Dear Diary: Flying To New Orleans

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I’m typing this from an American Airlines flight to Charlotte and I can’t tell if it’s Canada outside my window or Greenland, so that’s cute.

Also, I’m listening to a 2012 Usher album and I’ve just watched Frozen and also, guys, GUYS, they give you full-size cans of Diet Coke on the flight.

I am in heaven.

I’m wrapped up in a blanket next to Hannah Witton (her YouTube is over this way – she talks about sexy stuff, so you abso need to give her watch next time you’re looking for something to put on whilst you’re doing the ironing).

And we’re on our way to New Orleans to do a 7-day trek around the Deep South with Trek America.

How am I feeling?

I am excited for adventure. Really fucking excited for adventure. This is my second voyage of exploration (I don’t know why I phrased it like that – I sound like John Smith in Pocahontas) with Trek America, and I find the experience hard to explain unless you’ve been on a similar trip.

It’s not a holiday. It’s not like a school trip for adults. It’s an all-consuming experience. You witness the world with a group of strangers and it feels like no-one has or ever will witness the world they way you have. Like you share some indescribable secret that will bond you together until the dawn of time.

I mean, I was with Hannah at Heathrow Airport for all of about 14 minutes today before we started discussing vaginas.

And we hadn’t seen each other since January.

That’s the kind of bond I’m talking about.

Last year’s trip really allowed me to create distance and perspective from my own life, and has been one of the only times in my entire internet journey that I’ve really been able to switch off. To separate myself from the blogging world and from the anxiety and self-comparison it strikes up in my mind.


You know the drill.

But I’m also a tiny bit apprehensive and scared.

The older and more settled I’ve become, the more I’ve found myself falling victim to homesickness.

Chris drove the four-hour round trip this morning to drop me at the airport and I had to hold back tears as I watched him pull away.

I think this will be the last big trip that I do without him, because to put it simply – I love that I get to travel the world as part of my job, but I also really, really love home. Our home. Our family. Our life. It’s good.

Things might be a bit quieter in these blogging parts for the next week or so, but I’m hoping I’ll have time to write (and wifi to upload) as we go.

I’m hoping for the odd LOOK, I’M DRESSED LIKE I’M DOING A HIKE outfit post. Maybe a tips to battle grown-up homesickness post. And maybe just some classic Dear Diary posts about what I’m up to. I hope that’s OK with you little geese.

I’ll also be vlogging and Instagram storying my way along, so keep yo’ eyes peeled for close up footage of my long-haul flight induced acne and ALL the sexy southern food.

Oh yeah, soz, I’m one of those heinous people who dropped Snapchat the minute Instagram copied it. I’m sorry :(:(:(

(Instagram is @hannahfgale and YouTube is

Have a good week and make sure you drink all the coffee, wear all the statement autumn lippies and girl boss the shit out of life. You got this.


  • Have fun guys! I loved New Orleans when I was there in April. My number one tip would be to eat EVERYTHING. You’ve got a lot of food to fit into 7 days. Beignets, shrimp, po boys, muffuletta, brunches, oysters, and you HAVE to go to Popeyes. Don’t say no to anything 🙂

  • Hope you have a wonderful time! I remember I started following your blog around the first time you did Trek America and loved your stories of that trip and I can’t wait to hear all the ones from this trip too! Enjoy every minute 🙂

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Have a fantastic trip!
    I’d love to do/to have done something like that.
    Look forward to seeing updates. 🙂


  • jennifer

    ah have fun girls, i’ll look forward to seeing blog posts all about it! xo
    jen / velvet spring

  • Have a lovely trip!
    I get homesick so easily so tend not to go anywhere too far.

    Emma x

  • Sarah Weaver

    As an avid follower of yours, its so crazy to see you in my little home state of North Carolina on your Instagram story!!

    Hope you enjoy the south! We have lots to offer!! xo

  • Aww I hope the homesickness doesn’t get you down too much! I am super jealous of the trip, I reeeeeally want to visit the Deep South and love Trek America trips! So can’t wait to live it vicariously through you 🙂 enjoy!!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • I think it’s a bit of a shame, but not at all a surprise that you have declared that this is the last trip you’ll do without Chris.

    Something I’ve thought for a while now is that you are incredibly unstable and insecure. I think you know that yourself too. You really want to be the sassy independent go getter babe, but at the same time youre terrified of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Yet at the same time you also complain that you’re bored and don’t have any face time with anyone when you’re living in Ipswich. So what is it? It’s boring that you are constantly flip flopping between the two. Yeah you’re a loner and have no mates in your area, but what can you expect when you run to move in with a guy at the drop of a hat after less than a year of dating? Screams insecure and unstable to me. But at the same time you’re loathed to go and put yourself out there in situations where you could format bonds with other people other than your boyfriend cats. You’re telling your viewers to girl boss the shit out of this week, but you’re hardly living the same message… unless girl bossing the shit out of life means sitting in your size 16 pjs watching mindless shit on Netflix.

    It’s pretty clear that you are the way you are as a result of your background. You cling to Chris and your life in Ipswich because it’s the only stability you know, despite it being clear that you really resent aspects of your life there. It wasn’t your choice to move there, it happened out of circumstances out of your control. But you can’t fit square shapes in circles.

    Anyway… Enjoy trek America. Can’t wait for your next YouTube upload where you film yourself crying in your hotel room. When you’re done, you can live your boring shit life in Ipswich where nothing of note has ever happened, and continue to resent it, whilst at the same time trying to convince yourself that you’re happy with your little life.

    • H

      Why do you feel the need to leave such a cruel comment?

    • Betty B

      You must be a wonderful person to go out of your way to make someone that you don’t know feel shit .
      Why read the blog if you obviously don’t like it ?
      There is a Buddhist saying which says holding onto anger and resentment is like holding onto a burning rock .. The only one that suffers is you .
      You’d do well to put that rock down my sweet

      • BETTY?

        Who says I don’t know her?

    • Rose

      Ha! How much time did it take you to come up this crap?

      You my friend are the insecure one, contstantly reading and taking the time to leave trolly posts on a blog you claim to find boring, it smells a lot like jealousy to me.

      I feel embarrassed for you.

      • Em

        There’s actually a fair amount of truth in this comment. I find Hannah relatable but also quite contradictory in that she swings between wanting to be super skinny and healthy eating but also proud to brag about all the burgers and chocolate she’s eating… and that she wants to be this travelling happening businesswoman but also be scared to spend time away from home..

      • Hey

        Less time than it takes for you to try and look not disgusting and fat in a photo, Hannah Francis Gale.

      • Leanne

        Aww hun. Hope your thighs don’t rub together too much while you’re hiking. Forest fires are a real problem these days

      • L

        Bahahah these comments really make me laugh. What kind of cunt has the time to sit and write this shit.

        Fuck me that’s sad.

        Hannah you look amazing. Those shorts are smokin!

    • Rebecca Hanson

      I have stayed away from the comments for a few weeks after someone accused me of hating on Hannah when I genuinely wasn’t. I can’t believe what you have written here it is truly appalling and so hurtful if I was Hannah I would be in tears thank god she is made of sterner stuff…

      So what if she flicks between looking for adventure and then been a home girl and no way is she a size 16! I think you should take a long hard look at yourself for what you are doing!

    • Sienna

      This post is so true.. the last few months this blog has made me cringe more and more and more.. So fake it hurts

      • May

        Agreed. This blog has been truly vacuous for a while. Behind a vacuous blog is a vacuous person though.

        Hannah, standing like John Wayne isn’t making your legs look any thinner hun.

        Best run back to Ipswich where is nice and cold so you can snuggle with you darling boyfriend and cats in a den where you’re free to regress to 5 year old and act like a total fucking princess.

      • Rach

        I actually think hannah might have some kind of split personality disorder. One minute everything seems great and rosy and other minute she’s having the worst day and crying in bed picking her spots.

        It’s refreshing to have someone honest and not super duper hot and skinny and pretty blogging but I also think she does so desperately aspire to be that person…

        Hannah I think it would help if you embraced your shortcomings, the reasons why you have such highs and lows and it’d really make for a much smoother ride going forward for yourself and chris. It must be crippling and exhausting to have such bad mood swings. The reason you have anxiety and insecurities and remain an unstable person is because you’ve not dealt with any of these underlying issues

    • Maria

      hahahahhahaha. All you can do is laugh.
      1. Sitting watching mindless shit in whatever size pyjamas sounds pretty amazing to me tbh.
      2. “I actually think hannah might have some kind of split personality disorder. ”
      Says the girl leaving multiple hateful yet extremely transparent comments under different aliases. Jesus that’s ironic.
      Get a grip! I enjoy reading Hannah’s blog once in a while and reading your comments is actually starting to creep me out, and they’re not even directed at me.
      Fuck off please.
      Thanks 🙂

  • H

    Hope you have a lovely trip Hannah, I’d love to go to New Orleans! 🙂

  • Mel

    Have a great time! I look forward to reading all about it 🙂

    Mel ★

  • Amy

    Hope you have an amazing time Hannah! I’m so glad you’ve dropped Snapchat actually because I never watch it anymore I just stick to Instagram stories!
    Amy xx

  • This sounds like such an amazing trip! I always get a little homesick when going away too but once I’m away it soon goes away. Hope you have the best time. x


  • Have a great time! That army jacket is adorable 🙂

  • Haha I did the same with Snapchat, although really I should be dropping Instagram after it effed us over with that bloody algorithm! I hope you have a wonderful trip Hannah, it’s natural to be both excited and nervous at the same time. Nothing in life is ever black and white really is it, so ignore those stupid comments about you being contradictory or whatever – I think you’re relatable to a lot of people because you don’t hide how you feel, you’re so open. x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • Have fun, Hannah! I can’t wait to see posts on your trip. Gonna be a good un’. Also, that type of friendship is one that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Um, because vaginas are important. We should all talk about it with our friends!

  • Beth

    Best way to sign off a blog post – that really made me smile. Hope you’re having an incredible time, and that the homesickness is bearable.

  • Aaaah Hannah have the best time ever! It already looks like the most incredible trip, can’t wait to see all the vlogs/stories! Immy x

  • I hope you have a wonderful trip Hannah, NOLA is somewhere I would just love to visit – eat all the beignets and take plenty pictures for us!

    On a side note to some of the things certain people are saying above, I think its entirely natural to miss your boyfriend when you’re flying halfway across the world. I know if I were to do it, it would make me a little uneasy because when I travel, I want to do with someone I love so that we can share the experience together. Thant’s my takeaway from it anyway and I totally get you. But you’re dead brave and can totally do this and have an amazing time. Keep ya chin up 🙂

    Also, thanks for that last line – first working week in October here I come!

  • Hope you have an amazing time, I would love to do something like this but just like you I would miss my home life and especially my boyfriend, if you didn’t miss him I would be a bit worried! I love reading your blog, mainly because you are so real! We all try to be perfect, live a healthy life and be happy all the time but the reality is that just doesn’t happen! We give in to temptations (like burgers and junk food) we get upset and emotional no matter if we are home or away and most of us do feel insecure at times. It’s nice to read your blog and know that you are exactly the same and you don’t hide your imperfections! Keep being real Hannah! x

  • Lottie Etchells

    It makes me so angry that people feel the need to write unkind & cruel comments on here. What I love and have always loved about Hannah’s blog is that she is real & what’s more she leads a realistic life….burgers & wine included.
    She has good days & bad days like everyone.

    No one’s perfect, we are all trying to muddle along.
    There’s a brilliant saying:
    Everyone is fighting a battle, you know nothing about…so be kind.

    So Hannah if you read this, please just remember that some of us think your awesome & that good thoughts/positivity will always be more powerful than nasty ones.

    Have an amazing trip & looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Lottie xxx

  • No Han, YOU got this! Coming back from Leeds I had exactly the same feelings. I’ve managed to spend less than about 6 hours at home every weekend for the last month. Ready to have some serious weekends at home! Alice xxx

  • Hey! I’ve got the same all stars !

  • Some people are right wankers aren’t they? Have a good trip, looking forward to hearing all about it. Trying to convince the BF that we need to do a Trek America tour as a matter of urgency but dunno if hes sold just yet!

  • Everyone is entitled to get a bit homesick I think! 🙂

  • Sounds great enjoy the adventure

  • LOVE this post girl – hope you have the best time! Just subscribed to Hannah’s YouTube and I can’t stop watching her videos haha!

    Hayley xo

  • SO JEALOUS! You sound like you have the perfect life right now except for being homesick. Hope you enjoyed/enjoyed your travels.

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