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My Fave Lush Christmas Products


My first ever Lush product was a lil Snow Fairy gift set courtesy of a family Secret Santa, way back some time in the mid noughties.


At least I *think* it was Snow Fairy, so if someone wants to correct me and tell me that it only came out a few years ago and I’m WELL wrong, please feel free. All I know is that it smelt sexier than freshly baked bread and melted chocolate rammed together. Mmm.

If you’re not a crazed Lush fan girl, it can be a little hard to navigate the products and work out what’s actually worth splashing your cash on for a) pamper nights because guuuurl life is hard and b) Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest.

So I’ve picked my five fave festive products (available online and in-store right now) to give you a helping hand…



It wouldn’t be right to not start this list with the exact product I name-dropped so heavily in the opening paragraph.

Not only is this product my fave Christmas one, but I’m *pretty* sure it’s the number one selling Lush product over the Christmas period. So let’s make those sexy stats speak for themselves.

It smells like sherbet and bubble gum, it’s pink, and it’ll make you feel a *bit* like a princess.

Shop from £7.95.



Because who doesn’t want to put a lil ball of fizz shaped like Father Christmas’s face in their bath, eh? Not only does this holly, jolly fellow smell a *lot* like Snow Fairy shower gel which means it’s instantly gets an A+++ from me, but it turns your bath a deep, vivid shade of emerald. I think this might me a go-er for Chris’s stocking.

Shop for £2.95.


The joy of a bubble bar over a bath bomb is that it lasts longer than one bathtime – you just crumble a bit off, or run it under the hot tap, until you’ve got enough bubbles. AND the joy of this particular bubble bar is that look, look it’s a wand and look, look, much glitter.

Although the Lush website says it’s got ‘warm cinnamon’ scents, the overriding vibe for me is marzipan, and I’m very much OK with that.

Shop for £5.95.



The scent of this is lightly less WOAH UNICORNS AND BUBBLES AND GUMMY SWEETS than the shower gel version, but it’s still sweet and heavenly.

You’re supposed to use this in the shower, a bit like you’d use a hair conditioner – you rub it on your body and wash it off and it leaves you skin silky smooth. But I can also confirm it works as a v good emergency moisturiser if, say, you hadn’t moisturised your scaly pins in a couple of months and suddenly needed to have your bare legs seen outside of the house…

Shop from £7.95.



This one’s v special to me because I made it myself at the Lush factory in Poole and guys, it actually looks a *bit* like one you’d buy in a shop.

The Shoot For The Stars bath bomb is one of my fave festive ones because of the glitter stars and deep blue, it looks so blinkin’ majestic and magical.

It turns your bath into the dreamiest midnight sky, complete with lashings of glitter AND it has soft orange and bergamot scents. Dreamy af.

Shop for £4.25.


Have you got a face Lush Christmas product I need to investigate?


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