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I used to be cool and hip and happening and all over things like shimmery lip glosses, super high heels and dirt cheap beach holidays complete with frozen daiquiris, boys and oh, maybe some more boys.

And now I’m like ‘just gonna pop out to stock up on ironing water, peppermint tea and hand wash. See ya, bye’.

(Spoiler: I actually love playing being a grown-up. It’s pretty ace, innit?)

Anyway, I’ll be upfront, this is a sponsored post about the new Carex Fun Editions Love Hearts Hand Wash but oh hubba, hubba, I think you’re going to like it.

Actually, scrap that, I’m going to go the full hog and say you, my gal, are going to LOVE it.

Who knew you could fall in love with a hand wash, eh?

It launched earlier this summer and I was a bit like, well this will obviously smell nice because Love Hearts are nice, but no, it smells better than nice, it smells divine and heavenly and sweet and sherbert-y and when Chris got home from work I basically frogmarched him to the sink to give it a whirl.

It smells that good.

He agreed, but with slightly less aggressive ‘OMG OMG OMGs’ than me, which is fine because he’s a boy.

Also it’s baby pink and I’m all about trying to get more splashes of pink around the house without Chris noticing and demanding I start throwing things away.

(I’m still not convinced I’ve actually got across how good it smells, so maybe you’ll have to whip into Tesco on your lunch break and give it a whiff).

Carex is our hand wash brand of choice at home, mainly because it’s affordable (£1.40 for 250ml which lasts ages), can be snapped up at our local supermarket. Oh, and it kills 99.9% of germs – which, when you have two super pesky cats, is an absolute must.

It’s also moisturising, keeps skin soft and has been dermatologically tested by experts.

To celebrate the release of this dreamboat, Carex is offering you guys the chance to win a personalised bottle with your name on. To enter, all you have to do is nip on over to

Because admit it, you kinda want a pink bottle of hand wash in your bathroom with your name on…

This is a sponsored post but all views very much my own because guys, IT’S LOVE HEARTS HAND WASH.


  • I haven’t tried the love hearts one yet but I bought the bubblegum one the other day and omg I can’t stop from using it! Smells so amazing and the smell lingers for ages. But definitely gonna give the love hearts one a whirl too after reading this 🙂

    • Oh man now I wanna try the bubblegum one! The smell lingers for ages with the Love Hearts one too 🙂 I find myself washing my hands more than usual because the smell is so divine x

  • Ams

    “I’m all about trying to get more splashes of pink around the house without Chris noticing” – ha! yes, I’m doing this too! Can’t wait to try this – the chocolate orange one is my current fave x

  • One of the things I miss most about living in the UK is definitely hand soap and shower gel. They smell so much better, like seriously, why? Also your photos are ON POINT these days. Are you still using the Olympus pen epl7? What lens is that? NEED IT.

  • This sounds like pretty much the best thing ever – I definitely know what our next handwash will be! 😀 Also, don’t worry, I too get ridiculously excited about buying laundry tablets, groceries and, yes, handwash. Adulting can be fun sometimes!

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Carol

    Thanks for sharing Hannah. Will have to try. The chocolate orange is nice. Really like your blog. They’re very interesting. Thanks.

  • When these first came out, I grabbed the cola bottles version and stuck it in our bathroom randomly and when my flatmate came home from work called me into the kitchen, just standing there smelling his hands and complaining because he wanted to go to the shop for sweets at like 11pm at night! Naturally there is always a bottle of the stuff in our bathroom, usually the strawberry laces one and I even dragged the BF to the soap aisle in Boots when he mentioned he needed a new hand wash and I made him sniff all of them. I gotta be honest, been obsessed with these for ages! Weirdly, they make amazing stocking fillers ahaha!

  • The bottle looks so adorable! I’m hoping that it smells exactly like candy hearts! lol

  • The Imperial Leather marshmallow shower gel and bubble bath are incredible too, if you’re a fan of the Love Hearts hand wash definitely try those!

  • I’ve just bought carex cola bottles hand soap as well as the bubble gum hand soap for my bathroom at my university flat and I can’t wait to use them, they smell divine and I definitely want to try the love hearts addiction!

    Tabitha x

  • You’ve convinced me that I definitely need this hand wash in my life haha – can’t beat lovehearts, so I bet this is super amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Nicola

    Well I had tried the bubble gum and strawberry laces! Just bought the love hearts one due to this post! Who doesn’t need handwash? Surely that makes it relevant!

  • Jenna

    I don’t mind the sponsored post to be honest! The handwash sounds dreamy but I do think it could’ve been put into a ‘favourites’ type post or there could’ve been a different angle to it (something to do with pampering? I don’t know!) unless of course the brand wanted one single post dedicated to this then I don’t blame you at all for going for it! 🙂

  • NEED to smell this!!!!!

  • Well I don’t mind that this is a sponsored post personally. I’m always trying to make mine and the BF’s room a bit more girly so can totally relate. I found myself on the Carex website straight after reading this and I’m now on a mission to find the chocolate orange scent.

    Lovely photos aswell 🙂

  • Harriet

    I like this post, I thought although it was a sponsored one it still came across in your usual style and I’m always interested in hearing about new toiletries/beauty products etc! (not sure what hand wash would be classed as…)

    I’ve just read your latest post about being a nicer person too, and think it’s appropriate and very true, we all need to be a bit nicer to each other and ourselves 🙂


  • I LOVE the smell of love hearts – definitely need to give this one a go!

  • Amy

    I’ve had the chocolate orange version of this before and it was literally divine so I can only imagine this is just as good! The smell stays round for ages too it’s great (apart from wanting to eat my hands haha). Can’t believe you’ve had hate for this, you’ve got to make a living and if it’s a product you love then you were totally right to go for it!
    Amy xx

  • I picked this up in tesco’s a while ago and I ADORE IT, I’ve nearly used it all up already ahhhhh, going to have to buy another one haha!

  • Mel

    I’ve used the sweet flavoured body washes for a while so I’m gonna be all over this the next time I see it in a shop – I want my fingers to smell like love hearts!

    Mel ★

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