I’m just sat here trying to think of a really nice pet name for you all.

Boo thangs. Baby gurls. Hustling huns. Slaying sistas. I mean, maybe you can just pick which ever one you like most?


The weekly charts are back after a v sweet two-week break crammed with a lot of lying horizontal on the sofa with a duvet and my hands submerged in various tubs of chocolate. It’s been pretty grand.

I am motivated, super sleepy, but ready to absolutely kick 2017’s butt. How about you?

Here’s some of my faves and not so faves from the past week or so…


G O I N G  U P

TV – THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD STUFF ON AT THE MOMENT. OK so let’s start with The OA, a Netflix original which aired about a week before Christmas. It’s about what happens when you flat line and are brought back to life. There’s eight episodes (and they’re all available now) and it’s highly addictive (although I wasn’t sold on the ending…). I’ve also just started watching Suits after so many of you recommended it, OH AND SILENT WITNESS IS BACK. The crime drama started earlier this month and is on twice a week at 9pm on BBC One. And nope, you don’t need to have watched any previous episodes to get stuck in. HUZZAH.

HARRY POTTER – A big Primark-shaped box of goodies arrived from a cheery delivery man this week, and it was crammed with Harry Potter goodness. A few of you have asked where I get my Hazza P merchandise from, and most of it tends to be birthday/Christmas presents, so I thought I’d hook you up with this stuff. I got v cute Gryffindor leggings, ‘MUGGLE’ socks and a Hogwarts alumni baseball tee – get yo’ butts down to Primark ASAP.

INSTAX – For Christmas I decided to invest in some more film for my Instax camera (which was sent as part of a collaboration last year and then left lying in a cupboard somewhere). If you don’t know what an Instax camera is – it’s basically like a modern-day Polaroid, but the film is pretty pricey (I think I paid £14.99 for 20 shots). But it was so worth the money because everyone loved that they had physical printed-out photos of Christmas to keep in their purses, and I’ve come away with a super special one of me and my nan <3



G O I N G  D O W N

CHRIS’S DISSERTATION – Not only is Chris back at work after 10 sweet days of us doing absolutely nothing, he’s now face first in dissertation writing. Which means for the next four months our quality time is going to be cut right down to the 12 minutes a night where we inhale our dinner together. Sad face. But I’m super proud of him for everything he’s achieving and can’t wait to drink a lot of fancy cocktails to celebrate his five-year uni stint being over. In the mean time if anyone wants to come and occupy me at evenings and weekends, please bring pizza, wine and good chat.

EARLY MORNINGS – I have this theory that by waking up at super early the morning (especially during the winter), we’re going against how our bodies were designed to function. YUP. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed at 10pm, midnight or 2am, my body naturally wants to wake up at 9am, and I always feel well-rested. Trying to get up at seven (or eeeek, even eight) post-Christmas lie-ins is testing my will power more than refraining from leftover chocolate. Anyone else?

CHRISTMAS TV SPECIALS – As you can tell by this week’s round-up post, I have been watching too much TV and should probs y’know, get out the house and stretch my muscles. As a big Jonathan Creek fan I was v traumatised by this year’s Christmas special, WHAT WERE THOSE GHOST SPECIAL EFFECTS. EH?! And Sherlock wasn’t *much* better. Although it wasn’t all bad because there was a Harry Potter film on for eight days straight <3


WEARING: Coat – New Look | Jumper – New Look | Jeans – Topshop | Trainers – ASOS (sold out) | Bag – Monnier Freres | Sunglasses – River Island (sold out)

Photos by Debs at Bang on Style





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