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The Hemnes day bed was the first piece of furniture I *think* I ever bought.

I’d recently moved to Ipswich, had just got my first blogging pay cheque (back in the early days I’d get paid quarterly and whenever that money went into my account I’d feel like bathing in a bath of dollar bills whilst chuckling as I knocked back Moet – and then I’d be broke for the next two months and three weeks), and felt hella grown-up.

We’d gone to IKEA on a Friday night and had come away with this day bed, a new desk for me toattempt to take over the world from (and ideally write a book proposal – ah young, sweet, wonderfully naive 25-year-old Hannah), and probs some candles, blankets and plants because y’know IKEA cliché and that.

Since that fateful day the bed has sat gathering dust in the spare room/office/dissertation room/room I dump everything in that doesn’t have a home.

It obvs comes in super handy when we have guests, but it’s always looked a bit… well, ugly.

And so, in one of my crusades to make the house feel more mine, I did what I always do when I’m like I NEED IDEAS, ALL THE IDEAS, I went cruising on over to Pinterest.

I literally searched ‘IKEA hemnes day bed’ and whaddya know, a gold mine of ideas.

The first thing I realised is that no-one kept a duvet on it, and instead it was all about a simple white sheet. So I snapped up a cosy waffle one from H&M home and voila, phase one DONE.

The other thing is cushions. V cute cushions. All the cushions. Cushions. Cushions. Cushions.

So I added some of those hunks to my H&M home order, and found a few I already had that looked mildly cute.

Then I used some Command strips (these fellas are amazing if you don’t want to put picture hooks up – just make sure that a) you don’t use them on wallpaper and b) when you remove them you pull them downwards so they don’t bring the paint with them), to move some of my fave prints just above ze ol’ day bed.

Then I added a lil rug (this one was £35 from eBay), and bought a new plant from B&Q. For the sake of these photos I whipped in my La Redoute marble bedside table from our main bedroom, but am currently on the hunt for something similar for this room.

And hello, suddenly this room doesn’t look so ugly after all.

Just y’know, don’t look at the other side of the room. It’s covered in Chris’s dissertation folders and his uni ‘motivation’. It ain’t so Pinterest-worthy, I can promise you.

Oh and maybe don’t look in those drawers under the bed either. They’re crammed with sequins that have fallen out of packets, crumpled wrapping paper, boxes for things we no longer own and a lot of cables. Maybe I’ll get round to them another day…



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