Five Realisations I Had From A Hotel Bed Yesterday

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If you follow me on social media (and if you don’t you’re missing a trick because I tweeted about my bum spot yesterday), you’ll have probs spied that I stayed at the St James’ Hotel on Tuesday night.

The hotel, which – dun, dun, dun – is in the St James’s area of London, is part of the Small Luxury Hotels network – which basically means it’s independent, boutique and well, luxurious.

(There’s 520 Small Luxury Hotels around the world and the ones in Thailand will make you sob into your commute home, soz).

My stay at the hotel concluded a day of exploring the other London hotels with a bunch of blogger babes, and you can find out what they got up to by having a spy of the #SLHDoesLondon hashtag on Insta and Twitter.

But instead of just sharing a classic hotel review with you where I discuss whether or not I had a good night’s sleep and whether I had a bubble bath (obvs I did because I’m not entirely insane), I thought I’d let you into my brain.

Because brains are fun.

And ALSO, I find that there’s nothing like removing yourself from the reality of every day life to gain a bit of perspective on what makes you happy, how your mind works and what’s important. Especially if you’re lying in a super comfy bed with a tray of Danish pastries, y’know?

So here’s five things I realised from my comfy spot at St James’s yesterday…


1. Yesterday morning marked the first ever time in the history of Hannah Gale life that I’d requested my hotel breakfast brought up to my room and oh sweet babin’ lord, it was everything. A bit like your usual breakfast in bed at home, but with swankier breakfast foods, multiple drinks and this immense feeling that you’re pretty much living the exact same life as Kate Middleton.

The one at the hotel came up on a silver tray, and sipping a cappuccino in bed was abso divine.  So realisation number one is that I am going to do this ALL. THE. TIME.


2. I realise I probably say this like three times a day, but Instagram really isn’t the one for making you feel like a sassy, girl bossin’ boo. It dampens my productivity and my mood and gives me the most heinous FOMO, and I honestly think that if it wasn’t such a large part of how I pay my bills, I’d delete it and live an Insta-free life like it’s 2004 and I’m eating those dreamy Crispy Pancakes or summin’.

Instead I’ve decided to trial a week where I only use it to upload, rather than to spy and perve on the seven and hundred and something people I follow. I’ll let you know how my brain feels in a week and soz in advance for a lack of love and likes coming from the ol’ @hannahfgale account.


3. At some point in the next couple of years, we want to upsize from the house we live in now. And, when that time comes, I’d like to priortise my sleeping space as the place I throw my non-existent extra money at.

Lazing about watching How I Met Your Mother, wrapped in a feather duvet with a thread count higher than anything they probably even stock at John Lewis was a *bit* magical. I’d like to replicate that feeling and that hubba hubba comfort at home. So if the St James’s Hotel would just like to hook a girl up with one of their king size beds that would be a-OK…


4. When I crawled into bed on Tuesday night, the first thing I did, aside from scrabbling to take me make-up off after a long and super sweaty day in London, was Facetime Chris and the cats.

It’s like they both gather on Chris’s lap when they hear him having a chat with me and it’s the most ridiculously cute thing, and possibly the only reason I remain sane when I’m traveling for work.

But it always makes me remember, and for some reason even more so yesterday, how stupidly, indescribably happy having my little family makes me. It’s been the number one thing above all else that’s made me feel safe, secure and like life is pretty blinkin’ wonderful.

I’ll stop making you do sicks in your mouths now, promise.


5. I touched on this earlier in the post, but the main thing I took away from my chilled-out morning in bed away from the routine of being Hannah, is how important doing just that is.

Whether it’s a week away in the Mediterranean to bask in the sun and eat meze, or a night to yourself anywhere that isn’t home, taking time out to reflect on your life, your goals, your happiness and your future is so, so, so important.

I always come away feeling inspired, motivated and like I know what I’m working towards, like I understand my priorities better and that, to me, is one of the best things about exploring the world, even if it’s a little hotel in a city not far from home <3



  • Buying a super king size bed is probably the best thing we’ve done as a married couple. It takes up a ridiculous amount of space in our bedroom (seriously, the bedroom is probably about 3ft wider than the bed) but it has made an AMAZING difference to sleep quality and cuts down the arguments about who hogs the bed/steals the duvet etc (definitely not me).
    The only downside is that super king bedding is EXPENSIVE and I resort to asking for boring things like duvet covers for Christmas and birthdays.

  • Oh sweet lawd, that bed looks like a cloud. I want my breakfast on a platter every day >:( Great alternative to a hotel review too, I much prefer these kinda posts! Here’s to living K Middi lives 4eva. Immy x

  • Ohhh lordy, that stay looks amazing! I love the first photo – how many attempts did it take you to get it right? Two drinks is definitely the one, when Adam was silly hungover the other day, I pushed him out of bed and dragged him to Boston Tea Party for brunch, but we both had two drinks because we couldn’t decide, and it was marvellous! Alice xxx

  • I bloomin’ love your posts missus! They always make me LOL (and I hardly ever use that word!) I definitely think taking time out to collect yourself is a must – especially in these busy times! I’m away on my jollies on Saturday and that’s just what I’m planning to do while I’m away so I can come back and feel motivated to really push my blog and hopefully get my Etsy shop properly up and running!

    Enjoy your time xxx

  • Sounds like a perfect vacation. Lying in a comfy bed with food being brought to you, alone with your thoughts and still being surrounded by the things that comfort you. This just made me realize how badly I’m in need of one of those vacations!

  • That bed looks so ridiculously big and comfy!! I know what you mean about Instagram! I wish I could take a step back sometimes! Or atleast private my account, but its so important for my blog! x

  • Yes to breakfasts in bed! I want to order them every time now when I go travelling – it’s such a great little luxury isn’t it. <3

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • This hotel looks lovely. Ive never had any sort of room service in any hotel Ive stayed at. I really feel like Im missing out. I just want to feel like Kate Middleton too! haha

  • Um, yes that bed. Want.

    Ps. you totally look like you belong in that Kate Middleton-esque life.

  • B

    I am spending Christmas and new year in Thailand and it’s also my boyfriends birthday whilst we are out there – you have just solved my birthday present issue – these SLH in Thailand are making me die 😩😰

    • A lot of the Thailand ones aren’t totally unaffordable either but OMG SO DREAMY. Insta porn right there!

  • Ahh can we just focus on how insanely comfy that bed looks?! I think I need it in my life

  • Ahh those photos are so beautiful! I have never ordered breakfast in a hotel but I TOTALLY WANT TO NOW. Like who doesn’t want to feel like Kate Middleton?
    I also agree, I think I need to go on a instagram ban for a bit. I’m currently working full time and studying so my social life is nothing is more depressing than seeing people get up to fun things while i’m stuck working all the time aha.

    Anyway another great blog post Hannah! Just adore your blog!
    Holly x |

  • This is why I love you. You say the things I’m afraid to say, in the most entertaining possible way, and best of all, you mention cats. what more could I want in a post? Nothing. That was rhetorical. Because there’s nothing more I could want. <3

  • That bed looks so dreamy and big! A bed is definitely a worthwhile investment, especially if it’s one like that. Heart eyes galore!!

    Love these kinda posts for from you and a Insta-ban of sorts sounds like a bloody great idea. Definitely something to try out!

  • Hahaha! So funny! I love the breakfast in bed paragraph- it looks amazing! 🙂

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