My year started off pretty damn chipper. Thanks to Christmas my stress levels were down on the floor somewhere with meditation, candles and yoga poses, and I was brimming with inspiration, confidence and this gut feeling that I was on the cusp of great things.

Then the full moon happened. Then my period happened. And then trying to juggle three collaborations at once happened whilst not seeing my boyfriend properly during the week because disser-annoying-tation and lol, not feeling so chipper all of a sudden.

I wrote this post last week about finding balance, and it inspired me to make some changes in my work life. To cut myself some slack and remember the grand ol’ saying ‘work to live, not live to work’.

Why get stressed out to the point of breaking point over words and photographs? I am not saving lives. I am not the prime minister. I am just a girl writing and taking photos for a living. You’ve got to put things into perspective sometimes, y’know?

Anyway, rather than sitting around whining over how hard and stressful my life is (get the violins out), I’m making some small changes to help bring my stress levels down this year. Here’s what they are…



My first thought when it felt like there was too much sitting on my chest was to bin off the weekly vlogs altogether. Then I remembered that a) I genuinely enjoy filming and editing them, b) they’re my highest viewed videos over on YT and c) that time I did stop them, I was plagued with WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK comments until they came back. Oh you guys <3

So instead, I’m compromising. I’ll be vlogging my working week, from the minute I wake up on Monday to the minute I switch off for Friday night TV catch-up with the boo.

I’m trying to plan in time with friends every weekend at the moment – whether it’s local friends popping over for wine and games night, or me driving out to see old friends – and I don’t want to feel like I’m whipping the camera in their faces. I want to appreciate those moments more. Because let’s face it, those little moments with the people we love most are the ones that make living so damn spectacular.


Whilst it’s ridiculously tempting to say yes to every paid campaign that lands in your inbox (THAT COULD PAY FOR US TO GO TO NEW YORK OR A NEW SOFA OR A GO PRO AND NEW OLYMPUS LENS), I’ve started to say no recently and OH MAN it feels liberating.

Possessions and exploring the world are nice, but y’know what’s even nicer? Stable mental health.

Plus, I’d rather have less money and feel 102% confident in the content I’m putting out there. As long as I can afford food, the roof over my head and the odd accidental I’ve had too much wine ASOS order, I’m good.

I’ll be taking on two sponsored blog posts a month (or three if I get approached by McDonald’s or Kate Spade with a last-minute proposal obvs), and really putting a focus on fashion campaigns because they’re the ones that I enjoy creating the most. There’ll also be a sponsored video every now and again and a smattering of bits over on Insta.


I tried this a few times last week and FREAKIN HECK, who knew you could get so much done when you’re not mindlessly refreshing Instagram every two and a half minutes?

One evening I had a really long bubble bath and pamper and got through three episodes of Suits without interruption and another evening I blitzed the ironing pile, sorted out my make-up drawer and the airing cupboard AND changed our bed sheets. Game changer.

So if you want me between the hours of 7pm and 10pm, please feel free to ask for my home phone number. That’s right gang, I’m bringing back the landline. Maybe.

Have you guys got anything you’re doing this year to cut the stress levels?



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