I’m Back! And I Have A New Blog Design Too



I don’t know what a sugar muffin is but it sounded fun and delicious and maybe like something Buddy from Elf would eat.

So anyway, guess who’s back, back again, Hannah’s back, tell a friend. My fingers feel like that’s not the first time I’ve typed that about myself, which is mildly embarrassing.


I’m sorry for my little internet absence, I kinda needed some time to step back and actually analyse what I liked about my blog, what I didn’t like about my blog and work out which direction I wanted my internet life to go in.

So here’s where we’re at.

I have a new design. It’s a bit brighter, a bit cleaner and a bit fresher. I hope it’s still easy to navigate, but obvs holla at me if there’s something obvious you can’t seem to find.

My top navigation bar should have all the obvious bits – how to contact me, my blog content categories and the ol’ archives.

Then we’ve got my name, in sparkly letters. I’m going to mix this up and change what it looks like depending on seasons, a *bit* like Google, because hey, if it’s good enough for Google, then it’s good enough for HG.

Here’s the only slightly confusing bit – my ‘Five To Read Now’ section. This won’t necessarily be my newest content. It’ll be the blog posts I think you should read right now. That could be this morning’s post, it could be one from last week that I’m mega proud of, it could be a super sassy list from 2014 that I’ve spruced up and brought back because READ IT, IT’S FUNNY.

It’ll be my showcase of the very best. It’s a way for you to find killer blog posts from the archives without having to spend an hour wading back post by post.

Next up you’ve got my shopping bar. This will be the most statement things you’ve seen me wearing recently, most probably from Instagram. I’ll try not to have similar items, just the actual exact items I’ve worn.

Things like my leopard print biker jacket or gold glitter chain bag or low-cut swimming cossie or embroidered denim jacket. Your way to find the stand-out things I’m wearing most right now.

And then you’ll have the classic blog stuff, the most recent posts, the latest YouTube video, my social channels and that Instagram bar we all have at the bottom because it looks mega pretty.

I want to continue posting regularly for you. I’m hoping it’ll be pretty much every day – somewhere between 5 and 7 new posts a week.

OH and I’m bringing back a little Friday post. It won’t be Friday Favourites because I fell out of love with it and stopped enjoying creating it, so instead I’m going old school weekly magazine on myself and creating a HG charts post instead.

Remember those little thermometers with things going up and things going down? Yeah, ONE OF THOSE.

It’ll have a few <3<3<3 from the week and a few WAH OH NOs from the week too. Hopefully it’ll be the perfect quick read of a post for you to digest at your desk alongside your Friday coffee and pastry.

(Just checking I’m not the only one who treats myself to anything I want on a Friday because HEY LOOK IT’S FRIDAY?)

I’m also going to be weekly vlogging again, as I know quite a few of you were all sad face when I quit to focus on Snapchat. And big ol’ lol to that because I hardly use it anymore so HA to me for being a silly weasel.

I *did* have a weekly vlog for you guys that was supposed to go out tonight. I’d bought a new GoPro and had so many jaunty angles of me making cups of tea and taking flat lays on my living room floor but sadly that footage is long gone and now rests in Hannah’s stolen bag heaven.

(If you didn’t catch the whole MY BAG’S BEEN STOLEN AND EVERYTHING’S GONE saga – there’s a video explaining it over here).

The weekly vlogs will be back next week, promise. I’ve already started filming, so go give me a little subscribe to make my week that little bit chirpier.

And on a final note, THE SWEATSHIRTS. I wanted to be able to announce them coming back today, but due to a few unforeseen financial setbacks, I’m going to have to wait until I’ve paid off my new blogging equipment.

I’ve been working with a local printing and embroidery guy here in Ipswich to make sure I love what I’m getting out for you, and will be designing them and sending them all out myself, so fingers crossed they’ll be even better than before.

Anyway, I need to stop rambling on mostly because I have super bad coffee jitters and the sun is shining and I think I’m getting over excited.

So thanks again for all your kind words recently, for supporting me always, and for making me feel like I’m never alone.

You are the best <3

Here’s to a crackin’ countdown to Christmas filled with plenty of mulled wine, fairy lights, snuggly jumpers and kindness.



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