes, it’s a classic IKEA piece.

Admittedly, I hated it at the beginning because I had visions of v sweet lil vintage sideboards and what not, but he wanted a ‘media station’. Eeesh.

It has worked out as a stellar place to hide cables and wires and notebooks and boxes and work stuff, and it also ensures my prized Nintendo 64 is on display.



We spent 2015’s Christmas money on a grey upholstered footstool thingy from IKEA and it has been incredibly useful for board games/eating takeways/and turning the sofa into a bed on hangover days.

I assumed it would look v ridic with the sofa but actually, I reckon we can get away with it so long as we change the colour – it currently clashes with the grey which is why I super casually left it out of these photos.

I’ve found this website which offers covers for loads of IKEA furniture in over 150 fabrics so I’m currently weighing up whether to go for a navy or for stripes. Whaddya think?



Sofa – Next | Rug – Next | Pink fluffy cushion – Matalan | Other cushions – H&M |

TV unit – IKEA | Shelves – B&Q | Orange stool – car boot | Blue lamp – old from Sainsbury’s

Prints and frames – Desenio | Concrete plant pot – Etsy | White wire basket – Sainsbury’s


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tv cabinet

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