How To Host The Perfect Girl’s Night In


As sad as I’ll be to wave goodbye to lazy summer evenings sitting outside with a big juicy glass of wine and hanging with the cats, I am all about the cosy nights in.

Candles, snack, face masks, long baths, Netflix and pots of tea. Oh baby, come to mumma.

Do I sound a bit like your nan yet?

As fun and sassy a solo night in is, it’s the ones with a gal pal or three that make for the best memories. Because hey what’s better than dissecting text messages from boys and wading through wedding photo albums on Facebook from people you haven’t seen in the flesh in a decade?

So here’s my top tips for getting v well acquainted with those chilly, cosy nights in with your fave fellow princesses.


First up, the most important part of any snuggly night indoors, is, well, getting snuggly.

Whip off your jeans and get friendly with your fave pyjamas, a onesie (still sobbing inwardly that mine seem to have all ended up in the bin…) or those grubby grey trackie bottoms that we all seem to own.

Take off your make-up and drag out all your fave blankets and duvets. If there’s just two of you, you may as well just snuggle down in your bed, if not make a sofa nest OR go all out and build a den. Uh huh, a den, like you’re seven again. I have a den-building post over here because obvs.


Because if you’ve not eaten your weight in carbs did you really even see your friends?

I’m on a bit of an, ahem, post-Barcelona detox (turns out a diet of frozen margaritas and fish croquettes didn’t agree with the waist band on my jeans) so am pretty blinkin’ happy to have the new popchips ridges in my life.

salt &vinegar popchips were my number one afternoon bae when I worked at LOOK (as well as a sneaky can of Diet Coke) and they’ve just launched four new extra-crunchy, full-of-flavour varieties (hot, bacon, cheese and onion and salt and vinegar) and they are BALLIN’.

They have less than 100 calories a bag and half the fat of your classic crisps and omg so tasty – plus, they’re ridged for pleasure which makes them extra sexy and satisfying. The sizzling smokey bacon ones remind me so much of Frazzles, whilst the crazy hot flavour are more addictive than Insta scrolling

I’m all about big share size bags poured into bowls. Best part of any weekend get together, right?


Wine is always a sweet, sweet choice but I’m all a super size fan of mulled cider in the colder months.

Rekorderlig do a great one that just needs warming up in a pan – or just make your own with cloves, cinnamon and orange slices.

Also, going to throw this out there and be megz controversial and say that sometimes (or a lot of the time) I actually quite like alcohol-free nights with the girls. Brew a big pot of tea and get the party really started.


Having a mini pamper session with my friends instantly takes me back to pre-teen sleepovers in the nineties (no you’re getting wrinkly and old), with heat-up face masks, our mum’s make-up and an obsession with those toe dividers for pedicures.

These days I’m all about a good face mask or a nail varnish top-up over chatter – because let’s face it, the gossip and the snacks normally get in the way of too thorough a pamper anyway, right?


I’m going to say two things here. First off, is it just me or do they not make chick flicks like they used to? If you’ve already seen every Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff rom-com under the sun, a couple from recent years that I have enjoyed are The Other Woman which wheeeeey is on Netflix, and How To Be Single which I watched on the flight to New York and the flight home from New York.

Or, I’m a big fan of a crime documentary with the gals, but maybe that’s just us being a bit weird…


I had one friend who used to come round mine when we were younger who was OBSESSED with having the main bedroom light on. Like, um, nope. You are WRONG.

If you’ve read my hygge post, you’ll know that chilled-out happy vibe is all down to low mood lighting.

String up your fairy lights, light all your fave candles and use this post as an excuse to finally treat yourself to some sort of super grown-up floor lamp, because let’s be honest, we all secretly want one more than we want the new iPhone.
What else would you add in to create the perfect night with your fave boos? I’d probs chuck in a game of Mario Party, maybe David Beckham <3 and hide our phones in a drawer because distracted life chats are not the one.

This is a sponsored post, but all views and opinions my own. Seriously though, I ate an entire share size bag of those damned popchips whilst shooting snaps for this post, they are DIVINE.


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