Um, So This Is The Place You 100% Need To Visit Next Spring

La Redoute Ile de Re - Amber-Rose Photography 110

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It’s only a 90-minute flight from London, it has an ice-cream parlour with over 30 flavours AND it’s so pretty and pastel coloured it was almost made for Instagram.

Ladies and baes, welcome to Ile De Ré.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that last month, myself and Erica Davies headed out to the teeny French island with one of my fave brands of the moment – La Redoute.

We were there to help launch the seriously dreamy autumn/winter collection (there’s currently 25% off all newness with code ‘NEW25’), drink wine, eat moules marinière and shoot outfit photos with the super-talented babe that is Amber-Rose.

I’m going to start this post with something mildly embarrassing. When Erica text me and was like ILE DE RE ILE DE RE, I was like lol hun cool what’s auto correct done there?

Ile De Ré wasn’t even on my radar, it wasn’t a place I’d ever heard of. Which is crazy because it’s basically like France’s version of The Hamptons – the swish and super chic place the Parisians swan off to in the height of summer to enjoy life at a slightly lazier pace.

It’s full of divine little restaurants serving fresh seafood, which spill out onto cobbled streets. And sweet boutique shops selling everything from embroidered basket bags and cotton pyjamas to sexy, smelly cheese and rainbow-coloured macarons.

And best of all, it’s really close. Or at least, y’know, closer than Mykonos or the Maldives. You can fly to La Rochelle (about half way down the French coast) from Southampton or London Stansted (it’s less than £75 return with Ryanair – HUZZAH), and then hire a care for the last 25-miute leg of the journey.

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We stayed in Saint-Martin, a cute little harbour town on the north coast (although Google tells me that if it’s dat beach life you’re after, the south coast is home to sassy white sandy shores), in a charming rustic hotel called La Maison Douce.

Our rooms overlooked a quaint little courtyard, and it was only a lazy five-minute stroll down to the quay which was where the main hustle and bustle of the island was.

And when I saw a five minute stroll, I mean ten minutes if you’re going to stop in front of every pastel coloured shutter for a sweet af outfit snap for Instagram, obvs.

Places to eat: L’Atelier for ice cream, ice cream cake, coffee and the most photographic pink-topped tables, the La Flotte market for fresh fruit and cheese that will make you want to weep for joy, and Le Bistrot Du Marin for all things fish.

Things to take photos off: the sunsets across the marina that are so divine you’ll get up mid conversation, wine still in hand to be like ZOMB WHERE’S MY PHONE I MUST CAPTURE THIS, all the shutters, every shutter, shutter shutter shutter, oh and the triple scoop gelato you’ll defs get from La Martiniere.

Things to wear: this perfect little green wool midi skirt that’s super flattering on the ol’ hips, these monochrome culottes which are insanely comfy, and this French slogan tee because obvs.



All photos by Amber-Rose.

This post is sponsored by La Redoute, but all Ile De Ré and outfit love my own <3

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La Redoute Ile de Re - Amber-Rose Photography 113


  • Oh wow that looks absolutely lovely. Strangely I never thought about going there – but it’s on my list now. Thanks for the recommendation!!

    Adore that blue dress on you by the way – so cute.

    Love, Kerstin

  • Wow, that looks so beautiful! And totally made for Instagram!

    Melissa x

  • I’ve never heard of this little island before! Looks absolutely stunning. If I lived in London, I guarantee you I’ll go there every other weekend to be by the sea. x

  • Amy

    I’ve never heard of Il de Re but it looks so cute! I’m actually doing a bit of hopping around France next Spring so I’ll look into it. These pictures are beaut and you look like such a babe in every outfit!
    Amy xx

  • H

    Decided to disclose that this was a freebie then? Why disclose this and not trek America? If you can carry on pretending you’re comfortable being overweight I’m sure you can be comfortable continuing to be dishonest.

    • ‘D’

      I thought it was obvious? She went a couple years back as well.

    • Nadia

      Jealousy is an ugly trait.

      • Anne

        OH PLEASE like anyone is jealous of the tree trunk legs

        Some of us have real jobs that pay enough to go on these holidays without having them thrown at us like freebies.

    • Rose

      Oh please some of us aren’t sad enough continuously leave the same troll posts under different fake names.

      Also your weird obsession with Hannah’s legs, like what’s with that?

  • Sophie

    Getting sick and tired of this pathetic keyboard warrior who is obviously so jealous of you Han , that seeing you so successful is obviously eating her up inside.
    Go on being the lovely lady you are and write the posts that I and everyone enjoy reading. And as for you, not sure what alias your going under today, jog on and find something less nasty to do with your time.
    You could always write your own blog and then we can all see what it is that’s so bloody special about you that you feel you have to constantly rubbish Hannah’s content. Oh and by the way, my name really is Sophie .

  • Those checked trousers are everything. I can honestly say I have never heard of this place either. It is fully on my radar now! I must go!

    Sophie X

  • Majorly swooning at these beautiful photos! Great blog Hannah!

  • Josie

    Ah so there we have it. Jealous that Hannah gets to go on lovely holidays and you, have to pay to go on holidays. You should be more honest with yourself, you really are pathetically jealous and calling people unnecessary names is testament to that. Don’t read Hannah’s blog anymore, oh but then you won’t have a life. Actually feel sorry for you.
    Never mind, sit behind your laptop and write more shit about people that don’t deserve it, troll

    • Come on

      lol it’s so obvious that you are Hannah pathetically attempting to defend herself behind a fake name

  • Josie

    I bloody wish I was Hannah, I would love her life, jetting around the world, going to lovely events and being paid to work on campaigns, eating and staying in lovely restaurants and hotels, yeah I wish I was Hannah.
    Keep doing what your doing Hannah 😘

  • I’ve never heard of this place but as soon as I saw the picture of the macarons, I knew this place was the one <3

  • Sienna

    I miss the Hannah that didn’t shove crappy sponsored posts down your throat every other day… wtf is this clothing brand. Stop being despo and jumping on any brand who will pay you enough

  • .

    Hannah, ankle boots and bare legs can only be pulled off by girls with good legs.

  • Oooh this looks gorgeous! No YOU’RE looking at flights right now 😂
    Plus that blue dress!! Love it on you.
    And I am so sorry to see that the trolls are back at it again ^^ keep doing what you’re doing, I love your content, sponsored or not!

    Charlotte | Two Cats One Flat

  • Oooh dreaming of this already! Such a gorgeous place, I’d never heard of it either – and so cheap and quick to get there (hold on while I look for a spare weekend in my diary!).

    These photos and outfits look gorgeous – love the picture of you two laughing (and love how very Parisian you look!)

    Glad you guys had such a nice time, and thanks for the recommendation

    Josie // JosieVictoriaa

  • I don’t understand all this hate that seems to be suddenly appearing, it’s horrible!
    Hannah you haven’t changed one bit and from what I’ve seen have always disclosed everything.

    This place looks gorgeous and I definitely need to pay a trip to France!

  • You look ahmaaazing in all of these photos! This place sounds perfect x

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