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Today I walked through my first pile of fresh orange leaves and omg hello autumn, you so pretty hun.

I also played spot the biggest conker on the tree AND shot outfit photos in a bright pink roll neck jumper and am currently listening to rain splatter down on rooftops from the safety of my hotel room. It’s pretty divine.

I’m also thinking a lot about coffee and potatoes and melted cheese.

Ah man, September’s the best, innit? And not just because *insert red lady emoji* it’s my birthday month.

Anyway I shot these cute snaps a week or so ago with Debs and let’s just all gather round and give a standing ovation to this olive green leopard print dress of sexy dress dreams.

It’s from ASOS, costs £38 and is, well, my number one gal pal right now.

I would like an entire olive leopard print wardrobe tbh.

I love the slinky feminine shape of the dress and the way it looks pretty delicious against the dregs of my fake tan bottle plastered across my legs.

I love the way it’ll look just as ladylike and sassy with a trench coat once the Indian Summer has packed up its bag and jaunted off down to the Mediterranean, and as equally babin’ with tights (sob), pointed flats, a biker jacket and a big ol’ scarf when it really gets nippy.

PLUS, it’s mega comfy too and is roomy enough to eat apple crumble and custard in and tbh that’s pretty much all I ever look for in a dress…





  • I love this dress, it looks gorgeous on you!

  • Such a cute dress, love the print!!


  • I would never go for a dress like this because I like solid colours but this one looks lovely!

  • That dress is amazing! The animal print is perfect for A/W 2016!! You look stunning, too, as always.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  • I adore the print of this dress! It suits you so well <3

  • The pattern on the dress looks so pretty! The olive shade really suites you 🙂

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  • This dress looks gorgeous on you! September is also my birthday month so HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance 😀

  • Anna

    Ugh I wouldn’t wear a backless dress if I had a serious case of back fat like that

    • RC

      And Anna I assume you look like Gigi?! What is it with women body shaming each other. Give it a rest.

      • Anna

        Hi again Hannah. Hows it going pretending to be a reader?

    • Joanne

      I’m definitely not Hannah – long time reader, first time commenter.

      Ariel Winter (she plays Alex on Modern Family) had some insightful comments on online trolls this week that I suggest you read. Anna, these types of remarks are not big and they are not clever – but you must feel pretty terrible about yourself in order to be posting such nasty things about people I can only assume you have never met in real life. Does it really make you feel any better? No need to respond to this, don’t need negativity in ma life 💅🏼 just hoping this comment gives you food for thought and might go some way towards preventing you from commenting with such nasty comments again.

    • Wow how is your comment productive at all in any way? If you don’t like something just keep it to yourself, she looks gorgeous in this dress, has an awesome sense of style and all you’re doing is purposely trying to be hurtful. If you can’t say something kind, I suggest saying nothing at all! Hannah, you look fab, don’t let the haters get you down! Alice xxx

    • Harley

      Hi Anna, I’m Harley (and not Hannah, just before you start throwing accusations, like the toys you’re throwing out of your adult sized pram because someone had the balls to call you out on your disrespectful and hateful comment)

      I think I can just about sum up what everyone else here is thinking.
      You’re a grade A cunt. Crawl back into your little hole my love.

      Hannah you look bangin, as always. Keep slaying


      • Katie

        Anna, this is the second post you’ve commented on that I’ve seen in the last few days – I seem to remember the previous post comment being critical towards Chris too.

        How much are you stalking Hannah to know how her boyfriend’s voice sounds and to come and slate her on a daily basis? Clearly your own life isn’t very fulfilling.

        Hannah doesn’t need to pretend to be a reader to respond because 99.9% of her readers are supportive and will do so on their own behalf. Unfortunately trolls like yourself do pop up but you are vastly outnumbered my love.

        Get yourself a life and stop hating on other people’s online.

      • Hannah

        Stalking? Not really sure it can be deemed Stalking when the YouTube videos are just there recording the fact he has a boys voice that sounds like he’s not hit puberty haha

    • Sophie

      First of all she doesn’t have back fat but even if she did, does that mean she can’t look incredible, or that she needs to be body shamed by a stranger, or that she shouldn’t wear this beautiful dress and get to feel special? All she does it write a blog to entertain people and make them feel like they aren’t alone in feeling what they feel, or letting them reminisce about being a teenager or make them feel like they want to Girl Boss as well. So why do you need to drag her down? Just keep scrolling and carry on with your life if you don’t like her content.

      As for Chris, he doesn’t have a ‘pre-pubescent’ voice as you put it, but even if he did does that mean he isn’t a good person? Or kind and funny? He’s in a relationship with Hannah his voice really shouldn’t concern you, you clearly don’t like Hannah so don’t watch her videos, it’s really that simple. That way you don’t have to feel annoyed about something silly and Hannah doesn’t have to be subjected to this nonsense. Everyone wins.

      For my 2 pence worth, Hannah you look fab in this dress and I think Chris seems like a wonderful guy. Enjoy your holiday together and make some glorious memories <3


    • Amy

      I wouldn’t even speak to people if i had a horrible personality like you clearly do! Take your negatively elsewhere.

    • Cat

      How on earth do you justify saying something like that to a person?? Go soak your head. She’s successful and beautiful, and what are you?

      She looks babin’ in that dress. Leave the girl alone. Surely you have better things to do like stir your cauldron?

  • Amy

    Hannah your outfit pictures are just sooo incredible!
    Amy xx

  • I would have never have thought olive and leopard print would work but they do – It’s actually quite a dreamy combo for this time of year.

    You’re seriously rocking this dress Hannah, I think it may be one of my favourite outfits of yours xx

  • Beautiful gal! This dress looks absolutely stunning, I am yet to own an olive leopard print garm, this may have to be the first. Immy x

  • I love this dress! It is gorgeous!! 🙂

  • Mel

    Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting the price of this dress! I’ve had my eye on ASOS dresses for some time they have such an affordable range

    Mel ★

  • This is such a pretty outfit, that fourth photo of you Hannah is just lovely (they all are of course, but you just look so joyful there!)

    I can’t wait for it to get properly autumny around here, I’ve had a PSL so far and that’s it but we’re either between rainstorms and sunny days and no light chills or golden leaves just yet!

  • The hat goes well with the dress. Like it!

  • i like your blog, feel so much positive energy!!!


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