Five Internet Babes Killing It Right Now


I realised it had been a little while since I’d last thrown a whole lot of love into the bloggersphere. And, y’know, it’s Monday, the days are getting darker, it’s like a whole 28 days or something until pay day and omg it is OCTOBER at the weekend. OCTOBER. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED, SOMEONE PLEASE ALERT THE VILLAGE ELDERS.

So anyway, I thought I’d send some happy internet vibes out there, and list a few of my fave blogger and digital babes – all absolutely killing it right now in their own way.

I’m damn proud to be part of a generation of such sassy, feisty, go-getting females.

So go make a cup of tea and maybe get at least three chocolate biscuits because let’s face it, it’s basically integral for your survival that you gain a bit of winter blubber – and get yourself caught up in a blog post/video binge/Instagram stalking rabbit hole. Because surely that’s what Monday nights are for anyway, right?



I’ll be honest – I often find it difficult to make friends in the blogging world because it’s hard to sometimes find the person behind the blog. The person outside of work mode. You’ll sit next to someone at a dinner here, or bump into someone at an event there, but conversations hardly get past Instagram and whichever new YouTuber is soaring out of nowhere before BYE BABES, SEE YOU SOON.

But Ellie is different. She’s the sort of girl I’d genuinely be friends with no matter which industry we worked in. We could be having a laugh making McFlurries at the drive thru and things wouldn’t feel any different.

She’s nailing it because all of that – all her genuine personality and kindness – shines through in her content, both blog-wise and on YouTube.

She’s like your best friend behind a screen. Someone you can sit down with in your Primark pyjamas and dissect life woes and boys over wine and crisps. And if you’re not already an avid Ellie fan, you can read her blog here, and watch her v snazzy vids here.



If you’re not familiar with Vix’s blog then COR BLIMEY YOU ARE MISSING A TRICK.

She does a list post v well. Like, so well, I’ve been known to snort Diet Coke up my nose through unexpected laughter. You know when it goes the wrong way and it feels like it’s shooting up towards your brain and you’re like oh no there’s Diet Coke in my brain is this the end? Yeah that.

She’s also not afraid to say it how it is, and I respect that a lot. It’s something that blogging, as a whole, isn’t so great at. We like to be too nice and too vague and too rose-tinted.

Oh and one final reason why you must head over there IMMEDIATELY is her sex and dating posts. The perfect dollop of OH MY GOD SHE GETS IT for all fellow single gals.

Read her blog here.



I remember when I first met Grace, I was wandering awkwardly around the Cosmo Blog Awards desperately searching for anyone I’d met before, anyone I recognised. Anyone who could stop me looking like a lemon loner in the corner cradling her glass of wine and phone.

Then I bumped into Grace. She’s like a whirlwind of sass, ready to make you feel like the most incredible person she’s ever met – just being in her presence gives you this sudden burst of confidence and this surge of I CAN DO ANYTHING.

And just like with Ellie, that echoes throughout everything she does – her posts, her videos, even her Insta captions.

Whenever I’m struggling with myself or the way I look, I turn to her Instagram page or her blog posts and remind myself that y’know what, even if I don’t fit into the standard definition of beautiful, I am. We all are. And we don’t deserve to let anyone else tell us different. She’s doing amazing, amazing things.

Read her blog here and watch her videos here.



This girl is absolutely flying through the internet at a rate of 112 miles an hour and I’m not sure she’ll stop until she has world domination (and maybe an all-pink, copper and marble flat complete with an entire room dedicated to LUSH products).

Whilst Jodes’s YouTube channel is aimed at a slightly younger audience than my blog might be – it’s well worth a watch because it gives off such a happy feel good-vibe and is crammed with lots of drugstore beauty reviews, high street hauls and other affordable stuff that won’t make you cough up a lung in sheer horror.

Plus she’s just divine in real-life too.

Watch her videos here.



I’ve been following Katy’s blog for ages, and as super as it is (and it is super) – it’s her Instagram that’s got me all heart-eyed and hubba hubba right now.

I feel like people aren’t following others on Instagram they way they once were because hey look I’m already following seven hundred strangers, what makes this particular stranger so special I should bother taking it to seven hundred and one? But I really like Katy’s feed.

It makes me feel like I’m still romantically linked to London and part of the buzz, even when I’m sashaying around my local Ipswich Tesco buying Lurpak and baby corn or whatever it is us suburban ex-Londoners do.

There’s pops of colour, lots of food porn, sexy architecture and just the perfect dollop of Harry Potter mentions in there too.

Read Katy’s blog here and follow her on Instagram here.


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