How To Snazz Up Your Fireplace For Christmas

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First up, nope, that is not my fireplace.

I wish that was my fireplace. Mostly because I’d just upload outfit photos of me posing next to it like heeeeeey your girl lives in a manor.

I actually shot these photos a v long time ago at a blogger craft day hosted by Command somewhere in the midst of fields and posh houses at the start of the year. So it feels pretty wild that it’s already Christmas again and finally these snaps are relevant.

Anyone else trying crazy hard not to just wolf down their advent calendar in one sexy swoop whilst watching Gilmore Girls? Nope? Just me?

Anyway, this cute Christmas craft idea.

It’s super easy, takes about 10 minutes and won’t damage your fireplace or leave any marks come January when you need to whip it all down again and move forward with your life.

What it will do is make you feel seriously festive and want to chant Jingle Bells and skip everywhere with a mug of mulled wine.

Now, you don’t need to hang actual presents from your fireplace, I was just trying to be jazzy for the sake of these photos – you could hang baubles or other cute tree ornaments, or you could just hang glitter stars like the ones I used as gift tags on the presents in the pictures.

(Spoiler: I got the presents so perfectly rectangular by just wrapping books – LOLZ).

I started by securing a big gold garland to the fireplace by using the large clear hooks from Command. They attach to your wall (or fireplace) using a sticky strip which will hold up to 4lbs, but won’t damage the paint when you need to pull it down.

If you’re looking for a garland I found this v affordable £7 one from Robert Dyas, or this one which is a little thicker for £28. Although eBay is a good bet for hunting out Christmas decs.

I then hung a string of brown paper stars across the fireplace using some mini hooks (cute star garland a £2 bargain from eBay…), letting the ends hang at either side to make it look extra pretty.

And then I finished off my majestic fireplace set-up with my hanging presents – which are literally just presents wrapped with string, and hung on the underside of the fireplace with these little ceiling hooks.

I’m going to try and recreate this little set up for our fireplace at home at the start of December when we put the tree up. Although I’m definitely going to add in some fairy lights because ALWAYS fairy lights, so keep an eye on my Instagram to see the finished result.

If you haven’t ever ventured into the world of Command strips and hooks then COR BLIMEY GO GO GO (they have a new TV advert which you can watch here). I’d never tried them before I did this craft day and had to create some sponsored content around them but they’ve honestly changed my interiors life. They’re a babe if you’re in rented accommodation and can’t drill holes into the wall for photo frames, or if you’re someone like me who likes to move everything in her house around every few months.

I used them in my office to hang up all my prints and a cute little ‘You Got This’ garland, and I’m v excited to use them to help transform the house into a cute lil grotto over Christmas.

You can get them online at Amazon, and at places like B&Q and The Range.


This is a sponsored post but seriously, Command strips are amazing and I’m forever thankful that they came into my life. So darn handy.

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