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I’m feeling mega pumped right now, mostly because DECEMBER.

I’m drinking tea under a blanket with Netflix’s hideously awful Christmas films rolling, and a Yankee Candle burning away and it’s utter bliss.

I can’t lie though, I’ve been trying to write this post for an hour and am only on my third sentence because All I Want For Christmas is such a cracking film and how have I never seen this before? I. Am. Hooked.

Plus, early nineties fashion is so blinkin’ divine and now I really want long hair slung into a low ponytail with a scrunchie more than life.

So yeah, this bodes really well for getting lots of new blog posts and videos up for the rest of the month. Hashtag pray for Hannah.

Maybe I’ll just upload a post a day about which films I’ve watched, which hot beverages I’ve inhaled and which pyjamas I’m wearing. I could throw in a few lines about blankets and candles and what the cats are up to, too.

You guys game?

Anyway, here’s what’s going up and going down in my world this week…


G O I N G  U P

NUTELLA WITH RASPBERRY JAM – Don’t ask me what possessed me to try out this weird combo, but it just entered my mind as I was sauntering into Waitrose to snap up a fresh loaf of sliced sourdough (I hate myself a bit too – but that rye and wholemeal sourdough is abso the one). So yeah, you take a slice of toast, you add a healthy coating of fresh sexy seeded raspberry jam, and then add a dollop of Nutella for good measure. It’s naughty, it’s divine and it’s cheeky and you must try it ASAP.

DECEMBER – It’s the most wonderful time, of the year. That was me singing just FYI in case you didn’t get that. It’s the month that gives off an intense Friday feeling even on Monday mornings, because nothing can feel *that* grim with the prospect of advent calendars and mulled wine and family and Christmas trees and omg I might explode into a zillion pieces of rainbow-coloured glitter. The happiness and kindness that just lingers in the air during the build up to Christmas is just <3

PLEATED MIDI SKIRT – I always thought this was a trend that I’d have to stand and admire from afar whilst wearing some kind of black smock dress because nuh uh, ain’t getting pleats near these bad boy curves. Turns out I was wrong because for some weird optical reason which makes no sense – the pleats on those midi skirts everyone’s wearing don’t make me look wider than one of those ‘wide load’ lorries. Whodda thought it, eh? Anyway, I’ve somehow racked up three in a fortnight and they make me feel like a princess. Hoping to wear this blue one out for Friday night date night…

G O I N G  D O W N

THE TEMPERATURE – The temperature is quite literally, going down. I had to defrost my windscreen this morning with my gym card (putting it to good use for the first time in at least a month, lols) and have currently taken to wearing a bobble hat around the house. But hey, at least it feels super Christmassy. There’s something pretty magical and festive about having to wear four layers, gloves, scarf, hat, two pairs of socks and boots every time you want to leave the house, isn’t there?

THE CATS – Now that Granger’s coming up a year and a half old, he’s turned into a complete and utter pest. He is OBSESSED with attacking Rudey. And when I say attack, I mean trying to play with her and jump on her and bite her. All real cute stuff y’know? It means we’ve been having to separate them at night and whenever we’re both out the house, which is quite the hassle. If anyone has any tips, please hook a girl up!

WORKING WEEKENDS – Most weekends I tend to dabble with work – sometimes it’s just an hour spent adding some links to a video, other weeks it’s half the blinkin’ weekend. But as of this weekend, I want to really try and cut myself some slack and enjoy some proper down-time at the weekend and spend as much of it as possible seeing friends, family and just being generally Christmassy. Chris and I are off to London this weekend for a little staycation and I’m already pumped for no work and lots of Winter Wonderland <3

MY OUTFIT: Jacket – Brand Attic | Hat – H&M | Sunglasses – Quay Australia at ASOS | Jumper – New Look (old, similar here) | Jeans – ASOS Petite | Boots – River Island (old, similar here) | Bag – Karl Lagerfeld at Monnier Freres


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