You’ve dedicated the whole of Saturday afternoon to absolutely thrashing out blog content whilst drinking coffee, listening to Little Mix and reveling in how much of a sassy bossin’ babe you are.

Just one problem, you’re dreading it.

Because you’re stuck in an uninspired, unmotivated rut where you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and wondering if you’re good enough, if your blog is good enough and hey, maybe you should just give up now and take up finger painting as a way to creatively express yourself.

Been there, done that, got the sadness stained t-shirt to prove it.

Anyway, here’s three things that have all helped me get out of my dark little corner of blogger’s block before.



The other week I had one of those little wobbles where I was questioning what my blog was about, so I made a cup of tea, got cosy on the sofa and opened up my about me page. I wrote a blog manifesto back in 2015 and decided to read it back as a way to remind me of what it was I wanted to achieve.

Then I deleted it all and started again.

I uploaded a new photo to head up the page and I thought about who I was, what my content offered, and what I wanted my readers to take away. It only took about twenty minutes to type up but instantly gave me fresh direction and made me sure of my place in the blogging world.

After that, getting stuck into writing blog posts didn’t feel so forced. I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing.



The thing with taking a blogging break for a week or more is that you convince yourself that either a) the entire world will forget you exist and the fomo will be v real or b) your break will go on til 2019 and you’ll be racked with guilt for ‘failing’.

I took a two-week blogging and YT break back in November before my blog re-design went live and can confirm the world still continued without me. S H O C K E R.

I used my break to brainstorm, research and let creativity seep back into my brain without the pressures of deadlines and schedules. I wrote this post about why we need to allow ourselves to become bored in order to come up with our best ideas – and if your blog has become a burden rather than a joy, maybe it’s time to temporarily step back.


That’s right, go all GCSE art project on your arse, and get some visual ideas together.

This was one of the things I did when I took my lil break. I scoured Bloglovin for blog post titles and posts that got me going YES, YES, YES. I trawled Pinterest and Instagram for dreamy images that reflected my personality and the kinda style I like – lots of pink and colour and bright and light.

And then I also went through places like and Buzzfeed and Metro looking for more headlines to screengrab. I used a Mac verison of Paint (Paint X Life) to collate all my screen grabs together, so that I have some instant visual inspo whenever I need it.

Obvs you could also do this without a computer – grab a sheet of card, some pens, Prit Stick and magazines and get creating.

Have you got any other things you guys do when you’re running out of blogging steam?



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