Two September Outfit Ideas That Suit Everyone


I have some news and I’m going to need you to sit down.

According to the iWeather app it *might* actually drop below twenty degrees in the next ten days.


So with that in mind, I thought I’d throw a couple of ahem, slightly cosier outfit ideas out into the bloggersphere. Because shock horror, it might actually a bit too nippy soon for that little bardot dress you’ve been wearing religiously since about May.

On the plus side, at least we can wave goodbye to under boob sweat, eh?



IMG_3237 (1)IMG_3234 (1)IMG_3235 (1)

Such a classic fashion combo but one I’ve been avoiding like smelly men on the Tube because until this Fat Face wrap beauty came into my life last week, me and denim skirts did not get along. Sob.

I like this one because it’s not too clingy on the ol’ hip and thigh area and sits a little high-waisted which makes it super comfy as well as flattering.

Oh Fat Face, why you make such good denim?

I’ve sassed up this duo with a Hannah Gale neckerchief, a little cross body bag and sandals whilst it’s still ice-cold-diet-coke-all-the-damn-time hot, but will obvs be adding in the snuggliest of cardigans when it gets chillier.

Bardot top – Fat Face / Skirt – Fat Face


IMG_3242 (1)P9151555IMG_3240 (1)

I’m absolutely not one of those people who have separate summer and winter wardrobes, I’m all about attempting (and often failing because OMG WHY AM I WEARING SO MANY LAYERS PLZ) to wear my fave pieces all year round. Because let’s face it, where’s the fun in stuffing your fave summer dress to the back of your wardrobe for 50% of the year, eh?

I love to sneak a little roll neck under a dress for autumn – it also means you can get away with bare legs for longer because you’re so well insulated up top. Which is dreamy if, like me, you hate wearing tights nearly as much as you hate Bake Off moving to Channel 4. Eeesh.

I love the bright rust shade of this one which makes me want to skip over to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and go hunt for giant conkers.

Roll neck – Fat Face / Dress – Fat Face

What are your fave autumn fashion combos?


Photos by Bang On Style

This is a sponsored post but all sassy autumn styling and views my own

  • I LOVE the second one so much! x
    Morgan |

  • Great post! I’m loving these outfits!
    Emma x

  • Lee

    I absolutely ADORE that second outfit! I’ve been planning on trying something like that for a while.

    Lee –

  • Totally hear you with not having summer and winter clothes, I just add tights!!! lovely outfits! x

  • oh myyy!!! your body <3 I wish I was confident enough sharing pictures of my own

  • I adore the striped top and skirt! You look fabulous!!!

  • You’ve just inspired me to finally get my arse in gear and pack away all the shorts and daft dresses I’m definitely not going to wear for another year and transition back to cosy jumpers and pleather skirts! Love the layered polo neck under the dress, going to need to pinch that idea and also stripes are just a win with anything right?

  • Hey fatty

    The word gunt comes to mind!

    • Jessie

      God you’re boring.

    • Harley

      Awww still at it?

      Its so cute that

      1) you’re trying to remain anonymous but you’re the only commenter being insulting in your ‘name’ (lack of brain cells comes to mind)

      2) 3 posts later you’re still trolling relentlessly. Do you have a life or do you just sit with your thumb up your arse until Hannah writes a new post and then quickly remove it to become a keyboard warrior?

      What a gripping life you do lead..

      • anon

        lol i’m sure hannah is the one removing the negative comments. too butt hurt to see them on her blog.

      • Jen

        Harley, darling…. are you a bike or is that just a terribly shit name?

      • Harley

        Aww, clearly your parents blessed you with their lack of originality. Yawn

    • Rhiannon

      Get a life! All you’re doing is giving her ideas for some kick-ass content! Hannah you look amaze!

  • denim skirts are my absolute go-to year-round! obsessed

  • I love the first outift. Im a sucker for denim skirts and stripy tops.

  • I am also not usually a wearer of denim skirts, semmed to not be able to get away with them since hitting my mid twenties but this one? Oh my!

  • Love your style!
    I’m all about wearing roller necks with dresses in winter, a win win situation!
    Leanne x

  • Amy

    Fat Face really does do the best denim. I’ve been wearing their skinny jeans for years – super flattering on my size 14 bum and hips, and they last forever! 🙂 xx

  • Christiana

    Regarding the above comment saying Hannah ‘removes butt-hurt comments’ – indeed she does, quite selectively. Readers should know how un-transparent Gale really is. Comments that fairly criticise her work or oppose her viewpoint are always deleted (I left one a few months ago pointing out an error and BAM deleted), however any comments that she thinks her other readers will jump on and defend her from, are selectively left up for all to see. Its clear to see that she left yesterday’s negative comment up because she assumed shed be defended and protected by other readers rushing to her aide – so interesting to see that when she does leave a negative comment up, others are thinking the same (myself included). Gale – respect your readers and be transparent. Don’t selectively delete some critical comments and not others – either delete all or delete none of the criticism. The unjustified criticism will be torn apart, and the rest? You’ll gave to start learning from your mistakes, my dear. Disappointing to see how calculating you are – wondering if this comment will stay long enough to be seen!

    • Jo


      She kept the comments on the previous posts so she could create some stir and hopefully get some sympathy. Poor her. All her readers are now running in to defend her and she’s proclaiming that she needs a week off.

      Get the fuck over yourself Hannah. If only we could all take the week off when we had a bad day and had someone point out something we disagreed with.

      Eat a shit load of cake and have a great birthday. Your thighs will love you for it mate.

    • How did you noticed your comment was deleted… did you just sit around hoping / waiting for a reply to thank you for being a grammar queen?

      I’m honestly so fed up of all the negativity going on in the comments atm, I usually like to read them but there are so many horrible people right now it makes me want to avoid this section completely.

      Why are people over here reading and commenting if they are so against Hannah and the way she writes her blog / lives her life / reacts and responds to comments? If you don’t like her go spend your time reading someone else’s blog instead of wasting time being vindictive to others.

      And that comment about cake is so vile and bitchy. I hope you re-read that and feel ashamed because that was just cruel. It’s like being in the bloody playground all over again.

    • Lizzie


      • Lizzie

        That was meant for the haters. You really are.dull, if you don’t like the blog don’t read it. Bloggers are paid because people read them so technically you are paying for her to be fabulous. Jokes on you really! Keep being a babe Hannah! Xx

  • Ahh more beauties from Fatface! I wondered in the other day and could literally have bought everything in there! Alice xxx

  • Amy

    A massive YES to a roll neck with a summer dress, what a great idea (that I am 100% gonna steal). I love that cardi in the first outfit, I need to get something that length!
    Amy xx

  • Jaz

    I honestly don’t know how anyone can be negative towards this girl?! She seems pretty honest to me – about her thoughts, worries, body, life and whatever the hell else it throws at her.

    Why should she keep nasty/negative comments on her blog – it’s her blog – she’s entitled to remove what she wants surely?! Like someone else said – if you have such strong negative feelings towards her then bog off!

    Hannah I think your inspiring, empowering and just pretty fab really!!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • Jess Wild

    HG is successful enough and sassy enough to ignore all the cunt-ish comments on her blog and carry on slaying. Ignore the vindictive bitches Hannah – you got this. LAV LAV LAV your blog it’s dreamy <3

  • Em

    There’s a lot of back and forth on this blog at the moment, kind of hard to keep up.

    I think that if you’re laying your life and your feelings online, it’s expected that you are going to receive some hate. It’s a choice bloggers make when they’re exposing themselves online. It’s a job choice. In the same way doctors choose that job and they know someone might die in their care, or teachers choose a job and know that a child might come into some trouble somehow under their watch, it’s all part of the job.

    The nature of a blogger is personal. It’s tailored to your brand. So when people attack you for that of course it’s going to be personal. But with any job in life of course there are going to be negatives. There are going to be bad days. It’s unrealistic to expect every day to be perfect.

    Which is why I think we need to strip away from this fakery of pretending like people don’t have a place to be critical or negative of bloggers. People have opinions. It’s life. We have to live with the good and the bad.

    If you’re happy with the choices you’re making Hannah then that should be all that matters. You have to take the good with the bad. To try and block the bad out and pretend like things are perfect is not real life.

    I like your blog and I like reading your content but I can see why people dig at things you share. It is unrealistic and incredibly arrogant to assume that they would not. You are not perfect and neither am I. You have bad days and so do I.

    I’m sorry if this upsets you but life isn’t always flat lays, manicures, candles and cups of tea. It’s sometimes criticism, bitching, negativity, being the ugliest person with no lips, shit hair, avoiding the gym, too many trips to Starbucks for sugary drinks, and a huge muffin top. But hygge and Charlotte Tilbury your way forward from there. It’s what you do best.

    • Reneè

      Well said Em.. I feel like the death of this blog is approaching though. . it’s stuck in 2014.. cringey blogging

      • Val

        Cringe for sure. Vlogs arent at all entertaining and if I see one more staged flat lay picture with that shitty pastel pink background… ugh. It’s totally contradictory that she says my life is real and here it is. But then everything is filtered, positioned and posed for. You can’t say you’re one thing and then promote another.

        And get over the fact that not everyone is here to support you. Some people think you’re shit. Others don’t. Take it in your stride and don’t have a barney when something negative is thrown at you. It’s immature and emotionally stunted.

    • Lizzie

      Criticising her work is one thing but I’m pretty sure you would feel pretty shit if someone stormed into your workplace and told you you were fat, ugly etc. It’s not critical, it’s just plain shitty.

      Of course people have the right to criticise but what do they achieve in the long run? Notoriety on a blog for a few hours? It’s not going to change anything unless people stop reading and it seems as though enough people like blogs for them to continue. Also blogging is a former of media and since when has media ever been realistic? Really? It’s all carefully tailored, no one really wants to read about the time someone sat on their arse watching hollyoaks.

      We read blogs and magazines and watch TV to escape real life!

      All the negativity really comes down to jealousy. I wish I could jet off to Barcelona at the drop of a hat but I can’t, doesn’t mean I hate people that can! Hannah has built her blog as her career and she’s succeeding at it so good on her!

  • Hey beauty! You look amazing in these outfits, denim suitttts you!


  • The denim skirt is just 😍 Fat Face here I come!

  • Love that denim skirt for the first outfit.. I love the whole outfit actually. 🙂
    I am sadly one of those people with separate wardrobes for seasons (cough) .. and I can’t wait for the cooler months. 🙂


  • han

    LOVE that denim skirt on you!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Debbie

    Agree with the ‘haters’ above. Hannah is always contradicting herself, and IMO also promoting a negative, unhealthy relationship with food. Hatred of her weight/crash diets/binging all evident on this blog and in her videos. Very sad to see someone who has suffered from disordered eating is still, potentially subconsciously but still, promoting this unhealthy lifestyle to readers. It’s irresponsible and dangerous. I used to like her blog but this makes it hard to stay a fan. That and also the point someone made above which is so true – it’s a 2014, dated, embarrassing style of blogging now. Needs to evolve beyond that era and become more aware.

    • Katie

      I find it utterly ridiculous that people are claiming Hannah’s eating habits influence their own. I’ve read her blog for years and never once thought to myself ‘Man, Hannah had burger for lunch, I need to go and have a burger.’ I sit at my desk and eat the same lunch I intended to eat. She writes a lifestyle blog – not a health and wellbeing or fitness blog so why so much stick about what she eats? She’s been open about her food and body struggles, but that doesn’t make her a bloody counsellor or expert in the matter that other people need to copy.
      Get a grip honestly, we are all capable of making our own lifestyle choices. Just because Hannah has a successful blog does not mean she has an obligation to become this absurd idea of perfection you lot seem to think she has to be.
      We are all walking contradictions, it’s human nature – you can have a week where you think ‘I’m going to be good this week’ – eat healthy, go to the gym…. then the weekend rolls around and we think sod it, lets get a takeaway.
      She may choose to put her life online, but you make the choice to read it. If you don’t like what she writes, don’t read it. It really is as simple as that.

      • lucy

        This Katie is SO true!! Anybody pretending to not be a hypocrite is a liar. We all are and Hannah is just a normal person who happens to write for a living. I mean jeez people, get over yourselves. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Nobody has got a gun to your head forcing you to read the blog!

  • Absolutely LOVE the role neck and summer dress gal! Not ready to give up my summer dresses yet so this is a fabulous idea! armaghad can’t believe I have started wearing tights again >:( Immy x

  • I really love the first outfit, it looks very comfortable and interesting at the same time.
    Yukova Blob

  • Cat

    Just wanted to say that you look amazing in these outfits, and you are pretty much the only blogger whose outfit posts I actually enjoy and find relatable and that i could actually also picture myself wearing if only I was more daring than a jeans and a tee kind of girl. Keep doing what you do for as long as you enjoy doing it, and remember that the negativity is coming from losers behind a keyboard who don’t know shit.

  • Anna

    I agree with the negative comments, I think it’s irresponsible for a blogger who often goes on about eating healthily to actually have such bad eating habits which are clearly making her unhealthy. Eating too much chocolate and chips doesn’t make you sassy, it makes you fat.
    Hannah actually wrote a post about body acceptance last week yet clearly can’t accept that she is fat and needs to ‘take a week off’ to get over people calling her fat. Pathetic! If only everyone had the luxury of a week off after someone insulted them.

    • Elsa

      Are you just upset because I won’t build a snowman with you? Get over is Anna!

    • Harriet

      She probably took a week off because she’s been on holiday as well? Also taking time off now and then is actually something most people do have the luxury to do in their jobs, and most people don’t have to endure cruel comments at work while they’re at it, so what makes it ok for people like you to do so?

      • Carole

        I’m not really sure you can justifiably take a week off when all you do is sit around on your arse watching Netflix, occasionally typing out a shit blog post about OMG LOOK AT THIS SASSY HAND WASH BABES YOU GIRL BOSSES and not washing your hair.

      • Anna

        Yeah taking time out for a few weeks a year that you have planned to take and planned your work around etc is something that most people can do.. Not just have a strop and spontaneously decide not to do any work for the next week like Hannah has done.

      • Harriet

        Well as she’s been on holiday and it was her birthday, I’m guessing she was already planning to take time off and it just happened to coincide with all you horrible people deciding to share your unwanted opinions.

        I find it funny how you all claim to not like her but seem to know so much about her and her life, and seem to be anxiously waiting for her next post. Is it difficult for you to just not read her website if you don’t like it?

  • J

    Hannah get a fucking grip. You can’t just take a week off work when shit goes up the spout and not everyone is leaving comments glowing out of your arse.

    Also might want to have a word with your darling chris. He’s a big fan of liking random SKINNY girls pics on instagram. Clearly that’s his type.

    How do I know this? Because he liked one of mine. And I don’t even fucking know the guy. So now who’s the stalker?

    • Bea

      Lol I thought he was gay from all of her vlogs

      • Sarah

        HAHA. He’s probably in denial. “Hi guys, I’ve got my….trendy shoes…. and…. my instagram which is edited exactly in the same way as hannah…and….my balls have disappeared up my arse.”

        Hannah: OMG THIS HUNK

        Bore off you pair of twats.

  • Nicole

    J, Bea, Sarah, Carole, Anna, Debbie, Val, (yup calling you out) and all you other persons which nothing better to do. Just bore off.

    If you don’t like it, just don’t read it. It’s real simple.

    If I went to your work and criticised you work out of no where then called you fat would you think that’s fair and justified??

    I super miss the blog, it’s how I start my day everyday. You do you HG bc we love it. Xx

  • I’d never think of putting a roll neck with a dress but you look like the ultimate babe Hannah! Love the first look too, I’ll have to try it out x

    Always, Alice

  • Emily

    I’d never think of putting a roll neck on… if I was a size 14. But that’s hannah sassy omg yolo I love my cats gale for you.

  • Hi Hannah,
    Greetings. 🙂

    Wow, It’s fabulous. Well recommenced outfits for celebrating the September. I highly appreciate you for inspiring the women with fashion wear. The Denim skirt and Bardot top is perfectly matching with your body. Also, the sunglasses, sandals and bag made them perfect. I must recommend women to get this fashion wear. I adore this pair of outfit so much.

    It is going to the perfect choice for women, who shop a pair of dress for celebrating the day. Also, your roll neck and summer dress comes with stunning look.

    Well captured photos with these dress. Thanks for suggesting it for women.
    Keep sharing such interesting thing always.

    With best wishes.
    – Ravi.

  • Loving the Fashion differences. Although, I think it would really be too hot with all those layers on in September! Different assortments of dresses always work.

  • Under boob sweat, ahah! Love the outfits (almost wrote “outits” there! :/) ..those strappy shoes are lovely & I definitely need to invest in a long sleeved stripey top sometime 🙂

    Amanda Alston Blog

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