Five Things Your Boyfriend Really Wants For Christmas


Hello & Merry Chrismukkah.

It’s Chris here. I’ve taken over Hannah’s blog for a Christmas special. (What the readers want, the readers get).

So, you’re wondering what the best Christmas present in the world is? I can tell you now, it’s a broken drum. Why? Because you just can’t beat it!

Haha. Being this funny is a gift in itself, but when you do stop laughing you can check out my real list below…

(You can check out Hannah’s post on my blog over here).



Beard or no beard, an electric shaver is a must. I’ve had a beard, a really big beard, and I used an electric shaver at least once a week, if not more, to keep those stray hairs in check. Then I quit my job as a lumberjack and the beard and braces had to go.

Now that I finally have my face back, I’ve been using the Philips Aquatouch and have really appreciated the close and comfortable shave. The shaver also comes with a precision trimmer attachment, which is perfect for a beard or moustache trim, in case you’re not ready to go back to the prepubescent teenager look.

Shop here.



I know what you’re thinking, ‘very original’, but there is a reason why socks are a Christmas classic. We all pretty much wear them every day. That’s 365 days a year. A lot of wear for those little guys.

Also, socks have moved up in the hot or not charts. With acceptable trouser lengths decreasing at an alarming rate, socks have slid in to fill the gap, literally. This trio of RJR.John Rocha socks are perfect for both weekdays in the office and casual weekends.

Shop here.



A pyjama set isn’t exactly what us men would go and treat ourselves to on payday. We’re all about new trainers, beer and gambling away slightly too much money on the roulette machine at the local bookies. Lads, lads, lads.

But secretly, we’re all yearning for a comfortable pair of PJ’s. Having spent a day being hungover in these bad-boys I can confirm they are the bee’s knees of comfort. Plus, they’re suitable for when you’re staying at the in-laws over Christmas. A bit more acceptable than walking around in your football shorts anyway.

There is also a matching robe available, which has left me sauntering around the house like Don Corleone.

Shop here.



What better way is there to complete the Godfather look, than some Boss aftershave. Hugo Boss that is. Hugo Boss, The Scent, has notes of ginger, exotic and exclusive Maninka and virile Leather that unfolds over time. (You can’t drink it by the way).

What I’m trying to say is that it smells great. Heck, I’d even pay the toilet guy a couple of pounds for a spritz.

Shop here.



Being totally honest, we sometimes need a filler present, don’t we? Something neutral that makes it look as though you’ve put more time and thought into this present buying malarkey. That’s cool.

Well, chocolate to the rescue. This assortment of coffee chocolate from La Cucina is a little manlier and a lot more interesting than the usual milk chocolate.

Shop here.


You can shop more ideas for men at Debenhams – including gadgets, foodie stuff and gift sets.

And, on a side note, if you fancy winning your boyfriend/husband/brother a sneaky 50ml bottle of Hugo Boss ‘The Scent’, head on over to my Instagram (@Christophergc), where I’ll be hosting a giveaway.

Or if you fancy winning yourself a bottle of the feminine version, Hannah’s hosting a giveaway over on her Twitter (@hannahfgale). Good luck!


This is a sponsored post, but all views very much my own.


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