I did that thing last week where I threw a load of random fridge ingredients into a pan and by some stroke of Dumbledore-esque magic, it created a dinner so good that I made it again last night.

It’s super easy, super quick and probs a teeny tiny bit healthier than a large stuffed crust from our good ol’ friend Domino’s.

It’s kind of like the lazy person’s version of a carbonara, but with less cream and more peas.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my lemon, cheese, bacon, chilli and pea spaghetti. Dun dun.

She might not look much (my food photography leaves a lot to be desired), but she’s a thing of chilly evening comfort eating dreams <3


  • 200g spaghetti (I tend to go for wholewheat because I can convince myself I’m v healthy)
  • 120g low-fat cream cheese
  • One fresh chilli (optional)
  • Two cloves garlic
  • Two handfuls of frozen peas
  • Four rashers of bacon (streaky or normal works)
  • One lemon



– Fill up your kettle and pop it on, put a large saucepan and a medium sized frying pan on a medium-to-high heat.

– Chop up your chilli, garlic and bacon and put into your frying pan along with your peas and a teeny tiny bit of olive oil.

– Pour your boiling water into your saucepan, add a pinch of salt and when boiling, add your spaghetti.

– Fry your ingredients for about six minutes or until your bacon starts to brown, and then turn the heat right down low.

– Add your cream cheese to the frying pan and – using a ladle – take hot water direct from the pan the pasta is cooking in and transfer to the frying pan to loosen up the cream cheese.

– Get a mug and try and scoop a little extra water from the pasta pan to set aside for later in-case your sauce needs loosening up a bit more before serving.

– Grate the rind of half of your lemon and add to the cream cheese, bacon and veggie sauce, along with a good helping of cracked black pepper.

– Drain your pasta and put back in the empty saucepan and pour in the contents of your frying pan – adding pasta water from the mug if the sauce is too sticky.

– Squeeze in the juice from the whole lemon.

– SERVE! Obvs with lots of parmesan because remember, the cheese life chose you.


Tip: the most vital things for me are lots of lemon-y goodness. There’s a Jamie Oliver recipe called ‘wonky summer pasta’ and it’s basicaly just parmesan and lemon pasta and it gives me life and they are a match made it pasta heaven. Secondly – that hot pasta water! So good for making pasta sauces nice and creamy. DEE VINE.


Hope ya like!




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