Three Pairs Of Shoes I’m Obsessed With Right Now


I’m currently writing this post on one of those planes with actual propellers, PROPELLERS, like it’s the 1930s or something. It’s fun.

I also have period pain snaking its way into my life and I’m a Krispy Kreme doughnut and a glass of prosecco down and I am feeling fly af.

I’m off to Il De Re in France to shoot some content for La Redoute and you can follow along with the fun and sunshine and Brie food babies over on Instagram at @hannahfgale.

But for now, SHOES.

Or to be more specific, shoes that I’m loving right now.

September shoes. Shoes that give a last hurrah to summer because babes I am not about the snow boot life, shoes that are comfy and go with abso everything in your wardrobe and shoes that well, don’t leave your bank account hot and flustered and having a teary breakdown in the street.


I can’t lie to you, if I was a bazillionaire I would be all over those fluffy backless Gucci loafers like a lad to a fantasy football league, but alas nope.

Instead I’ve treated myself to these sassy £30 huns from River Island because ahhh metallic but ooh I can afford them.

I wore them for a 25-minute schelp into Ipswich town for pizza and wine the other night and can confirm that there were no blisters, bleed-y toes or tears and BIG THUMBS UP FROM HG.

They also come in black and look like utter babes with both raw hem jeans and black wide leg culottes.

Shop them here.


Unless you’ve literally just clicked onto my blog for the first time ever because oh look this girl writes lists and likes nachos, you’ll know that corr blimey I love me a pop of leopard print.

I’ve lined up these Kurt Geiger huns to be my boots of y’know, the autumn, but haven’t had much chance to wear them yet because it’s been hot and sweaty and smelly feet are not divine.

I’m picturing them with black skinny jeans and big ol’ roll neck jumpers and biker jackets. OH and obvs a Starbucks cup swimming with Pumpkin Spice Latte because this girl is about as basic as they get.

Shop them here.


I snapped these guys up from the H&M online sale and haven’t looked back because they go with EVERYTHING. They have a cute little heel that makes them feel a bit sassy and sophisticated and yet they’re comfy enough to stomp up and down Tube station steps without breaking a sweat.

Even it gets a bit too chilly to wear these fellas every day, I’m about 102% sure they’ll remain my ‘going out’ shoes (read: shoes I wear to Wagamama) for the rest of the year because they’re just so bloomin’ easy.

Oh and I can walk in them without looking like I’ve been kicked in both knee caps, which is always a win.

Cute strappy low heels over skyscraper stilettos every single damn day <3

Shop them here.

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