19 Things We All Secretly Love About Coming Home From Holiday



Because despite the fact eww work and eww how the eff are you supposed to keep up your super sweet Instagram game now you’re back to pesto pasta and beige walls, being home is pretty bladdy great <3

Here’s 19 things we all secretly love about coming home from holiday…

1. That first cuppa, brewed to perfection with a good quality tea bag and a splash of fresh semi-skimmed milk. Oh sweet lord. Because let’s face it, other countries cannot do tea, nope.

2. Duvets. Sweet glorious duvets. And being able to sleep wrapped up like a pig in a blanket, with one leg poking out, rather than y’know, sweating profusely under one measly sheet and maybe some bronze coloured bed runner if you’re super lucky.

3. Your TV remote. And all your recorded loveliness. Cos you do love watching BBC World News on repeat but you love GBBO, X Factor and First Dates more <3

4. Being back in your own time zone, and being awake/tired at the right times of the day. Oh Greenwich Mean Time, never leave me again you sweet little angel.

5. Having access to the internet all the damn time without having to hover awkwardly outside a McDonald’s just to rinse their free WIFI so you can upload a candid bikini shot to Facebook.

6. Having access to your entire wardrobe and make-up collection again. Because life without 23 pairs of shoes, three foundations and enough eye shadow shades to complete every make-up tutorial every uploaded to YouTube, just ain’t the same, huh?

7. Lying horizontally on your sofa. For hours on end. Without guilt. Just ‘cos you a bad bitch who deserves to spend quality time with her extensive blanket and candle collection.

8. Being reunited with your bath and bath bombs and bubble baths and bath oils and bath bath bath bath <3

9. Not having to rummage about the swirls of pants and dirty washing lingering in your suitcase just to find a damn adapter plug so that you can charge your phone. FFS.

10. Homecooked food that – and this is ground-breaking – involves vegetables. Or y’know, at least things that resemble vegetables. Served in a portion size that won’t threaten to bust the seam on your fave shorts. Or leave you looking like someone on the cusp of going into labour.

11. Tap water that tastes like your tap water. Out of your favourite glass because alright yes you have a favourite glass and it doesn’t make you any less cool.

12. Your slippers and dressing gown and YES, sometimes hotels have them too, but they just down have the same squishiness to them, alright?

13. The big pile of super exciting post that’ll be waiting for us. Oh wait no lol, just three different bills and 17 fliers for new lol takeaways. You lucky little champ, you.

14. Being reunited with all your favourite brands. You’d like to be fun and live on the edge and all that but you just really like Lurpak and Hovis and Heinz and you don’t care who knows it.

15. Your cuddly toy. No you need to grow up.

16. Driving. And feeling like a sassy ass bitch with your sunglasses on and Kisstory blaring out of the radio whilst you pootle along to Tesco.

17. Your fave breakfast because turns out avocado on toast hasn’t really caught on globally yet and there’s only so many plates of mini sausages, scrambled eggs and melon you can wade through.

18. Feeling like you’re down with the kids and up-to-date with everything that’s happening across social media. WHO IS PREGNANT AND WHAT IS THIS BEYONCE SONG EVERYONE IS REFERENCING AND WHAT’S THE VIRAL VIDEO EVERYONE’S SHARING.

19. People. Your family, your friends and, ahem, your pets. Because exploring the world is pretty bloomin’ great, but so are the ones you love <3

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