My Five Fave Chunky Jumpers For Winter


First up, if you’re looking at these photos and you’re like FRICKIN HECK HANNAH WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR TEETH, well, the iPhone editing tools are what happened to my teeth.

I edited my snaps (and when I say edited I mean mostly just brightened them up a bit) on my phone just using the options in iPhoto and I gotta say, I’m pretty pleased with the results. But for some reason it made my teeth look whiter than fresh snow on Christmas morning.

I ain’t complaining.

Anyway, I thought I’d whip up this post about my five fave chunky jumpers this winter. And yes alright they’re all new this year because I have one heck of a shopping problem (and my DPD man won’t let me forget it), but they’re all super affordable. I paid £8 for one and £11 for another, so you catch my drift.

Because let’s face it, you’ve still got time before Christmas to buy yourself a little summin’ summin’…



FullSizeRender 5

I know, shocker, I saw a leopard print jumper and bought it immediately. How awfully out of character for me, Lols. This fella has quite a fitted slouchy shape compared to the rest in my jumper collection, which means it doesn’t instantly make like you’ve gained two stone in mince pie weight which is always nice. PLUS, it’s only £12 right now…

Shop from New Look here.



FullSizeRender 4

I spied this on Lucy Felton’s Instagram and was one click away from buying it but Sainsbury’s were asking for too many details and I got bored. ANYWAY, thank god because when I popped into my local store (for ready-rolled pastry and fairy lights, obvs), I found it hanging on the sale rail for £11. Not too blinking shabby, eh?

Shop from Tu at Sainsbury’s here.




The joy of this bad boy is that YES it’s cropped, but no, your belly button isn’t on show. It’s part of New Look’s premium range and is a *little* scratchy but hello LOOK at that colour. Hubba hubba. The fact it’s cropped means it sits on your trouser line rather than riding down towards your knees and making you look like you stole it from your dad’s wardrobe…

Shop from New Look here.



FullSizeRender 3

You guys have seen this one far too many times and I’m soz, mostly because it keeps going in and out of stock. But ain’t she a hottie? I’m all about the baby pink and red clash (there’s a kinda similar one in Boden’s sale that you might like), and I’m all about teaming it with a festive red lip <3

Shop from ASOS here.



FullSizeRender 2

This was the one that H&M whacked a big juicy offer on a few months ago and it sold out almost immediately. HOWEVER, they do have loads of v similar ones in this cute blush shade, so I’ll link one here and another here.

Shop from H&M here.



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