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GUYS, it starts getting lighter next week. Can I get a woo to the hoo plz?

Oh and it’s also Christmas or something.

But seriously though, MUCH EXCITE.

Today kicks off the start of my festive celebrations which, if I’m correct in my extensive diary planning, will leave me busy with Christmas-y shenanigans until the 27th of December. Pretty buzzing tbh.

Tonight is uni reunion drinks in London, followed by a drive down to Sussex for Gale Christmas part one. Whilst next week is a mish mash of last-minute Christmas shopping with the gal pals in Birmingham, seeing some local friends, celebrating Polish Christmas and doing dinner with various family members.

And breathe.

Cripes, it really is the best time of the year. And yes alright, alright, I know I use this comparison a LOT, but my sim’s social bar is going to be so green and sparkling. HUZZAH.

G O I N G  U P

BRUNCH – I met Debs and Laura for brunch in Colchester this week because we were all a bit miffed we had no Christmas office party to go to. We somehow made pancakes and coffee last three hours (along with lots of blogging and life chats), and it was just pretty damn aces. I hope we make this a regular thing <3

NICE LADY IN COSTA – Just a small shout out, but during one of my work slumps this week, I decided I needed to put on the good make-up, head out for coffee, and then take over the world. Anyway, the woman who served me in Costa (the Ipswich branch that’s opposite John Lewis) was just really nice. I had a salted caramel cappuccino to go and she really put in a spring in my step. I guess that’s the importance of being kind to strangers, you never know when you could be helping turn someone’s day around.

TU AT SAINSBURY’S – After my voyage to Costa, I sashayed over to Sainsbury’s for some ready rolled pastry (girl needs to make mince pies) and some more gift bags for presents. Anyway, in classic HG style I got v distracted by OOH A CLOTHES SALE, and came away with a new summer dress (obvs super important in December) and the most divine jumper for just £11 each. MEGA HAPPY.


G O I N G  D O W N

CADBURY’S CHOCOLATE PUDDING – In my lifelong bid to find the best gooey sexy chocolate pudding available in UK supermarkets, I stumbled across these Cadbury’s microwave puddings. They’re usually found squatting in the baking aisle alongside jelly and meringues and the main thing I want to say is NOPE. Much dry, much not enough sauce, much too small. Not the one. I assume these are the modern-day replacement for those big sexy tins of Heinz steamed pudding you used to be able to buy, but they abso do not live up to their predecessor.

THE PILL – I am officially no longer taking the contraceptive pill. For those of you are regulars at this joint, and over on the ol’ YouTube channel, you’ll already know that I started taking it back in September as a way to try to combat my acne. Anyway, it somehow made it worse, and following a GP appointment this week where the nurse practitioner studied my make-up free face and said: ‘hmm, I wouldn’t say this is mild acne, I’d say it’s moderate’, I’m now on a course of antibiotics AND Adapalene cream. Fingers crossed these are the badgers to get me all glowy and spot-free in 2017.

MY MOOD – I started the month on some sort of weird festive high, but in the actual lead-up to Christmas Day it’s been an absolute constant battle against my own brain. There has been a LOT of pep-talks to myself out loud, a lot of making up songs and dancing to my cat, and a bit of ‘Who run the world? Hannah Gale’ chanting to get me out of bed. A large part of my brain wants me to lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling in silence whilst contemplating every dark thing it can. Thank the lord there’s a small, very sassy, very strong, part of my brain determined to rise against the bad part and keep me in line. I owe everything to her.



I’M WEARING: Jacket – Lavitta (similar here)| Hat – H&M | Sunglasses – River Island | Shirt – GAP | Jeans – Topshop | Shoes – River Island | Bag – Karl Lagerfeld via Monnier Freres




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