23 Super Sassy Christmas Gifts From Etsy

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First off Etsy, you, my dear fellow, can have a standing ovation for the amount of tricky present-buying situations you’ve helped me out on over the years.

I’ve bought monogrammed sweatshirts and Zelda Ocarina of Time t-shirts. I’ve bought leather passport cases and dainty engraved jewellery. I’ve bought cute notebooks and initial make-up pouches. Heck, I’ve even bought grow-your-own cat nip and cute festive-shaped biscuits.

So with all that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of my current faves – all available from UK sellers with shops that are still taking orders in the run up to Christmas, so you can rest assured they’ll be with you in time for the 25th.

(If you’ve never ventured into the world of Etsy.com, it’s basically like a big online market place where you can buy pretty much ANYTHING. It’s great because a) independent sellers and b) yay unique presents.)

And, if this cute lil collage doesn’t offer up any inspo and you’re still like WHAT CAN I BUY MY SISTER/BOYFRIEND/STEP DAD, Etsy are on hand over on Twitter (@EtsyUK) with the hashtag #EtsyGiftSOS to help give you a few more ideas – just think of them as the modern day Father Christmas.

They’ll also be dishing out gift vouchers to random tweeters who need their present-buying help up until the big day to help you on your merry way. Check out their blog (over here) for more info.



Oh man, did I just accidentally call this a wish list rather than a list of super cute things to buy your friends/family? Oh my bad. I *might* have already ordered the personalised phone case with the lashes on. Soz not soz.

Other faves include the dinosaur planter, the pom pom market beach bag (hubba hubba can I book a trip to Santorini plz?) and the cute star sign pendant necklaces. I’d like to say I’m a typical virgo, but man, this girl just ain’t tidy enough.

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  1. You got this’ pouch, £18

2. Wall hanging, £30

3. Painted plant pot, £12.50

4. Tropical print weekly planner, £10

5. Monogrammed phone case, £24

6. Mug with cute face, £10

7. Glitter card holder, £15

8. Floral notebook, £12.94

9. Matching pillow cases, £25

10. Glitter phone case, £7.99

11. ‘Basic Bitch’ t-shirt, £18.99

12. Dinosaur planter, £6.75

13. Pom pom market beach bag, £85

14. Gold dipped mug and jug (sold individually), from £18

15. Sheepskin slippers, £15

16. Tropical print, £15

17. Star sign pendant necklaces, £4.99

18. Marble phone case, £7.95

19. Flamingo and pineapple oven glove, £14.56

20. Flamingo plate and side plate, £50.15

21. Metallic clutch bag, £12

22. Super pretty slab of chocolate, £5.50

23. Personalised friendship bracelet, £29


Shop the photo: Gift tags, £2.80 | Christmas twine, £2.15 | Leopard print note book, £4 | Felt garland, £8

This is a sponsored post, but you guys know how much I love Etsy <3 Merry Christmas!

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