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SO this is fun.

If you read my post explaining the blog relaunch and everything I had planned, you’ll know that Friday mornings will be dedicated to this post.

A kind of fresh spin on Friday Favourites. Something short and snappy and easy to read whilst you munch through whatever divine breakfast you’ve treated yourself to because HEY LOOK, IT’S FRIDAY.

There’ll be three things going up, and three things going down. A bit like one of those thermometers of things that are hot and things that are cold that you’d find in a cheap weekly mag.

Kinda like a quick recap of my week, bringing you up to speed with some loves and some eeeeesh not so much loves, from the past seven days.

So without further rambling, let’s get cracking…


G O I N G  U P

1. SURVIVE! ESCAPE FROM ATLANTIS – If you need a new board game on your radar and come on who doesn’t love a cosy night in with candles, wine, pizza, best friends, no phones and games? – then this is the one to accidentally buy off the internet whilst drunk. It’s a four player game and each player controls ten people on a sinking island and has to get them to safety. I realise that sounds incredible geeky and like something Sheldon Cooper would play on a wild Saturday night, but just trust me – it’s goooood. WE PLAYED IT FOR TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW. Shop it here.

2. MARY BERRY’S BELGIAN CHOCOLATE PUDDING – GUYS, why did no-one tell me Mazza B had a dessert range that’s stocked in Tesco? WHY? (I mean it might be in other supermarkets too, but fo’ sho’ it’s in Tesco). Now, there’s also a bread and butter pudding in her name but that’s not really my kinda thing, but this divine gooey hot chocolate brownie pud? You need it in your life. Ideally with cream. Or custard. Or ice cream. And an elasticated waistband. Oh and one last thing, it absolutely doesn’t serve five people… Shop it here.

3. RIVER ISLAND PETITE RANGE – I have a full post featuring a few of my fave pieces coming soon, but fellow short arses get yourself over to River Island because HELLO a petite range launched last week. HUZZAH. Not only are there some super cute dresses and jackets but I need to give a standing ovation to the jeans. I have this pair and they are hands down the best fitting, most comfortable jeans I’ve had in my life since the size 10 days of 2006. They’re stretchy, soft and actually fit over my bum whilst still being that perfect slightly cropped length. LOVE. Shop it here.


G O I N G  D O W N

1. HALLOWEEN – I like Halloween as much as the next basic bitch, mostly because it’s a super handy pit-stop between OOH LET’S THROW A BARBECUE and is it too much to buy two Christmas trees? WHICH MEANS IT’S NOW OFFICIALLY THE COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS AND CAN I GET AN AMEN? I’m currently deciding which advent calendar to go for and deciding what my present wrapping theme will be this year. Much excite.

2. SORE BOOBS – Sweet Jesus, the contraceptive pill has not done joyful things to my boobs. I’m on week four of taking it to help out with my adult acne, and I’m also on week four of having some serious boob ache. I’m talking not being able to walk down the stairs – even with a bra on – without a nice ripple of discomfort. I’m hoping it’s just the hormonal changes in my body and will quieten down as my body gets used to its new pill pal.

3. THE DARKNESS – Cosy evenings are GO, blog photos are lol nope. Whilst the clocks going back have given us a teeny tiny baby bit of life in the mornings, the evenings are now chuckling at us like SO LONG SUCKER. Whilst I’m lucky that I can get most of my blog photography done during the day, it’s an absolute ball ache for getting Instagram snaps – which is why I’ve started meeting Chris on his lunchbreak for outfit pics. That’s what boyfriends are for, right?

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