23 Things That Will Instantly Fill You With Christmas Cheer



I can’t stop singing ‘It’s the most wonderful time… of the year’. Like, so much so that this is the second blog post in a row where I’ve mentioned it.

I’d also quite like to skip and make the cats join me in some sort of festive musical where we all smile and dance and sing together. And maybe they’d wear waistcoats.

So yeah, if the festive cheer hasn’t quite reached your soul yet and you’re like hey hang on why don’t I feel all Christmas-y and merry, then here’s a checklist of things to get you going.


1. Bake homemade mince pies. And when I say homemade, you can totally just buy the ready rolled pastry and some mince meat and take the easy way out whilst you jig to Mariah Carey’s All I want For Christmas and knock back wine.

2. Give to a homeless person. Whether you give a quid, buy an extra sarnie from Pret or give away your gloves because maaaaaan it’s freezing, there’s nothing that fills the soul with the good stuff quite like putting others before yourself.

3. Wrap all your presents in one Christmas frenzy of an afternoon. Clear a big space on the floor and fill it with presents, rolls of wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon and happiness. You’re basically a real-life elf.

4. Treat yo’ self to a festive coffee or hot chocolate – half for the taste and half because hello cute cup to Instagram. Oh and DEFINITELY say yes to cream.

5. Buy a Christmas tree AND decorate it. Head to a pick your own tree farm to extend the experience and then pick out a few new decorations from somewhere a bit swank to mix in with all your Tesco £1 ones – lolz. We go to John Lewis every year and each choose a new one because ~ grown up traditions ~.

6. Mull some wine or cider and watch yourself drink copious amounts and not get drunk. You can look up a recipe online and do it from scratch, or y’know, just pick up a packed of mulled spices from your local supermarket.

7. Drive about listening to Heart FM’s Christmas radio on full blast. It’s hard not to feel merry right through to your cold, cold heart.

8. Watch Christmas films whilst curled up like a baby kitten on the sofa. Netflix has Home Alone, but my faves are still The Holiday and Elf – both can be found for £3 at places like HMV and CeX.

9. Invest in some festive bedding – most of the supermarkets have them, plus there’s loads of budget sets on Amazon. So that every morning when you wake up you’re bombarded with festive cheer with no-where to hide.

10. Buy loads of those battery-led fairy lights at a couple of quid a pop from places like Tiger or The Range and strategically drape them about in the rooms you spend most of your time in – like your bedroom and living room. Because let’s face it, twinkly fairy lights always make any space feel cosy and magical.

11. Be a sassy hostess and invite some of your favourite people round. Make canapes, light candles and play all the games. Because it’s basically the law to play games in December and people aren’t allowed to say no.

12. Buy a tin of Quality Street as part of your weekly shop because you a bad bitch and you can do whatever the sweet eff you want. Toffees for breakfast? You got it.

13. Head to Primark and invest in a fresh pair of button-up Christmas-themed PJs. Maybe throw a good pair of festive slipper socks into the basket too because you may as well make a full #OOTD.

14. Have a baked Camembert for dinner. Maybe rammed with garlic cloves and rosemary because you reaaaaal fancy and calories do not count at this time of year.

15. Spend a Saturday morning moseying around your local garden centre ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the decorations, Santa grotto and festive spirit.

16. Go for a drive to look at all the crazy over-the-top lights in your neighbourhood. Maybe get a limited edition Christmas McFlurry for the drive. And then decide that maybe next year will be your outdoor Christmas lights year. Uh huh, for sure.

17. Buy Yankee Candle’s ‘Christmas Cookie’ candle because sweet diggity it smells like paradise.

18. Make your own Christmas sandwich that’ll make the M&S versions look like it was crafted by a gang of pigeons. Fresh bread, bacon, stuffing, cranberry sauce and some turkey and oh mumma you’ve hit peak life.

19. Head to a florist and buy a fresh wreath for your front door. Not only will it smell nice and make your front door look like something off a Christmas card, but you’ll be supporting a local business and that’s just aces.

20. Reach out to people you haven’t seen or spoken to in forever ago. Let them know you’re thinking of them and that you love them <3

21. Have a festive manicure – throw some GLITTER into the works. Go deep maroon or bright red or just pure gold glitter cos you a sassy little piece of ass.

22. Make your pets/babies wear cute festive costumes so you can take photos of them and chuckle so hard your stomach starts cramping as you upload the snaps to Facebook.

23. Cut yourself some slack. Start to wind down. Love yourself. Care for yourself. Say yes to the bath and the boxset and the early night. Learn to say no, and learn to say YES to yourself. Now’s the time to look after yourself and put other things ahead of work and boring chore stuff. Listen to what you need and put that above all else. Need people? See people. Need some downtime by yourself? Do downtime by yourself. You do you, boo.



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