7 Tips For Working At Home Like A Girl Boss


When I first left London and my full-time journo behind I majorly struggled with the whole working from home thing.

It’s *kinda* like uni when you’re like I could write that 3,000 word essay but LOOK OMG FOUR CRIME DOCUMENTARIES IN A ROW.

I missed tea rounds and dissecting first dates and having people to bounce ideas off. I missed Fridays that felt like Fridays and gossiping about who the mystery person weeing on the office toilet seat was. I missed colleagues. I missed an environment that spurred me on to get my head down and hustle like Queen Bey.

And so I thought I’d share a few of my HG girl boss tips with you in case you work from home too and OMG HOW DO I NOT GET DISTRACTED BY THE WASHING UP PILE EVERY 22 MINUTES, or you’ve got uni work you need to obliterate, or, you just need some motivation to smash out some blog posts on a Saturday.

So yeah, I got ya hun, I got ya.


I used to sometimes wake up a bit groggy and think ‘ahhh I love freelance life and I love bed, I’m going to start the day with a couple of episodes of summin’ summin’ on Netflix and then work into the evening instead’.

It sounds like a killer idea but it’d often leave me more buried into my slump than before and then I’d be overwhelmed by the guilt of not having achieved anything by midday.

Hashtag not so sassy.

Now I always have my laptop open by 8am, even if I just start with tiny tasks like reading emails and scheduling tweets. I often find that once I’ve had a coffee and ticked a few easy things off my to-do list, I want to just crack on with the rest of the day.



There’s obvs the odd day where I stay in my comfy Super Mario pjs until Chris gets home at 5.30pm and rolls his eyes at me, but normally I’m showered, dressed and looking like a non-freelance slob by 10am.

I find getting ready as though you’re leaving the house even if you’re not, makes a huge difference. It’s like it helps your brain separate lazy downtime and WE GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND GET SHIT DONE time.


I guess this is kinda similar to the point before but oh man it’s a game changer. I actually read this idea on Sarah Akwisombe’s blog a while ago and on days where my to-do list looks like it might just turn into a black hole and swallow me right up, it keeps me powering through.

I tend to do my early bits from bed, shower, get ready, head out for errands and then keep my shoes on to power on with work through lunchtime and beyond. Wearing shoes somehow makes me do the washing up, reply to emails and edit photos all at the same time and I feel a *bit* super human and I LOVE that feeling.


When I first started working from home I turned our spare room into an office, but over time I came to kinda dread walking into the room, the way you kinda dread going into the office on a Monday morning.

So I traded in my iMac for a MacBook air and now I switch up my workspace whenever I feel uninspired or unmotivated. Sometimes I work from the dining table with a cup of tea and a candle, sometimes I get v well acquainted with the sofa and other times I leave the house and work in my local coffee shop.

It keeps me on my toes and means work doesn’t feel so much like, well, work.

It’ll be no surprise to most of you that I keep a pretty hefty supply of my number one girl Diet Coke in the fridge and I reason in my brain that I can have one as a reward if I just finish the post I’m working on, or just edit my vlog, or just get up to date with emails.

I promise myself little treats throughout the day – things like Diet Coke or a sneaky snack or an episode of Teen Mom – every time I tick off another task. It means I always have things to look forward to and it breaks up the day a little bit.


Some days my brain has no ideas. Zero. Zilch. I’m like hey Hannah wanna come up with a cool piece of content that people will share across Twitter and relate to and love and my brain’s like HAHAHA NO PAL, NOT TODAY.

That’s when I get out a notebook or piece of paper, my fave coloured gel pens and start writing anything and everything that comes into my head.

Things I’m feeling, things I like right now, posts that have done well recently, doodles of stars and love hearts, anything. And then somehow my inspiration for creating content comes soaring back and I’m fist pumping myself and feeling like Taylor Swift the day her 1989 album came out.

Morale of the story: if it’s not happening, back away from the computer and pretend you’re in Year thee.


I often find one of the best cures for re-discovering the queen inside you is stepping away from the piece of work you’re obsessing over and getting yo cute lil toosh out of the house and focusing on sometimes totally un-work related.

If I’ve attempted to write the same post five times and it’s just absolutely not happening then I’ll shut down my laptop and head out for a swim, or go for a drive for takeout coffee. I’ll physically remove myself from my work environment.

By the time I get back I always feel a bit more like LET’S DO THIS and the words that felt so far away before suddenly come flowing out and I’m doing happy dances around the house like the red lady emoji.
What are your fave tips for staying inspired when working from home? Hook a girl up.

  • Loving your posts at the moment Hannah, they are always great to read! I’m starting a job soon where I’ll be in the office and at home so this post has really helped xx

  • Shocked and disgusted

    This isn’t related to your post – but I’ve just watched some of your videos on YouTube and the way you eat is shockingly bad! I’ve read you moan on and on here on your blog about body shaming and nasty comments about acceptance of weight, and I agree and health should be the only goal – so pretty disgusted to see what you eat on a regular basis – every single vlog is filled with shitty junk, fatty burgers and unhealthy brunches and so much sugar. Seriously you’ll destroy your health. You’ve got an influence, use it in a better way than to teach young girls ‘I’m overweight and look unhealthy (which you do, by the way – unhealthy eating manifests itself in more ways than just weight gain baby doll!) but YOLO GIVE A FUCK imma binge on all this processed shit because I’m sassy’ … Treat your body better, and remember that you have influence! Use it wisely.

    • Katie

      Are you the same person that’s been trolling every post relentlessly these past few days? Give it a rest already!
      I am ‘shocked and disgusted’ that you have the absolute audacity to say these things. You’re not being constructive or helpful, you’re just being a bitch.
      If you don’t like Hannah, don’t agree with her lifestyle or the way she lives her life – stop watching her videos, stop reading her blog! It’s that simple.
      Jealousy is a really ugly trait.
      Get a grip ffs.

    • Lizzie

      Or maybe ‘shocked and disgusted’ you could just FUCK OFF? There’s a thought.

    • You know, some people actually promote real ‘disgusting’ things, like wearing fur, hunting, bullying, or products that false advertise like juice diets that actually harm you.

      The reason I have been reading Hannah’s blog for over a year is because she isn’t a size 0 model who only posts bikini shots on the beach with a herbal life bottle next to her. She’s actually a normal girl, like the majority of her readers. We all indulge, regardless of the ‘sin’, some are just more honest about it than others.

      If you want ‘shock and disgust’ – there is a nice video floating around on Facebook of a woman who genuinely wants to eat herself to death, there’s an extremity to match your outlandish title.

    • Just keep it real

      Can’t help but slightly agree with ‘shocked and disgusted’. I love you Hannah but you’re the biggest contradiction alive.. you are either preaching about how you love being plus sized, eating a domino’s or harping on about your ‘healthy lifestyle’. I love your writing/blog/yt but sometimes your messages and mixed and makes you look conceited.

      • Totes babes

        Agreed with both of the above.

        I think the issue is that she can’t decide what she wants. She wants the size 8 body but loves shit food too much, can’t stay away. But tries to promote this omg I’m such a sassy girl boss yolo lifestyle to mask the insecurity of feeling like a lump.

        Interesting that as soon as the PCOS threat went away so did the healthy eating

  • Hi Hannah,
    Some really great tips there! I especially love the mix up your location. I recently purchased a MacBook – which I’m in LOVE with – so will be able to get out of the house to write. As always, love your posts x
    Lisa Villaume | Where Women Dream Big + Master Their Lives

  • Going to the gym always gets me pumped for the day!

    I can’t often fit in a morning gym session mainly because I cannot get out of bed! But I go on my lunch break and it really helps to break up the day and give me some energy/motivation.


  • For me getting properly dressed makes me so much more productive, and taking a shower too! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Rebecca Hanson

    I think shocked and disgusted has gone a little overboard here Hannah does he best to share her life with us all. I am sure deep down Hannah like us all would like to be a little bit lighter and healthier but she enjoys life to the full so who cares if she is a size 14 and eats a big brunch!

  • I work in an office but even then, I find the routine of sitting at a desk just uninspiring and static at times, so I often stash my macbook air in my handbag (now every day out of habit) just in case I need extra quiet or a change of scene and just find a small, different space in the office to work to help the articles flow.

    And I’m the same, if I’m dead productive before noon it helps with my motivation for the rest of the day, especially after that post lunch slump. Getting out the office on lunch for a walk or a drive or even just to pop to boots to pick up another NYX matte lip cream works wonders!

    The allure of working from home just seems ideal but you’re so right, having a good structure is important for getting into work mode than lazying around and getting to work ‘in five minutes time’.

    I love your posts all about freelancing and behind the scenes blogging btw, please keep them coming!


  • Grace

    ‘Shocked and Disgusted’ (or should that be Disgusting) and Rebecca Hansen, you’re both terrible people and need to take a long hard look at yourselves.

    In the meantime I hope you both fall down a well and lose your voices so you can’t shout for help.

    Keep on rockin’ HG. You’re Awesome.

    • Rebecca Hanson

      Grace I think you have misinterpreted my comment I was sticking up for Hannah. I don’t care about her size or what she eats. She is who she is and like us all indulges occasionally. Hannah I hope you didn’t read my comment as trolling I was genuinely trying to be supportive and stick up for you. Apologies if it came over badly.

  • Lish

    I read Hannah’s blog every day, always picks me up! Feels like you are having a chat with your best friend.
    I am there with you on the whole get up and showered thing when I am working from home, but the temptation of my PJs and a couple of episodes of Grey’s is sometimes just too strong!!

    Also totally love the specs!! 🙂 X

    As for the comment from ‘shocked and disgusted’ I think it’s safe to say that they have just embarrassed themselves, to make a comment on someone’s weight or eating habits can be seriously dangerous. So I think you need to grow up and live your own life instead of mindlessly bullying others.

  • I loved this post so much! Thankyou for sharing 🙂 x

  • Great article perfectly timed for my ‘working from home’ day, although I’ve sprained my ankle so will have to save the tips for next week 😉

  • Nia

    Hi Hannah, I never comment on your blog (apart from one time when I told a troll to piss off) I just read your twitter then came here, read your blog post (which I love) then read the comments…

    First of all I hope this reaches you, I wouldn’t blame you for avoiding your comments forever more.

    Secondly, I definitely think the comments are coming from the same person. “Anna”. Lets just take a minute and think about this person, and her life. If she’s reading this I hope she stops and thinks for a minute too. She’s sitting at home, at her computer or phone, watching your videos and reading your blogs, constantly thinking for some negative comment she can say. How depressing that must be. What a horrible life. Something pretty bad must have happened to her to turn her into such a mean, vile person. A bully. We should definitely feel sorry for her.

    Thirdly, I’m sure you’re wondering, why me? She’s reminding me of a jealous ex. You know the one who stalks the new gf and will literally think of anything horrible to say. Will criticize any photo even if they look 10/10 to make themselves feel better. And why do we do this? Because we’re jealous. And boy must this person be jealous of you!!! Your life is pretty amazing right now – you’ve just been away in France being photographed for a clothing company – you’re like an actual model! Perhaps this person is the jealous ex, the jealous person who hasn’t been chosen for this campaign. Perhaps weighs less than you (acc to her comments she has 0 back fat and her diet is million% perfect) and can’t figure out why you were chosen instead. It’s pretty obvious why you were mind. She may by Kendall Jenner’s twin however she is so frigging ugly. Her personality frigging stinks and like she told you, bad health shows in more weighs than just your weight.. well a stinking personality shows too!! Remember the Roald Dahl quote that ugly thoughts=ugly face.. this is her! this is why you weren’t chosen “Anna”! No wonder brands dont want to work with you with such a stinking attitude.

    Hannah, please dont listen to this bitch! Take your own advice from this post and all your other motivational, lets kick ass blog posts.. get out of bed, get dressed, make up on and kick ass. Get ready for Barcelona. Pack your most incredible outfits and show this absolutely disgusting troll that her vendetta is not working!!

    I’m sorry about this post, I dont even know if it makes sense, but I’m in work and I can’t do another thing until I’ve posted this comment. (I read your posts every single day and they cheer me up so much when stress/clients are getting me down, you have no idea! You know how your reward for finishing a “job” is Diet Coke well mine is this blog!)

    I know the bad comments have million times more effect than the nice ones but there are so many nice comments – please listen to them!


    • Kirsten

      Just wanted to second everything Nia says here, spot on girl.

      I don’t comment often but just wanted to say I loved the post – really enjoy the ones with a ‘behind the scenes’ feel.

      & try not to let the sad bullshit comments get to you!

    • Harriet

      I totally agree with everything Nia said too, she said exactly how I feel about looking forward to your posts every day etc. Hannah, I love that you are so honest with us and let us see into your life, and like someone else said you make me feel very not alone.

      I’m sorry someone/people are targeting you on here, it’s awful, but remember that it’s so not true and that you’re awesome.

      Hope you have a fab time in Barcelona and the break gives you the pick-me-up that you need 🙂

  • Fantastic tips! I’ve definitely learned the hard way that starting the day with just a couple episodes of my current TV obsession is by far the worst thing I can do. I’m still trying to adapt to being a morning person, but that feeling of having something big accomplished by noon is helping to smooth the transition.
    Thanks for sharing these fantastic tips!

    Kate | http://www.petiteadventures.org/

  • Julia

    Hi Hannah,

    I love your blog and this post is really helpful (showering and getting dressed is definitely the key to being productive when you’re working from home)! I’ve never read a blog that has made me feel less alone before.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday and don’t let horrible comments get you down.


  • Emma

    Hi Hannah
    I’m just starting my maternity leave and have found this post really helpful. I find it so easy to sit and watch teen mom all day eating crap then feeling guilty for not achieving anything but you’ve given me some really good ideas for making the most of my days. Even though I’m not working there’s still things to do and ways to feel productive so thank you for reminding me of that and inspiring me.
    Keep doing you girl.

  • Thank you SO much for this post, Hannah! I’ve just finished up my masters degree, and am in that awful in-between stage where my days are filled with job searching and generally feeling a bit rubbish. I’ve definitely been struggling to motivate myself, but reading this post has made me feel a lot better, and I’ll definitely be taking your advice. You are such a huge inspiration, so thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all!
    I hope that you’re having a lovely day, reading your blog has definitely brightened mine 🙂

  • Mel

    Really good pieces of advice, I’m especially intrigued about keeping your shoes on even though you wouldn’t be leaving the house to get you into that frame of mind

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  • Thanks for this. I am on mat leave and am guilty of using baby as an excuse to stay in pjs a little too late and to watch all of the catch up tv!
    Your blog is ace by the way, I look forward to your posts so much and love that you are so real, someone I can relate to. You are also the person who inspired me to create my own little corner of the internet which I love!
    So thank you for another amazing post and don’t let the hater (s) win cos they ain’t got shit on you!
    Tracey x

  • Alex

    I’d say it’s obvious that ‘shocked and disgusted’ , ‘just keep it real’ and ‘totes babes’ are all the same person trolling you. Beyond pathetic! I myself follow other bloggers such as Sarah Ashcroft and whilst I think she’s great, her life is completely unrelatable. I’m a normal 27 year old, size 10-12 primary teacher and I read your blogs and watch your YouTube videos all the time and and every single time I laugh, I smile and I relate because you are representing us normal girls out there! Please don’t ever change, there are countless bloggers who portray this ‘glossy’ lifestyle that I will never have and cannot relate to…. but what you have is special and sets you aside from the others. I think you’re fab and you are absolutely beautiful!

  • I’m by no means a morning person, but this week I’ve had to wake up pretty early every single day and I feel great! By mid-morning, I’m done with everything on my to-do list and I feel a deep accomplishment deep inside of me. *pats self on the back*


  • Yup, I love this post.
    I will fully admit I’m terrible at getting dressed when working from home. I put on new pj’s and work from bed way too often.
    Getting up & showered first thing is something I really need to work on.


  • I love the tip about taking a step away from your work–it really helps especially when you’re writing! I always found myself getting bogged down by writing papers in college, and taking a few hours away from it definitely left me feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work.

    And I looked some of the nasty comments some people wrote earlier. Keep your head up, girl! You’re beautiful and the only reason they’re trying to bring you down is because you’re above them. Sending you all the love!

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles

  • Christiana

    I also agree with the comments above about Hannah switching between promoting healthy eating, and then acceptance, all the while with an undercurrent of massively disordered unhealthy food gorging. That aside, readers should know how un-transparent Gale really is. Comments that fairly criticise her work or oppose her viewpoint are always deleted (I left one a few months ago pointing out an error and BAM deleted), however any comments that she thinks her other readers will jump on and defend her from, are selectively left up for all to see. Its clear to see that she left yesterday’s negative comment up because she assumed shed be defended and protected by other readers rushing to her aide – so interesting to see that when she does leave a negative comment up, others are thinking the same (myself included). Gale – respect your readers and be transparent. Don’t selectively delete some critical comments and not others – either delete all or delete none of the criticism. The unjustified criticism will be torn apart, and the rest? You’ll gave to start learning from your mistakes, my dear. Disappointing to see how calculating you are – wondering if this comment will stay long enough to be seen!

  • Dr K

    Love this post! I am currently knees deep in my second PhD working from home a lot I can relate to all of this! Never commented before but wanted to say I love your blog, I don’t read any others and don’t work in the blogging / fashion industry but I like yours as it is so relatable and a nice break from all the heavy science reading I have to do all day!
    Please ignore the horrible negative comments you have been getting recently they are not representative of your readership at all! I can only speculate as to the type of people posting these things, I actually feel quite sorry for them as it seems their self esteem is only boosted from denigrating strangers on the internet, very sad.

  • Kelly

    Why do you have to say girl boss. Why can’t it just be boss? If you qualify it with girl then people will continue to associate, like you do, the word boss with only being a male description. You like to hold yourself out as successful and a feminist (I think) so stop using gendered terms.

  • anon

    ok but you don’t have an actual job (ie. engineer, architect, journalist, etc) so these are irrelevant. you literally shop and take photos of what you buy so you aren’t 100% the best person to be writing an article on this shit.

    • JH

      Oh but anon, last time when I was reviewing CVs to hire for a position in my company I was specifically looking for “brow tutorials, taking flat lays, bragging about all the shit food I eat, taking cliché shit photos, watching Pretty Little Liars and taking criticism really personally” as KEY CRITERIA for my new recruit. What Hannah does is ALL OF THESE THINGS. Omg what a sassy girl boss!

      • Rach

        Omg lulz Hannah you girl boss sassy babe you boss the hun out of today.

        By bossing the hun out of the day do you mean spouting mindless shit and taking average photos of hand-wash?

  • This was so helpful, I have just started working from home a couple a day a week and get so distracted. I love the idea of treating myself for good work.

    Emma Inks

  • I always change up my location too so I don’t get too samey working from one place! I always make sure I take regular breaks too and have some ‘offline’ time which helps me feel SO much more inspired!

    Hayley xo

  • Ellie

    My GOD! people can be so bloody cruel!!

    Keep doing what you’re doing HG. Some people can’t be pleased. Just know you’re a better person than they’ll ever be, and you’re doing all you can to be your very best. You have far more people out there who love you and LOVE your WORK (because it absolutely is work!!) than the haters.

    Keep being sassy and girl boss the shit out of life!

    You’re fabulous, don’t let anyone make you feel any less than that


  • I often that have a Timeline & To-Do list can increase productivity by 50%. I recommend this 🙂

  • I LOVED this. Just what a need to give myself a kick up the butt!! Thank you 💕

  • Lesley

    Hannah, I never usually comment on blogs. I’m a silent reader which I know is bad. The blogging community works on active readership and taking the time to comment.

    But after reading the negative comments on this post, I feel the need to say something.

    PLEASE don’t listen to the awful things a select few people say. There’s no truth or grounding in their words and as a previous commenter said, we should feel desperately sorry for these people who have nothing better to do with their time than try and make someone else’s day awful.

    You’re a real woman, you provide an honest look into your life (one that looks very similar to my own -bar the high-flying blogging career) and you should be applauded for not putting out some polished, air-brushed, highly filtered version of yourself. We’re bored of that, aren’t we? We want to see someone that enjoys food, that doesn’t have an impossibly unattainable hip to waist ratio, and that enjoys a glass or tow of wine goddamit!

    Hannah, keep doing you because for every idiot low-life that leaves a nasty comment, there’s 50 here to champion what you do.


  • Portlandia

    The only part I don’t like is the wearing the shoes around the house. That’s just tracking germs and nasty shit (literally) around your house. I’ll be sticking to slippers and socks.

  • Thanks for these tips, Hannah!

  • These points are so adorably written Hannah! I appreciate the brainstorm part especially… it is hard to get the stuff out of the head, the instant we need it. So the way to deal with the issue is precisely as you have mentioned. Thank you so much for such a valuable content.

  • interesting, but being a girlboss (not on blogger side), i have some troubles to balance my working hours among different meetings outside, scheduled work to be done, and always-popup-unexpectedly housework…. that’s a nightmare, and always turn my mood down

    do u need to take care the housework at the beginning? does it distract u ?


  • Great tips! I find a lot of the things you mentioned above help too. Particularly getting up early and “getting ready” even if you’re working in your own home. I also find doing menial activities around the house (e.g. scurbbing the bathroom, mopping the floor etc.) can give a brain break and get the ideas flowing again 😉

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  • Love your post Hannah. Very motivating!
    I especially love the idea of keeping your shoes on, never would have thought of that ha ha.
    Going to cafes that are busy are one of my biggest inspirations, not sure what it is, but the noise and busyness keeps me focused and gets me in the working mode.
    I also find pacing myself with cups of tea are a good way to keep motivated. Sounds strange, but it takes me a good half hour to drink a cup of tea, great when you need to read emails, blog posts and not get distracted (except when you drink four and your have to pee).

  • Some really really great tips! One day I hope to be able to work from home. Sophie x


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