This Is What To Pack For A Winter City Break


I’m writing this post from the Eurostar and I have a v snotty nose and I haven’t had a coffee and Chris’s elbows keep jabbing me in the arm and I am not about this life.

I mean, I’m a *bit* about this life because HUZZAH, PARIS! But also, the actual traveling part is way less exciting and omfg when you’re a proper real-life grown up who’s permanently sleep-deprived and over-stressed enough to get angsty at fellow passengers,

(Just me or when you’re traveling do you legit just want to eye roll every single person? YOU ARE DOING SECURITY WRONG, YOU SO SLOW, YOU IN MY WAY etc etc).

Anyway, this post is about packing. It’s about packing in a way which will ensure you have enough clothes for every temperature and activity, but also few enough clothes that they’ll actually fit into a carry-on because ain’t nobody got spare overdraft money for checked baggage.

I’m also writing this with the idea that you’ll be going for a long weekend rather than a fortnight, so, let’s say no more than four nights.

Chris has made at least three comments about the size of my suitcase since we left the house at 7am this morning, so *maybe* I’m not the right person to write this post, but I got over-excited about the lack of luggage allowance and I’ma do me.

Here goes…



Because let’s face it no-one reaaaally washes jeans unless they want to feel like an overweight Hippogriff so you only really need one pair. Go for your comfiest, your stretchiest, the ones you could wear on a plane and not need to unbutton because oh look the air pressure is making me look four months preggo – cute.



For me this might be a pair of culottes or a black leather mini skirt, but a cute frayed denim skirt or button up suede A-line beauty would be just as crackin’. Or if you’re one of those lucky girls with mighty fine legs, you abso need a pair of leather leggings. SO FREAKIN’ CHIC and they go with everything. Dreamy.



Ideally one of these would be a cute fine knit that could be layered under a dress or tucked into an a-line skirt, or – if things got really hyperthermia in your face – layered under another roll neck.

The other two are your chunky babies. Maybe both roll necks or WOAH let’s go crazy with a fleece-lined sweatshirt. These are your every-day pounding the streets drinking takeout coffee and looking like a tourist jumpers. Your bread and butter. The things that keep you snug and looking A+++.



(or, one for every day you’re away, plus one)

They take up basically no space in your suitcase, they’re comfy, and if you spill pasta sauce down one you can just pop a fresh one on. So easy peasy for traveling. My current faves are these cute French slogan ones from La Redoute, or any from Mango.



Tees are fun and all but maybe you have a fave going out-out top with like gems on or lace or something. Ooooh or maybe a super cute cami. Or a check shirt. I dunno. Pack it.



(one per day you’re away)

I like to have a dress per night. I tend to take one super dressy one because hey, it’s nice to have an excuse to eat somewhere a little fancier than I would at home and also dress up and feel a *bit* like Kate Middleton. Then my other two are those kind of borderline dresses that could be casual day dresses but could also be cute evening dresses. You know the kind.

That way if you fancy jeans and a tee for a low-key dinner one evening but are v bored of jeans for day, you’ve got options.



(or two pairs for every day you’re away)

I used to pack extra pants ‘in case of an accident’, although I’m unsure what sort of accident I was pre-meditating as an adult. A laugh so hard you wee situation? Some heavy spotting? I dunno. Anyway, now I pack extra because for some weird reason when you holiday you shower twice a day. And y’know what’s nice after a shower? Clean pants.



Because ain’t no pain like walking 20,000 steps in a day in the wrong damn shoes. Do not wear new trainers. Do not attempt to wear them in during said city break. Do not spend an hour trying to hunt out a chemist for blister plasters. Wear your fave comfy gals. I’m currently going through an I LOVE WHITE CONVERSE phase, like every other basic bitch, so they’re my Paris shoes.



I never take proper heels away with me because they never get worn – mostly because any city break entails a lot of walking, even in the evening.

Instead I take a pair of boots with a small heel – low enough that walking is easy and pain-free, but high enough so there’s an extra pop of Kardashian sass about me that my Converse just don’t bring to the table.



Sunglasses (because it’s sunny and squinty even when it’s two degrees), a giant scarf which will be the love of your life whilst on the plane/Eurostar, a bobble hat because ear ache from the cold is not the one. Pyjamas. Two bras. At least three pairs of tights and three pairs of socks. A small chain cross body bag for evening with enough room for a map, your purse, phone, hotel key and a lipstick. OH AND GLOVES.



The coat dilemma. I mean sure, you should just take one. Your cosiest, warmest, most practical one. But where’s the fun in that? If there’s even a smudge of room in your case, take another and keep things fresh. I wear my biggest one and then pack a leather biker jacket (which could be worn underneath should things get v cold) and a faux fur gilet. That way I have 754567 different outfit combinations between coat, leather jacket, gilet, jumpers, jeans and jean alternatives.




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