Yes I’m v late to the party with this post and no, not everyone likes them, but hey, think of them less like bragging (although spoiler, I *did* get Pokemon Monopoly so to hell with it, I’m going to brag about it until at least 2019) and more like when you see a friend in January and you’re like ‘HEY, how was your Christmas, get any good presents?’.

This is that.

A catch-up of the Christmas present variety. Although alright OK, I *might* have bought one or two myself…



The first thing I did on Boxing Day aside from inhale a bacon sandwich and cup of tea was have a little peruse of the Marks & Spencer lingerie sale from my phone. I came away with this chipper monochrome leopard print fella and a nude lace one (and their matching pants which cover my sizeable bottom and tummy rolls, HUZZAH). They’re both underwired but not padded and lord almighty SO MUCH COMFORT. If your nipples come sliding out every time you lean forward to put your shoes on, you must invest in some of these M&S babes. (Prices start at about £9 too…).


After including it in pretty much every Christmas gift round-up post, I opened my own little pink velvet initial pouch from Anthropologie from my brother and sister-in-law. JUST LOOK AT IT. I don’t know what I’m going to use it for yet, but it’s pink and gold and velvet and it has an H on it, so it wins every beauty contest in the land.

I also got a few cute Anthropologie bits in my stocking from Chris, including this v beauts little mistletoe bottle opener that I’m 102% going to use all year round, and this initial coaster to match the one I bought him earlier this year <3



As most of you know I got v into tarot readings after my trip to New Orleans last autumn and sadly my own cat-themed tarot cards were in my bag which was stolen back in November. Anyway, sob story out of the way – Chris managed to replace them for me, and we both pulled a card to celebrate the new year. I pulled the ‘Strength’ card which is all about finding inner contentment and peace, which fits perfectly with my plans for 2017 <3


I managed to stock up on three new candles because let’s be honest, can a girl ever have too many? I’ve currently got an apple pie one flickering away on the dining table to help me feel all relaxed and inspired to werk, werk, werk.


I did v well in the ol’ board game department this year (although sadly the fellas were all ahem, a bit bulky for my flat lay snap). Me and my 7-year-old nephew both got Pokemon Monopoly because y’know we’re clearly the same person (although he got a Pokemon bomber jacket and I did not, sob). I also got Balderdash, dominoes, and a game called Survive that I mentioned in a Weekly Charts post a while back!


And not just socks guys, I came away with FIVE PAIRS of socks, a pyjama set AND a Gryffindor jumper. I’m always v impressed with my relatives knack for sniffing out Hogwarts related merchandise. Which house do you think I’m in? I’ve done Pottermore twice and have been in both Slytherin and Gryffindor, so like to coin myself as a ‘Gryfferin’, just like Hazza P himself.


A couple of days after Christmas I popped over to my local UPS pick-up point for a missed delivery and corr blimey, I had a whole packed crammed with cute little presents from Skinny Dip. So I guess not strictly a Christmas present, but it felt like it. Aside from a glitter hip flask and some ‘HG’ stickers, my fave thing was this ‘Hustle Hard Girl’ notebook. Just looking at it makes me want to fist pump myself and get stuck into work. You can shop it here.



I also got enough prosecco to fill an entire bath tub, a lot of v delicious chocolate, and guess what guys? MY NEIGHBOUR GOT A FLUTE. Or a clarinet. Or a trumpet. Or something. And she likes to play it, so that’s sweet for us all, eh?

And, aside from all of this, my absolute favourite present was getting to enjoy some much needed quality time with family and friends. I also managed to spend an hour with my babcia and tell her how much I love her whilst stroking her hand and attempting some Polish, so that was pretty damn sweet <3

What about you guys, any presents you want to shout about from the rooftops?



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