Three Super Duper Places To Visit In The USA’s Deep South



I’m just finishing off an 8-day whistle stop tour of the Deep South with Trek America, so I thought I’d throw out a few of my fave destinations from the trip.

Useful if a) you wanna book a Trek America tour yourself or b) you’re planning some crazy long, crazy wild, crazy amazing U.S. road trip adventure sometime in the future. (Which let’s face it, aren’t we all? Complete with a Mustang, grape soda and really shiny pair of aviator sunglasses…).

I’ve also made you a cute lil map down the bottom of this post so that you can actually see where these uber sassy places are in comparison to each other.

And just a head’s up, you *might* wanna bring your stretchiest sweat pants and some pants that go right up to your belly button because turns out salads are not a thing in the southern states (unless you can get your paws on a Wholefoods and then hello sexy salad ride of your life).





Whilst the city of Memphis itself didn’t fill me with the kind of anything-is-possible, I-love-life, I’m-pretty-much-definitely- Taylor-Swift vibe that New York gives me, there’s plenty of really cool stuff nearby that makes it absolutely worth a visit.

I like that it doesn’t feel as try-hard as Nashville and has a cool, laid-back, you do your thang energy about it.

It’s home to Elvis Presley’s home Graceland which I didn’t think would be my kind of thing because lol I can’t name a single Elvis song – but it was magical. Just simply magical. And I developed a bit of crush on baby boo Elvis circa 1960. And an equally ginormous crush on his interior choices.

There’s also The Lorraine Motel, which is where Martin Luther King Jr was shot back in 1968, which has since been turned into the National Civil Rights Mueseum, was also crazy good.

It covered everything from the slave trade and American history right up to present day civil rights ambassadors – did ya know Eva Longoria was one? NOPE NOR ME.

And aside from that, all you really need to know about Memphis is that serves up some of the dirtiest sexiest barbecue food on this planet AND has loads of bars playing live music if that’s your kinda sass.






OH MY SWEET LORD. This place. No, but this place. WOAH. I mentioned it in a post last week and compared it to a cross between a British seaside resort and an episode of The Simpsons, and I stand by that.

It’s basically a crazy tourist town perched on the edge of the Smoky Mountains, which means that you not only have access to things like mini rollercoasters, fudge shops, haunted houses and Five Guys – you also have a National Park right beside it.

We did horseback riding and zip-lining whilst we were staying in Gatlinburg, but other activities on offer include tubing, hiking and white water rafting. Sadly there was a drought while we were there, so no water activities, mega sad face :(:(:(:(

Easily one of the most fun and obscene places I’ve ever visited. I liked it more than Vegas because I had no expectations and it was just so completely not infiltrated by British tourists – in fact, pretty much everyone there was American.

Plus, Gatlinburg basically wets itself over ‘fall’ and places pumpkins and scarecrows and orange ribbon around every lamppost. Dreamy for your inner basic bitch, eh?


N E W  O R L E A N S



I’m desperately trying to think of a way to describe NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana), which does it justice.

Kind of like the lovechild of Knockturn Alley and a rainbow. A big shiny happy rainbow.

Despite the fact the world keeps trying to knock it down – hey Hurricane Katrina, I see you – it just keeps on going. Keeps on singing. Keeps on being a bad bitch. And I love that, it’s a pretty inspirational outlook on life.

Whilst the French Quarter makes for Instagram porn heaven, the city is drenched in history, so it’s well worth visiting a plantation (which is basically a farm that relied on slaves back in the days when us white people were complete and utter dicks), or doing a ghost tour, to get a feel of what it’s about.

We drank cider on Frenchmen Street rather than Bourbon Street and a few of our fave places to eat included Elizabeth’s for waffles and praline bacon, and Coop’s Place for fried chicken, coleslaw and jambalaya. Oh baby.

OH and beignets at Cafe Du Monde which is something EVERYONE recommends (they’re like fried doughnut things with half a bag of icing sugar poured on them), but I liked them because they reminded me of a sneaky lil Polish treat my grandad used to make us as kids.

Oh, and maybe do a river cruise and get a tarot card reading in the square and also a swamp tour to see alligators and raccoons.




Have you visited anywhere you love in the States? Where would you recommend aside from the classics like New York and San Francisco?



  • American

    Tennessee isn’t the deep south! The deep south is Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, come on.

    Also its hilarious that you came all the way from the UK to go to Gatlinburg aka the place that only redneck poor ass Americans visit.

    There are way better off-the-beaten-path towns and cities to see in the US.

    • Amy

      It’s an organised tour by Trek America. Have a go at them, not Hannah…

  • Karina

    You should give some suggestions 🙂 That might be a bit more constructive x

  • Karina

    Beautiful pictures Hannah! Loving keeping up with your travels – looks you’re having an amazing time! x

  • Rachel

    I love both Gatlinburg and NOLA! I’m glad you had a great trip. I would love to hear more about your impressions of Trek America – I live in the USA but hadn’t ever heard of the company until I read about your experiences.

  • suze

    salads are a huge thing in the south, maybe just not for fatasses like you visiting

    • dowiex

      Is that necessary?

    • Steph

      You know whats a huge thing in life- not being an asshole, maybe not for twats like you apparantly!

      Good day to you cuntbucket.

    • Rachel

      Wow….what an asshole! If you don’t like Hannah or her blog, just leave. It’s pretty simple.

  • Oh my god I’d LOVE to go to Graceland – not even a massive Elvis fan but I’ve heard great things! (Did you sing ‘Walking in Memphis’ to yourself when you were there because erm if you didn’t I may have to stop reading….) xxx

  • Looks like you’ve had the most amazing time! I love all your pictures and the food sounds amazing! I hope to one day travel over to America one day! Sophie x

  • han

    Looks AMAZING. Love the photo of you next to the pumpkins haha!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Having moved to NYC at the beginning of the summer, the husband and I have made it a goal to visit as much of the US as possible and this is a great start to the planning, thanks! I’ve been loving your vlogs on this trip, it looks like lots of fun!

  • Ooohhh are you referring to Polish chrust? My babcia cracks them out at every special occasion and I love them! Looks like you had such a fab time, it’s not ever been a part of America I’ve considered travelling around if i’m honest, but by the sounds of it there’s a lot to see and do! Alice xxx

  • I wasn’t a big fan of Memphis when we went, but then again we didn’t get to go to Graceland, that might have changed my mind a little! Think I preferred Nashville, as that was easily my favourite Trek America night out! Gatlinburg looks like so much fun, would love to go!

    My faves were Chicago, San Fran, Vegas, Washington DC, Ocoee Tennessee, and Austin, Texas. My absolute fave had to be Monument Valley though, that was incredible.

  • Oooh Memphis looks amazing and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to have a crazy road trip in New Orleans!

    Plus waffles and bacon, I’m pretty certain I’d travel half the World for a taste of America.

    Charlotte | Two Cats One Flat

  • Karen

    Charleston, South Carolina has a lot of history and interesting places to see. And Folly Beach is beautiful. Sooo much seafood.

    Also, Wilmington in North Carolina because who doesn’t want to be in Tree Hill pretending that they’re B Davis?!

  • I’d recommend San Antonio Texas, a city full of history that also has a beautiful river walk. I was there for Day of the Dead a few years ago, amazing atmosphere (much Mexican influence). Whitefish in Montana is also lovely, a gorgeous mountain town right next to Glacier National Park. My third would be Savannah in Georgia. Beautiful town with steamboats, cobbled streets and the Forest Gump bench 😉
    I go to the USA annually and know quite a few less known spots so let me know if you want any more suggestions, those were just my faves of course and aren’t ‘too hidden’ <3

    Also lovely post, surprisingly I've never been to New Orleans but from studying history/American history I'd love to visit!

  • I would love to Gatlinburg one day – honestly never heard of that place before until you mentioned it. Such a great guide of the south of US, Hannah. I recommend going to Santa Barbara or San Diego if you ever find yourself in Cali. I bloody loooove Santa Barbara. x

  • I’d LOVE to visit New Orleans – looks/sounds incredible! Trek America is on my bucket list for next year, it always sounds like the best trips!

    Hayley xo

  • Claire

    Great photos, Hannah. It looks amazing!

    Also, love, love, love your grey checked dress.

  • Ohhh you made my dream-trip! I’ve been planning such an elaborate road-trip in the Deep South that I might actually have to move there because it will take up so much time! Your trip sounds amazing!

  • Ahhh so many travel goals! New Orleans has been on my TOP 5 places to visit in the entire world pretty much since I saw Interview with the Vampire – I basically just imagine as being this amazing place full of history, blues & great food. I can’t wait to visit one day.

    I love reading about your adventures with Trek America and I can’t wait to hear more! 🙂 x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • em

    I just adore New Orleans!

  • I’m going on a road trip from New York to Miami next year and will be hitting all these spots on the way down. I also heard that Gatlinburg was a sort of tourist hell/heaven depending how you look at it – I’m so excited!

  • Lizzie

    Did you pay for this trip or was it free?

    • Rebecca Hanson

      I assume it was free but I don’t think that matters perks of the job and all that. It looks amazing I would love to take a tour and if 1% of her followers do they have made the money back and more

      • Lizzie

        Rebecca – of course it matters, Gale should disclose all free and gifted things she writes about on her blog. Anything less is dishonest.
        J – thanks for the link.

    • J

      Of course it was free. However, nowhere does it say this on her blog.

      Take note from a much better blog than this one.

  • I’d absolutely love to go to New Orleans – it’s definitely on my bucket list! I’d quite like to do a tour of the south in America as I’ve only really even to the East coast in the past. Although Canada is my FAVE place in North America, especially Montréal <3

  • I’d love to visit the south, loads of culture and photo opps – despite not being a camper, Yosemite was great to drive through!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • The US has never really appealed to me for anything other than Disney (such a child) but honestly, your blog posts and vlogs have seriously had me spending the best part of the last 3 hours trawling the Trek America website for next yearz Looks absolutely incredible!

    Rhiannon x |

  • These look like great places to visit!! I have always been to the more ‘usual’ parts of America like New York, LA & San Fran. I’d love to visit some more of the southern states!

  • I find your views of New Orleans really interesting. I went a few years ago and didn’t think much of it. I’m thinking it may be worth a second chance though because so many other people seem to love it.

    Philadelphia was a lovely city. I only went for a day and did a bus tour, but there were some beautiful areas.

    Also Miami was incredible. So much to see!

  • These places sound amazing! Definitely ones to add to my roadtrip list haha! xx

  • As a child who grew up obsessed with Elvis, I am so envious of your visit to Graceland!
    And NOLA, I cannot wait to go there one day, and you know, never leave because NOLA!

    This trip looked perfect<3

  • I live in NOLA, so obviously I’m a big fan 😂 It’s a great place to travel and to live! Besides having great food (and alcohol, let’s be serious) culture there is SO much to do all the time. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip !

    Allison from

  • Urgh I so want to do traveling around America. So many different places to see, very jealous Hannah!

  • Mahee Ferlini

    New Orleans is beautiful! I love your pictures 🙂

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