Three Kat Von D Products Worth The Hype


As someone who lived in a beauty bubble of MAC, Barry M and the odd Bobbi Brown treat until I became a blogger myself and y’know, started reading other blogs, I had no who Kat Von D was or what she did and hang on is she the lady behind all those trucker caps we wore in 2001?

(Spoiler: she’s not, that’s Von Dutch. She’s actually from the TV show LA Ink but also does a lot of beauty/model/sassy stuff too).

Mostly because hey look her make-up line wasn’t stocked in my local Superdrug alright.

In fact, until this month, it wasn’t stocked anywhere in the UK.

And so you can forgive me for being a bit slow to the party (or y’know, so slow to the party that the police have already turned up and made everyone go home).

But GUYS GUYS GUYS, we can buy it now without forking over half our life savings in weird import fees and taxes because there’s a selection of Kat’s products on the Debenhams website right now, and it’ll be branching into selected stores from the 5th October onwards.


I was lucky enough to be sent a small selection of some of her hero products and FFS they’re all amazing. And a little pricey. So what I’m going to do is just a few links dotted about ready for you to send to your boyfriend/parents/sister ahead of Christmas because somehow, and please excuse me whilst I do a little sick down myself, it’s less than three months away…

OH and P.S. everything if vegan-friendly.



Now, if you’re already hooked on NYX’s matte lip cremes you are going to do a small sob of happiness over these huns.

Admittedly my experience of liquid lipsticks is mostly restricted to under £10 versions you can pick up in your local town centre, but these are just summin’ else. They are so good.

They dry almost instantly yet feel so soft and hydrating on lips. And the colour is so rich and dreamy and they don’t do that awkward thing where the colour bleeds into the skin around your lips and makes you look like you just massacred a large piece of meat, face first.

I’ve got Lolita I which is a smidge too dark for me – but I’m V tempted by Lovesick and Bow N Arrow.

Shop here.



I’ve made no secret about my inability to a) do my eye liner properly and b) the fact I have issues with pretty much every liquid eye liner in the universe.

I keep two in my make-up drawer – Collection’s Fast Stroke Liner (which was 16-year-old me’s go to and it’s still pretty good), and the new Lancome one because I really like the flexible wand, even if it does feel like it’s always running out.

Anyway, this guy. The Tattoo Liner. I’m just going to start by saying I did my winged liner today on both eyes in less than two minutes. There was no cotton buds. No mistakes. No huffing and puffing.

It lasts all day, and the pigment is pretty strong, and it’s a babe even for people who can’t draw straight lines on their eyelids like me – the only downside is that it *could* be a bit more fluid. But don’t let that put you off, it’s <3<3<3

Shop here.



I used this set of six face shades (three for highlight and three for contour) with the matching Kat Von D Shade And Light double-ended brush and was amazed at just how effortless it was.

Like hello, let me just go and set up a sexy make-up tutorial account on Instagram.

It looks natural, yet like you’ve got mag skillz, which, let’s be honest, I definitely do not have. And a little goes a long, long way – which is fan-bloomin-tastic considering it has a £36 price tag. Eeesh.

It’s the first contour palette I’ve used which actually has light enough highlight shades that make the skin under my eyes and on my nose actually stand out and look, y’know, contoured.

If I had to choose either the fancy schmancy contour brush or the palette, I’d be tempted to say the brush. I can’t put my finger on why it’s so much better than my budget ones – but the shape and the fluffiness did amazing things and I highly recommend.

Shop here.


Have you tried any Kat Von D products? Which are your fave?


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