I Had My Tarot Cards Read And It Changed Everything

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For a long time now I’ve felt like I was missing something. My blog was growing, my relationship was stable, my home was all I’d ever wanted, and my close friendship group felt tighter and more magical than ever before. I was happy, I mean – I am happy – but I didn’t feel fulfilled.

I felt like things weren’t aligning in my head the way they should be.

That I was craving something without knowing what it was or if it even existed.

And I guess we all feel like that at times. We wonder if this is as good as it gets. We spend an entire lifetime searching for some higher level without really ever knowing if it’s out there. I guess the thing with happiness and life fulfillment is that because you can’t ever compare your own head to someone else’s, you never know if you’re experiencing it the way you’re supposed to.

When I flew out of Heathrow a little over a week ago, my main aim – other than to tick off a few more States on the ol’ bucket list – was to come home feeling more centred, inspired and re-energised than I had in a long time.

I wanted to understand where I wanted my focus to be, to come home with a clear idea of what it was I was trying to achieve with my life (aside from y’know, being a cat mum and champion Diet Coke drinker).

And up until this afternoon, I wasn’t sure I’d achieved that.

Then, whilst having a gas station break in the depths of rural Louisiana, my Trek America tour guide (@starbarr)  asked if I wanted to pull a few tarot cards.

And so I did.

And before I go on and tell you which cards I pulled and what they meant and how they literally changed everything rolling around in my pea-size head, I just want you to have an open mind.

Tarot cards don’t predict the future and I don’t believe they hold some magic power. But what they do do is help to pull thoughts and ideas and emotions from the whirlpool of things flying about your brain and put them into some logical order.

They help you to re-see things which are already in your mind but maybe lost among all the other 100mph passing ideas or worries. To see things from a perspective you might never have considered before. To breathe new life into old thoughts, if you will.

And that, is pretty bloody liberating. We’ll call 9th October the Hannah Gale Spiritual Awakening Day from now on if that’s OK.


M Y  C A R D S

I pulled three cards from a shuffled pack, split into three piles and all drawn from the pile I felt most connected to. One card for past, one for present and one for future.

PAST – TEN OF CUPS (in reverse)

PRESENT – SIX OF WANDS (in reverse)


W H A T  T H E Y  M E A N (or at least, how I’ve interpreted them…)

TEN OF CUPS (in reverse) – this card stands for a happy and harmonious home life, and when drawn in reverse it essentially means the opposite. It could mean you’re taking for granted what you already have and not spending enough time appreciating said happy and harmonious home life. Or it could mean that there is something or someone upsetting an otherwise blissful personal life. It is a card that encourages you to mend whatever is broken in your relationship – be it with a partner, close friend or family member – to truly be able to move forward in life.

SIX OF WANDS (in reverse) – without being in reverse, this card is all about celebrating your successes and the long ol’ slog to get to your success, but when in reverse it tells you to concentrate more on the people around you during that success. It says to be aware of your own sense of pride, not to gloat and to focus on friendships. It also says to step back from stresses, pressure and tension within your life and to keep them in check.

THE HIEROPHANT – Now, I struggled with this card because a lot of the meaning is to do with religion and that didn’t feel like something I could connect with. But it’s also about a desire to find the spiritual meaning behind life and life satisfaction. It’s about learning and growing as a person and taking in as much from the people and resources around you and using it to make your mind stronger and your vision clearer.

W H Y  I T  C H A N G E D  E V E R Y T H I N G

Like a lot of you, I’m sure, I spend so long focusing on blogging and working that I sometimes get this tunnel vision, where I’m unable to see anything else. It feels as though it’s become the norm to look at every part of life, and ask yourself how you can get content out of it. This pizza, is it good for Instagram? This day out with my friends, should I vlog it? This cute date night outfit, should I grab some snaps before wine for a post? There’s no shut off point between work and ‘success’ and, well, just living.

Just appreciating people and the moments without work and social media clouding over it.

I have those thoughts all the time, fleeting moments that maybe I put too much focus on work or Instagram or trips away, but as soon as the thoughts arrive in my brain, I push them away. I don’t let myself linger on them, maybe because the reality is that I don’t want to.

But my tarot reading has told me otherwise. This has made me realise that in order to feel truly satisfied with myself – I need to focus on people. My people, and not on myself and my work.

Good content and inspiration and drive and success will come naturally when I am satisfied elsewhere in my life. When I have placed effort in areas that have perhaps taken a back seat to the world of blogging and the internet and cementing a career.

So this is not a good bye, or a post to say I’ll be taking a step back, because the content will still be up and about doing it’s thang just like before, but I won’t allow my job, my pastel-coloured spot on the internet, to hog up as much of my mental space as it has done these last couple of years.

Mostly because it’s not fair on the people around me. And maybe not on me either.

Blog, I love you, but I love my friends, my family, my boyfriend and my cats more, and I wouldn’t have it any other way <3


  • This is such an interesting post! I have always wanted to learn more about tarot cards and you have definitely inspired me to actually do it xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  • molly

    you’re kind of scraping the barrel for stuff to write

  • Hannah, I loved this post. I’ve easily spent the best part of some of my days worrying about my blog and my content, and that sometimes I allow it to take over entire weekends, or parties or date nights in.
    It’s almost as if there’s no line between ‘blog work’ and ‘social life’ any more, purely because I blog about my personal life to produce good content 💕

    I love my blog too, but thanks for reminding me that it’s all about balance and I need to look after my ever patient boyfriend and family for vetting blog post ideas and all the Instagram snaps 😂

    Charlotte | Two Cats One Flat

  • This was really interesting to read! Putting family and friends first is so important! Sophie


  • Love this post and your thoughts – it really is a good reminder, to appreciate friends and family more!!

    Thanks for these thoughts 🙂

    xxx and kisses from Berlin,

  • Yes, that’s sounds like a great new start! Isn’t it wonderful how something so relatively simple as Tarot cards can change the way you think and suddenly make you see clear? To me it always is a funny thought that, had you picked those cards on another moment in your life, the cards always mean something different. Like it is with personality tests and what not. I think it’s great that you chose this meaning for these cards, as it definitely speaks for what you want the most of all. Great choices, choosing the people you love (cats are people too ;)!

  • That’s ashame… How much time does it take you to prepare and write your blogs then?!

  • I love this post, it really sums up all my feelings about finding a balance. For me it’s about the balance between my job, my blog, my relationship, my friends, my family, and also myself. As much as I try to keep all in equalibrium, sometimes something has to give, and I know that the people are really the ones that keep my soul happy and nothing should come above them. Alice xxx


  • unimpressed

    scrapping the barrel.. well said molly

    • Lizzie

      Probably ought to learn how to spell scraping before you start trolling.

  • Well said Hannah. I’ve found myself feeling the same way. Mainly to do with not being able to balance my blog alongside a new full-time job that I’m not really enjoying as much as I’d have liked to. Great to see that you are giving more time to those around you.


  • I’ve always been so sceptical about tarot and palm readings, but when I think about it, you look for the things that, deep down, you know should be the focus. The fact that you’ve taken your own interpretation and found a way for it to be productive in your life is really great and all sceptics should take note (including myself, pretty sure I would still run a mile if it was offered)!


  • This was such an interesting post. I have quite an open mind when it comes to things like this, I think that tarot cards, much like horoscopes kind of put ideas in your head and helps put your life in some kind of order sometimes. As fabulous as blogging is (and yours is one of my faves too!) it’s more important to focus on ‘real’ life sometimes. Good luck figuring it all out! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • Rach

    Pretty lazy this and last post, I think. Last post was driven by your following..this one was some fake made up shit. You clearly are very insecure if you need to cling to tarot cards to give your life meaning and make sense of it

    What a mess you are hannah sassy gale hahaha

    • I would have to disagree quite strongly with your comment Rach! I think that this post is actually really impressive, as it’s something that many bloggers would never think to write about. It’s completely individual to Hannah an I think it’s amazing that she’s been able to incorporate her experience with Tarot Card Reading in her blog, and write about it in such a way that can encourage and uplift her community of followers. You may not have actually read the post (and just read the title and jumped to conclusions) because it’s clear from reading it that Hannah has put a heck of a lot of effort into this post- as I’m sure she does with every post!

      • Helen

        Yeah, OK Hannah.

      • Lois

        I agree!

  • Sarah

    Hi Hannah! I’m a new follower of your (lovely) blog, and I could relate to this post entirely.
    Whenever I am feeling particularly indecisive or anxious about something, I often turn to my deck of Tarot cards. I find that they help me focus on an issue (or issues), and point me in the “right” direction (sometimes a direction I’d not even previously contemplated).
    I always worry about making the “wrong” decision, and I just find the cards a very useful tool for clearing my mind of all the other “junk”, isolating the problem, and moving forward.

  • Sorry

    i mean you probably spend what, 30 – 45 minutes max on a post? times 5 a week. come on its not like theres much to sacrifice. It’s not like a normal 9-5 full time job you’re working, sassy hun.

  • Amy

    Hannah, I am with you on this. A few years ago I was in a really tough place – in a job I hated, struggling with my mental health as a result – and my then boyfriend (now fiancé) suggested I had my tarot cards read by a friend of his who did them. I agreed – secretly thinking what a load of tosh this tarot stuff was – but it actually made a huge difference to me. Having my cards read enabled me to see how harsh I was being to myself, how the things I was experiencing weren’t my fault, and how there was still a lot to be grateful for. In some ways these were things I knew already, it just helped to see them laid out, somehow. I left the reading feeling kind of energised – whilst the reading didn’t change the situation I was in, it just… changed my outlook a bit, like things had been just ever so slightly turned so I could see them from a slightly different perspective. Ultimately, the reading made me feel more able to cope and plan forwards and whilst I haven’t had another reading since, I’m certain I would if I ever felt the urge. Good for you Hannah – I look forward to hearing what you’re up to next! Amy xx

  • Maria

    Sorry to see your still getting trolled off what is obviously the same person … :/

    • I know – bless them, with all that time on their hands. What a nice hobby.

  • I loved this – it’s always good to take a step back and realise what’s important or not in life…!

    Frankie x


  • Love this post girl – that must have been an incredible experience and I genuinely can’t wait to read all of your Trek America posts as I’d love to visit next year! I’ve been feeling the same lately with ‘blog tunnel vision’ and that I need to take a step back and really enjoy life!

    Hayley xo

  • Anna

    Omg you have said so many times that you want to take a step back and spend more time with important people blah blah. It clearly never works or you wouldn’t keep saying it. You’ve also said that Chris spends loads of time on his blog and ignores you (don’t blame him) and all you seem to do together is watch TV so I don’t get why you’re so fussed about spending time with him.

    • Lois

      you never heard of ‘if you dont have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself’? The internet can be so ugly.

  • Lois

    Love your blog hannah xxx

  • I love tarot cards, I only do it occasionally but my friends always ask my mum to do it as she has ALL the cards, and you definitely do pull out cards that ease worries or highlight thoughts. Feel I need to do a session myself!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

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