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I used to be cool and hip and happening and all over things like shimmery lip glosses, super high heels and dirt cheap beach holidays complete with frozen daiquiris, boys and oh, maybe some more boys.

And now I’m like ‘just gonna pop out to stock up on ironing water, peppermint tea and hand wash. See ya, bye’.

(Spoiler: I actually love playing being a grown-up. It’s pretty ace, innit?)

Anyway, I’ll be upfront, this is a sponsored post about the new Carex Fun Editions Love Hearts Hand Wash but oh hubba, hubba, I think you’re going to like it.

Actually, scrap that, I’m going to go the full hog and say you, my gal, are going to LOVE it.

Who knew you could fall in love with a hand wash, eh?

It launched earlier this summer and I was a bit like, well this will obviously smell nice because Love Hearts are nice, but no, it smells better than nice, it smells divine and heavenly and sweet and sherbert-y and when Chris got home from work I basically frogmarched him to the sink to give it a whirl.

It smells that good.

He agreed, but with slightly less aggressive ‘OMG OMG OMGs’ than me, which is fine because he’s a boy.

Also it’s baby pink and I’m all about trying to get more splashes of pink around the house without Chris noticing and demanding I start throwing things away.

(I’m still not convinced I’ve actually got across how good it smells, so maybe you’ll have to whip into Tesco on your lunch break and give it a whiff).

Carex is our hand wash brand of choice at home, mainly because it’s affordable (£1.40 for 250ml which lasts ages), can be snapped up at our local supermarket. Oh, and it kills 99.9% of germs – which, when you have two super pesky cats, is an absolute must.

It’s also moisturising, keeps skin soft and has been dermatologically tested by experts.

To celebrate the release of this dreamboat, Carex is offering you guys the chance to win a personalised bottle with your name on. To enter, all you have to do is nip on over to

Because admit it, you kinda want a pink bottle of hand wash in your bathroom with your name on…

This is a sponsored post but all views very much my own because guys, IT’S LOVE HEARTS HAND WASH.


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