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Hey sugar sugars. how’s it going? HAPPY FRIDAY AND THAT.

Since we no longer have our weekly Friday Favourites post, I thought it might be nice if I did a little fave-type post every once in a while – but only when I have things I feel like I desperately need to share with you. Rather than just forcing it for the sake of content.

And woah. They won’t always be on a Friday. Just when the mood strikes me. Can you handle that type of wild recklessness?

It’ll just be a handful of the random things I’ve become obsessed with lately. The things that make my life easier, prettier or happier.

Let’s get cracking…


These babes have been absolute lifesavers lately as I’ve been working remotely quite a lot from local cafes and trains. They’re great for a) editing YouTube videos on the move  b) blocking out loud phone calls on the train and c) ignoring the cats when I’m working from home.

I also love that they they fold up which means they’re small enough to slide into my laptop sleeve along with my MacBook. V practical for carrying them about with me when I’m darting between meetings.

The sound quality is great, they’re rose gold AND they’re 7283563 times more comfortable than my old headphones which fell out every time I turned my head and gave me sore ear holes on the reg. Not the one.

Shop them here for just £24.99.



I was lucky enough to be gifted this bag a few weeks back and oh sweet mumma WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

The colour is oh so Hannah Gale, but the size is really what makes it a dream. When you’ve been addicted to tiny cross-body bags and always carry a spare canvas tote, it’s hard to get used to the feeling of only needing one bag. I constantly feel like I’m missing something.

It fits my laptop and camera in, and comes in yellow and green too. Defs one to invest in as a birthday treat.

Shop here.



If you’ve read my blog for a while/watched any of my every day make-up videos you’ll know that I’ve been a long time fan of the Bobbi Brown longwear shadow sticks.

The colours are great, they blend crazy easy AND they stay on my greasy eye lids all day. Modern day miracle, that.

But HELLO, they’ve just launched a double-ended version, which means two eye shadow colours on one stick. HUZZAH. My fave is the dusty mauve and malted pink <3

Shop here.



I’ve had the same pair of black strappy sandals for five years and although they were looking, ahem, a bit haggard, I put off replacing them because it felt like a waste of money.

And then 2017 happened and I saw these and hubba hubba had to have them.

I love that the heel is high enough that they make me feel sassy and sophisticated and yet they’re comfy enough to walk around in. Currently tapping my fingers and waiting for spring to do its thang.

Shop here.



After featuring this foundation in a Boots haul the other week a few of you asked for a review, so here goes: it’s good, real good.

Granted it does cling to the dry skin on my nose, but the coverage is great, it applies really easily, and it actually stays matte all day long (although I have been using a NYX setting spray as well).

Well worth a buy at under a tenner, as it’s become my daily go-to above some of the pricier ones in my make-up bag.

Shop here.


This blog post is sponsored by Philips but all views very much my own – I’ve been using those headphones daily.

You can check out and shop the entire Flite collection, including the Everlite headphones over here.

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