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That’s the only word that came into my head to adequately describe the shock and horror and surprise that it is now January 2017 and woah Christmas is over and heh it’s dark and cold but also NEW YEAR, MUCH EXCITE.

So yes, cripes.

Much cripes.

I’m writing my first post of the year from my local coffee shop. I’m one coffee and plate of avocado and toast down, and about to flag someone down to bring me more caffeine. All the caffeine, because did anyone else feel like someone was ringing them at 2am when their alarm went off this morning? I feel like a ghost of a human. Or as I described in an Instagram caption earlier ‘like my soul is splitting into horcruxes’. Man, I dunno how Voldemort did it seven times. SEVEN.

So yeah, it’s 2017, I’m tired, it’s dark, but also I’m feeling tingles of excitement for a fresh year to go and absolutely slay it. My gut feeling says that this year is going to be magical. Probably tough in places, but magical. Down right flippin’ glittery and magical.

Although let’s just be clear here, there’ll be no new year, new me. It’s more new year, same ol’ Hannah. Same pizza-eating, should-go-to-the-gym-but-probably-won’t Hannah, same I like leopard print Hannah, same wonder-how-much-flights-to-NYC-are Hannah, same working-on-my-book-proposal-but-not-really-Hannah, same-I-like-naps Hannah, same how-spotty-is-my-chin Hannah. Y’know, that girl. That’ll be me this year.

Hope that’s alright with you guys.

I’m going to keep doing my thang – there’ll be your classic five or six posts a week, a weekly vlog and then a spattering of other videos thrown in for good measure – I’m filming a super size sexy winter haul tomorrow and a January what I eat in a day the day after, so I hope ya like them.

The blogging world seems to be veering away from daily posts and cute little titbits of content at the moment – but they’re my fave to devour. The easy-to-read posts about a few fave new ASOS buys or goals for the month or a bedroom interior tour – y’know the sort I mean. So I’m going to try and keep up with this kind of regular content because I guess if I like them, other people might too?

So what’s new with me? Not too much tbh. I had a really dreamy 10 days away from content and filming and emails and it’s given me a much-needed wind in my sails that was seriously lagging in December.

It’s not that anything was wrong, I was just kind of in that place where I was unwinding for the year and so ready just to eat Quality Street and snooze on the sofa and surround myself with human interaction and cheating at Monopoly, which meant that playing the motivated girl boss card was the last thing on my mind.

(The boy next to me in this coffee shop is tapping his foot and it’s making me want to rub sugar cubes on my eyeballs. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP).

My Christmas came with a lot of board games, a lot of my favourite people, a lot of prosecco, a lot of lay-ins, and a very sneaky half stone weight gain. My jeans are currently digging into my belly button in a very feisty manner, so maybe I’ll lay off the pizza for a whole fortnight or something wild like that. Or maybe not. We’ll see how it goes, eh?

We’ve also booked flights to LA for June to celebrate Chris’s five years at university finally coming to an end. HUZZAH. We’ll be flying into LAX and then have 13 nights to cram with whatever kind of exploring we fancy. Maybe we’ll pootle up Route 1, maybe we’ll hike through Yosemite, maybe we’ll throw money away in Vegas, or visit Alcatraz, the world is going to be our oyster, and I’m already counting down the four months and 30 days until our flight out of Heathrow.

Oh, and planning a v delectable new road trip wardrobe, obvs. I’m also hoping to be able to invest in a new GoPro to replace my stolen one before we go, so we’ll be able to film the whole trip in the best way possible.

Aside from that, this year is currently an open book to cram with as many chapters and twists and turns as I please. I haven’t got a single meeting or work trip lined up at the time of writing this, and it feels really good to switch on my laptop and to start writing without any pressures. To start afresh, and to just see where the day, the week and the month goes.

I’m excited for everything that lays ahead, how about you?



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