A Birthday Weekend In Barcelona


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And by home I mean reunited with my laptop, sitting back at my dining table in my Princess Peach pyjamas with a cup of coffee, watching the cats run about in the rain.

It’s actually pretty babin’ tbh.

Anyway, last Friday at 4am, armed with just our carry-on suitcases, we headed into a thunderstorm for an hour-long drive to Stansted airport for avocado on toast, prosecco and a sneaky Ryanair flight over to Barca.

I’ve actually been to Barcelona before – albeit for about eight hours during a post-university trip to Salou. My pals pep-talked me away from my sun lounger and Myra Hindley book to get on a two-hour coach ride to the city so that we could explore. We visited a zoo (I hate zoos – hashtag all the upside down smiley faces) and ate at a side street tapas place that microwaved everything in full view of the restaurant. LOL.

This time around we ended up in Barcelona not because I had a strong OMG GET ME THERE AND STAT desire to return but because quite honestly, my bank account was laughing so hard it was sobbing when I looked at going to Mykonos or Santorini.

So soz Barca babes, you were actually third choice.

We stayed at the Pullman Skipper Barcelona – a five-star hotel located near to the beach with both a rooftop pool and a downstairs pool. It was pretty reasonably priced and had a stronger TripAdvisor rating than anything else in our budget, so after hours and hours of scanning the internet (when tbh I really should have been doing actual real-life work) we kind of just squealed fuck it and booked it.

Things to note about the hotel: they delivered a free bottle of prosecco to my room when they realised it was my birthday – SCORE. They had super well-stocked rooms – I’m talking toothbrush, toothpaste, shower caps, the whole shebang. The staff had speedy and efficient customer service about 7th in their list of priorities, sad face. The beds felt like clouds. WE HAD A DOUBLE SINK. The room had about 57474736 different light switches and it was a riddle every night to work out how to make the room dark.

So there you go, there’s a compact little run down of the most important facts for ya.

We spent the first day close to the hotel. We drank cocktails, took a long nap, stocked the fridge with the all-important things like Pringles, ham and orange juice, and ate tapas until we thought we might explode.

It was pretty divine to just switch off. To leave my camera and my laptop at home, and to live just like it was 2007 or something all over again, without a tie to technology or blogging. Although obvs I was still all over Instagram like a rash because I’m a full-blown addict and am still trying to work out how you unpeel yourself away from that damned app.

Anyway, it was everything to be able to just enjoy each other’s company without being like HANG ON CAN WE DO A FULL OUTFIT SHOOT BY THESE PALM TREES or I’m just going to leave my camera running whilst we eat breakfast in bed for my vlog.

You kinda forget how much those things interrupt the flow of just living ,of just existing and appreciating the moment. If that even makes sense.

OH also, there’s no fancy snaps in this post, should *probably* have mentioned that sooner. It’s a classic iPhone camera kinda post – hope you’re game for that – because y’know, no camera in my suitcase. I left that guy neatly packed away in my Nintendo 64 cupboard at home.

Chris had super cutely snuck loads of balloons and a happy birthday banner for me in his suitcase (AS WELL AS A BLOW UP PIZZA POOL FLOAT – but more on presents when I film a YouTube haul next week) so that it still felt all special and hey shawty, it’s my birthday, we gonna party like it’s my birthday.

We spent the big TWO SEVEN (or y’know we could call it the big TWENTY TWO if we’re all down with lying about my age?) exploring every single Mango and Zara branch in the city centre, listening to Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets on Audible whilst sipping daquiris by the pool, and preparing our bellies for a seven course tasting menu – but I’ll discuss the food in fine detail in a different post because let’s face it, food deserves its own space <3

We did all the tourist-y things too. We visited the Arc De Triomf and La Sagrada Familia. We explored the narrow cobbled lanes of the Gothic Quarter and sunbathed on the beach. We stood in front of the cathedral and took a slow mosey through the park – although, thank the sweet lords, we stopped short of visiting the football stadium. Halle-flippin-lujah.

And here’s where I’m going to say something super bold, so you *might* want to sit down and make yourself a sugar-y tea to take the edge off it.



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I didn’t, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, fall for Barcelona.

I didn’t love it, I didn’t leave wanting more. I won’t spend the next few months accidentally falling into the London to Barcelona flight search on Google.

It has everything – the gelato shops on every corner, the reasonably priced frozen cocktails, the stunning architecture, the BEACH AN ACTUAL BEACH, a Mango outlet store, and the all important super cheap flights from the UK.

And yet it wasn’t for me.

It’s like when you watch an episode of First Dates and you’re like omg I love these two they are destined for each other I’m so excited for them and when will they announce their engagement and live happily ever after in a castle and then it gets to the end of their date and they’re like ‘we had fun, but there was no spark, we probably won’t see each other again’. And you’re sat there screaming at the TV, mouth open like WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU’RE WRONG, SO WRONG.

That. That was me and Barcelona.

We had all the makings of a great love affair. On paper we looked like best mates for life. But in reality we were missing the sort of sweet, sweet sparkle that bonds people and places together for life.

I’m a bit gutted tbh. I feel like I missed out on something, like I walked 40,000 steps in a different Barcelona to the one the rest of the world experiences.

So, would I recommend Barcelona to you? Absolutely. I mean, a destination with a city and beach vibe, what’s not to love, eh?

It didn’t slot itself into my top three list (New York, Mykonos and maaaaaaybe Il-De-Re), but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel a spark and fall head over heels and take out a time share on some beach front apartment.

So hook me up for summer 2017. Which sunny European destinations are you in a long-term relationship with?


  • Anon

    Ugh, what happened to taking a week off? Was hoping you’d stick to your word.

    • What’s up with the hate so early in the morn? Hannah’s posts are great, so if she wishes to post, she can?

    • Fran

      You’re clearly following her blog and you knew she was taking a week off even though you sound like you don’t like her content? What’s the point in posting a horrible comment just stop reading and go somewhere else..πŸ‘‹πŸ»

    • Adrienne

      Isn’t it time you got a job ‘Anon’? Then you’d have something worthwhile to fill your day.

      *Sits back and waits for bullshit reply along lines of; actually I do have a job I’m PA to Amal Clooney blah blah…*

  • I did travel and tourism a level (most useless year of my life to date) ANYWHO, we did this entire destination unit that proves you’re either a Spain or a Greece; so your obs a Greece.
    And, I think you should test the waters of Croatia and report back 😊😊😊

    • G

      YES to CROATIA , I went in the summer and it was amazing!

    • Claire

      YESSSSS Croatia is the best!

    • Katie

      Dubrovnik is my favourite place I’ve been in my life and I’ve seen most of Greece & Thailand. Croatia is the one

  • I think it’s okay to have a lush holiday but not love the place. I mean you probably had such a good time because of who you went with. The destnation is never as important as the company!
    We recently went to Cornwall and I left my phone in our room pretty much the entire time, it was lush!
    Also, happy birthday!

  • Ah see, I adore Barcelona (going back in a few weeks and hoping I still feel the same about it!) BUT shock horror shock – didn’t really feel the same way about Mykonos! I wanted to love it (and I did absolutely fall for Santorini) but I just didn’t! I guess it’s like men – there’s a city for everyone…!

    The perks of being a hipster – My Delights

  • Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH YA BABE! Looks like you and Chris had such a lovely time out there. I went to Barca this summer whilst on holiday in the south of Spain (YAS 5 hour train journey lol) and I kinda fell in love, so much so that the boyf is considering transferring offices so we can maybs live out there for a few years, MANDESS. Now all I want is a frozen cocktail, pringles and maybe a slab on manchego cheese. Immy x


  • So glad you managed to switch right off (and belated happy birthday!)
    I think I would have a proper little love in with Berlin if I ever manage to pull my finger out and get there, have you been? I keep hearing it’s all kind of amaze. No beaches but…maybe all the Jaeger and the hotdogs.
    M x

    • Berlin is like my No 1 I think! And in the summer they have artificial beaches on the river, and beach cafes where you can pretend you’re on the Cote d’Azur sipping cocktails, with real sand and deck chairs and everything. Go, you will absolutely not regret it, 100% promise! πŸ™‚ x

      • That’s cute about the artificial beaches! It’s right at the top of my list when we’re next planning, thanks for sealing the deal for me.
        M x

  • Katy

    It’s so funny how people relate to different cities – I lived in Barcelona for a year (was initially supposed to be six months BUT COULD NOT LEAVE) and every time I see pictures of it I get a warm fuzzy pang in my stomach (which your post have given me)! You must admit though – Barcelona is a pretty damn instagrammable city πŸ™‚

  • It’s good to have you back Hannah, I’ve missed your posts! I think something that made me love Barcelona was the street festival in Grazia around August time. It was pretty awesome! I hope you managed to visit Maka Maka for a juicy burger…

    Alice xxx

  • Ps. Happy birthday!!! Sorry I forgot to say x

  • Adrienne

    Good post this. Nice to read an honest review of a trip, it’s ok to enjoy something but not madly gush over every little detail. Sounds like a great way to spend a birthday, pleased you had a good time πŸ™‚

  • I would absolutely recommend Lisbon for a summer city break. It’s close to the beach, has epic food and loads of pretty patterned tiles everywhere (an Instagram dream!). It’s similar to Barcelona in some ways but has a much more laidback, cooler vibe and less of the tourist stuff. Plus it costs like 3 euros for a mojito so can’t lose!

    Sophie Cliff

    • Definitely agree with Lisbon! πŸ™‚ And I also recommend San Sebastian! But it’s super-tiny, so only for 2-3 days max!

  • Anna

    Can’t believe you wasted part of your holiday traipsing round high street shops that you can find in England. Maybe that’s why you didn’t have a very good time. If you stopped spending all your money on clothes you don’t need you would probably have enough to go to Mykonos.

    • G

      Can’t believe that you spent part of your day leaving a judgmental and pointless comment. Maybe you would feel the need to do so if you just accepted that everyone chooses to do different things in life, which you might not choose to do yourself. Which is something that makes life great.

  • Welcome back Hannah, hope you enjoyed your downtime away from the laptop and camera – I feel ya, I’m desperate to do the same myself, anyone want to book me a wee short break?

    It’s a shame you didn’t fall hard for Barca, but everyone has their own ‘thing’ they love about a place – I’ve pals who swear by parts of Greece and return year after year to the same hotel and then others who want to go somewhere new every few months and I guess there is no right or wrong way to enjoy a break as long as you enjoy it! Pizza pool floats, cocktails, gelato and beaches sound just perfect though!

    I fell hard for Barca, probably because I’m obsessed with Carlos Ruiz Zafron novels which are largely set there and I loved all the museums, historic sites, bars and memories made there with my gal pals. We’re actually all meeting this weekend for some padron peppers, chilled red (love it that red wine is slightly chilled out there!) and just a chat about how great a holiday it was!


    • He’s my favourite author too! Excellent taste πŸ˜‰

      • Thank you! Inn reading Marina at the moment, it’s dead creepy!

  • Jennifer

    Haha yep. Clothes that do not flatter your body and shit chokers.

    Oh everyone buy this Charlotte Tilbury face palette it’s so necessary

    Me and Chris bought a new car!!

    Oh sob sob I can’t go to mykonos even though I don’t acccctually work and just sit on my fat arse all day

    • Melany

      So true!

    • Particularly love how you have such an in depth knowledge of Hannah’s content, even though you seem to dislike her/be angry at/jealous of her for some reason? Maybe keep your spiteful words to yourself and stop reading if you don’t like what you see, the rest of us are here because we love Hannah and her content!

      • Melany

        Really? Don’t you see her hypocritical whinging as pointed out above?

    • felicity anderson

      How sad that you felt the need to leave such a vile comment.

      • My thoughts exactly. I don’t think Hannah is any of the things ‘Melany’ or ‘Jennifer’ are accusing her of being, she is just relatable and honest- she bought a new car as her other one was at the end of its lease so can’t afford Mykonos, that’s normal human behaviour and refreshing to hear about. I usually don’t like to fuel hate by replying to troll comments but sometimes I can’t hold it in…this was one of those times!

    • Maria

      LOL just because you don’t view her job as real work doesnt mean it isn’t – hey it is clearly paying the bills. That’s obviously making you a tad bitter.
      Also she clearly wasn’t actually feeling sorry for herself. Just stating that Barca wasnt her top choice but it was more affordable.
      Petty comment, I don’t normally care about online trolls but feel the need to undo some of this negativity cause I don’t think Hannah deserves it at all!


    Happy belated birthday, hope you had an awesome time! I would love some winter sun right now (yeah yeah I know it’s not quite winter yet…!). Might have to save my pennies for a cheeky weekend trip somewhere sunny! Cyprus is lovely place to visit, I had an amazing time there in Paphos and the weather was incredible. Sicily is lush too, I would highly recommend!

    I totally get the comfort of being back at home, I adore going away, but there is something so nice about stepping back through your front door after πŸ™‚ (as long as I’ve cleaned the house before I go… nothing worse then coming back from a hotel room cleaned daily to a messy house!!

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed and glad to see you back, I read your posts daily and I’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms!!

  • I know what you mean – maybe because it’s a capital? Everyone raves about Lisbon but I had a much better connection and love for Porto. Very similar cities with tiles, food, architecture etc but Porto felt more ‘real’ and I totally fell in love. Similarly Barcelona is full of international businesspeople, tourists etc – you’ve still got the gorgeous architecture but I bet a smaller city nearby would be easier to love.

  • Those cakes and ice creams look lush. I’ve never been to Barcelona but really want to! Danielle || missdanielle.com

  • Welcome back! I feel the same about Barcelona to be honest – I went over Christmas 5 years ago, and I never felt the need to go back. I did all the touristy things and ate all the food. The only reason I’d go back is because my cousin lives there, and it’s quite a cheap weekend away. πŸ™‚

    I’d suggest going to Copenhagen or Berlin if you haven’t been already. Copenhagen was one of these places that I booked with the husband on a whim because they had cheap flights, and it was one of our best weekend breaks – ever!

  • I much preferred Madrid actually, although it was lacking a beach that was the one minus side! Madrid is the home of mojitos and tapas which obviously is always a win in my book.. Maybe you would like that better as well! Or maybe it’s just Greece all the way (I’ve never been but I’m dying to go, especially to Mykonos!) for you πŸ™‚

    I love these pictures – glad to hear you had a good time! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Agree on the loving Madrid front, also loved Lisbon as others have suggested but (also as others have said!) Croatia holds my heart. Try Hvar, it is beautiful and has a very Greek island vibe but at half the price. xx

  • Mel

    I really don’t mind that you didn’t take your camera cos these photos are stunning all the same

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  • Amy

    I hope you had an amazing time just enjoying each other’s company and not thinking about blogging too much, you deserved a break, I always think full time bloggers work far too hard! I went to Barcelona with loads of friends in the summer between 6th form and uni and it was SUCH a good holiday so Barcelona only has good memories for me – not sure I would go back though cause there are so many other places I’d like to go! Also that orange dress is incredible you look hawwwt. Alsooo I’m excited to meet you at Zizzi on Tuesday!
    Amy xx

  • Haapppppppppyyyy Birthday Hannah! I really loved Barcelona when I visited in May, it was beaut and we cycled and walked our way around everywhere we could. Might have been the time of year, might have been the place you were staying. Who knows, each city has a different vibe, but it can be very different depending on where you stay and when you go I guess! Looks like you had a lovely time regardless, and sometimes its nice to visit places and you can have a great time, even if you don’t LOVE love whem, just kinda like them. I seriously don’t get what’s happening in some of the comments above, people can be horrible and rude and by the looks of things are very jealous! You’re fab, keep doing what you’re doing, and welcome back! Alice xx


  • Have you ever been to Italy Hannah? I’m a *bit* biased as I got married there but the Amalfi Coast is a must-see. Unless you’re not a fan of stairs and hills – cos there is a lot of them (it’s only downfall). Still, you can’t get views like it anywhere else in Europe.

    Also, pizza, prosecco and proper Italian gelato – need I say more?



  • Happy belated birthday – we’re birthday buddies by one day! Except I’m a whole year older… x

  • I personally love Barcelona, I’ve been there a few times and I’m always looking forward to go back. But I know what you mean, the same happened to me with Greece. I liked it, and I had a fab holiday but I don’t think I’d go back again! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Gorgeous pics whether iphone or not! And happy birthday Hannah! 5 days after mine, but we’re not talking about how old I got. Spent mine on honeymoon in the South of France so that softened the blow a little bit, but seriously, I am now old. Luckily husband 8 years younger and you know what they say about being as old as the man you…he he! πŸ˜‰

    I loved Barca when I went years ago and would love to go again (maybe when they finally finish the Sagrada Familia!), but I kind of always love everywhere I go, just because it’s a holiday! I haven’t ever had a meh reaction to a place luckily. There are places that I totally and utterly fell for though, a few of them have already been mentioned (Berlin (and it has artificial beaches on the river in summer!), Copenhagen (not sure about artificial beaches, but it is flipping stunning), and Budapest (has beaches on Margit Island and also has massive outdoor spas). Also hugely recommend Florence (I lived there for 4 years so kind of biased), because you can get to gorgeous beaches on the train in an hour and a half, plus, gelato, food, wine, and yeah, beautiful! Def recommend all of these wholeheartedly. Also was in Nice last week just for a day, but that seemed pretty darn gorgeous too.

    And please please don’t let this annoying troll get you down (it has to only be one person, the comments are all so unoriginal) – obv a huge case of jealousy which you should take as a compliment, you’re doing so good someone hates you for it. The rest of us love you so focus on that. xxx

  • Looks lovely! What factor do you use?

  • Love this post! Your photos look gorgeous, especially for iPhone photos. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Happy belated birthday!

    x. Cattleya


  • Very sad to hear you didn’t fall for Barcelona (I loved it and can’t wait to go back and eat all the tapas!!)

    Ile de RΓ© is also an absolute fave of mine (I’ve been holiday-ing there since I was 2 years old) but trust me on that, it’s MUCH nicer slightly off-season (say end of June-first week of July or very very beginning of September), when the crowds are not in the way. If you ever go back, it can also be worth staying in nearby La Rochelle for a couple of days (it has the same relaxed vibe, a fascinating aquarium, delicious ice creams and a bit more of a city vibe to it!)

    My last recommendation isn’t the sunniest of destination but OMG-it’s-like-a-life-sized-Pinterest-board: Copenhagen is just such a beautiful city!! And I swear I’m not just saying that because of the cheesecake and blueberry/cinnamon swirls thing they have going on…

    Sandra | Cake + Whisky

  • Amy

    You write like a 13 year old. The words “sassy” and babin'” are vomit inducing.

    • anon

      if you don’t enjoy the blog, don’t read it. 😘

  • Looks like you had such a fun trip! I’d love to go to Barcelona, the architecture looks incredible <3

  • ReneΓ¨

    I feel like every post you write is the same …

    Talking about food, being lazy, or your boyfriend.

    Also, i believe the increased negativity to your blog is something that’s been a long time coming. You had loyal readers who have grown yet your blog hasn’t.

    Plus you are just fucking annoying and wingey

    • Amy

      Hannah, and other Hannah Fan Girls, I can absolutely assure you that it’s not the same person writing negative comments on this blog. Because this is the 3rd time I’ve been on your blog to read what others have been saying. I’ve said something else before that was negative and there’s a whole swathe of others coming on.

      Hannah your blog is fucking tiring. You blogged the other day about hand wash. HAND-WASH? In a desperate bid to stay relevant, why don’t you start taking an interest in current affairs, or something bigger than yourself?

      Grow the fuck up and realise there’s more to life than feeling anxious that the days are getting shorter and your cat lost a leg. There are wider issues in life. Your commentary is dull, juvenile and vacuous.

      • anon

        if you don’t enjoy the blog, don’t read it. 😘

      • If you’re really logging on to read negative comments that other people leave about a blogger, you need to take a long hard look at your sad vindictive little life

    • anon

      if you don’t enjoy the blog, don’t read it. 😘

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY! If we’re going with fibs, I’m also 22 tomorrow!

    Your photos look lovely, it’s a shame you didn’t fall head over heels for the city. Prague would be my recommendation, sooo cheap and so pretty. Or Copenhagen.

    Annnnnd pringles always taste better in a foreign country. Especially the paprika ones.

  • Jessica Riley

    Aww Hannah, it looks like you have the perfect birthday! Barcelona is amazing and is one my favourite cities.

    The Crown Wings

  • Sarah

    I never normally take the time to comment on blogs, but some of these comments have made me so angry and upset, despite not even being directed at me. Why take the time to write something so vindictive and petty; if you don’t like the content there are literally thousands of other blogs for you to read. Hannah, I love your blog and your writing style and please please do not let any of these people get you down.

    • Sarah

      I completely agree! It baffles me that people would take the time to post vile comments on someone’s blog – WHY ARE YOU EVEN READING IT? Love your blog Hannah, don’t let this troll(s) get you down!! Xxx

  • What a bloody lovely birthday weekend you had! I mean, Barcelona?! That is so cool. Sometimes it’s nice to be spontaneous. Especially on your birthday! x


  • vicky

    Welcome back, HG! I spent 4 days in Barcelona a couple years ago and I have veeery fond memories of my stay. I went with my bestie to see an Ed Sheeran show, so that’s probably it haha. I adored the old part of the city, but hated how crowded it always was and the prices (insane).
    Being from Spain myself, I gotta say that I preferred Barcelona over Madrid, though. Even though it’s not the official capital, it definitely feels like it. BUT if you wanna see more of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, I need to recommend you my city, Valencia. It’s not as famous as Madrid or Barcelona, but it’s probably better in terms of people, weather, general prices and beaches –and we also have a Mango outlet, hahaha. Another great place in Spain is Tenerife, down in the Canary Islands…
    AAAND, I alwaysalwaysalways recommend Firenze and Rome, but that’s probably because I’m in love with Italy.

  • Kolbie

    I did heart Barcelona, BUT my fave spots from our trip around last summer, Hvar, Croatia (actually the Croatian coast/islands in general! Like Greece 2.0) and San Sebastian in Spain! San Sebastian is totally a tourist junket, and yet, it’s amazing!! The food, the beach, the energy, it’s insanely addicting!

  • I am so intrigued to go next week and cant wait to read more. Its a shame you didnt fall in love but still looks like you had an awesome time! Happy birthday and thanks for the post 😁

  • Totally with you re not falling in love with Barca. I’ve never been mega fussed about Spain but went to Valencia this year and it was a total game-changer. Beautiful historical buildings, chilled out, less touristy vibe, AMAZING food, beach, lots of parks to chill in and so so cheap! I even wrote a lil blog post about it (excuse my sub-par blog photography) – https://forgoodtimessake.com/2016/05/26/13-things-to-do-in-valencia/

  • You aren’t the first person I’ve heard say that they didn’t fall for Barcelona. I’ve heard other people say it took a good 3 or 4 trips for them to even like it, even though it should be lovable. Personally if I don’t like a place after 2 trips I can’t see me going back when there is a whole world to explore haha.

    Your bathing suit is super cute by the way!


  • Jess

    So. Firstly, ignore the hideous hateful comments. You got this sista! Secondly, I would recommend Lisbon, Dubrovnik and Madrid for next year. Lisbon has a more chilled vibe than Barcelona and has great food and wine. Dubrovnik would be good for a few days and then do some island hopping or a beach stay afterwards.

  • Bee

    Sometimes its okay not to “fall in love” with a place, you know that head over heels kinda way. So long as you had a lovely holiday and the sun was shining, that’s all that matters and by the looks of things, you did!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  • Zoe

    Lisbon 100%!! You have to go x I wasn’t fussed by Barca either!

  • Amy

    Hope you had a lovely birthday. Please ignore the hateful comments – they’re nothing short of bullies and should be truly ashamed that their life consists of trying to make someone miserable. We all love you and that’s why we return day after day πŸ’—

  • I just got back from Hvar in Croatia and it’s a bit of travel mind, but a lovely mix of culture, relaxing and food. V good food πŸ˜‰

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Happy (belated) birthday!
    I think the amazing thing about travel is that you don’t have to love every destination. It isn’t there to try and win you over, it’s just there and it sounds like you still had an amazing time just chilling with Chris.

    I loved Barcelona (that beach/city vibe with ALL the gelato shops and THAT architecture… Swoon!) but not so much that I’d hop on a plan back there all the time. It’s like triple chocolate fudge cake… You can eat it and enjoy it but not want to eat it all the time.

    Anyhow i’m getting super rambly now so i just wanted to say hope you had a lovely week without the ol’ laptop and a beaut of a birthday xo

  • I went to Barcelona for my 21st last year and had been before but I loved the food!
    You should visit Prague and Budapest they are easy places to fall in love with x

  • Mahee Ferlini

    Beautiful Pictures! I love Barcelona!!

  • Lorretta Jones

    Bucharest in Romania is my first love! I really loved being there, it has a “big city” vibes and has lots of history, shopping and food. Also they don’t use the Euro so you can get more for your pound.

    Side note: happy birthday!

  • I love your honesty in this post! It does sound like you had a great time though! I do understand about not falling in love with a place, it’s not for everyone! Sophie x


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