How To Make The Famous Hannah Gale Nachos


Yeah alright I’m bigging myself up a bit too much in the title (or, y’know, not enough in my humble opinion, but whatevs).

But my nachos are world-class, I’ll be honest. They are sexy and insane and dirty and delicious and mood-changing and once I sat in my pants in my Leytonstone studio flat after a particularly tough Tuesday at work and ate an entire two-person tray of them.

I have no regrets.

We used to make a lot of nachos when everyone first did that awkward thing of moving home from uni, tails between legs, like hi, I can’t get a graduate job, can I come home for a bit and find my feet?

And slowly, over time, they’ve evolved into something I’m pretty proud of. I mean, I’d say I’m probably more proud of my nachos than my blog or my cat parenting.

There’s nothing overly ground-breaking about them – it’s more about using the exact ingredients and nailing the two-layer technique.

No YOU take making nachos too seriously.



  •   1 x bag of cheapest supermarket salted tortilla chips (or one and a half bags if you’re greedy like me)
  •   1 x pot of cheapest supermarket salsa (from crisp aisle, not Mexican aisle)
  • Half a block of cheddar cheese
  • Half a jar of jalapenos
  • 75g of chorizo ring
  • Small pot of fresh sour cream
  • Small pot of fresh guacamole (ideally homemade)
  • Tin of refried beans (optional)
  • Bottle of Frank’s hot sauce (optional)



Preheat oven to about 180 degrees, and then get yourself a nice semi-shallow dish like the sort you’d use for a pasta bake.

-Layer half your tortilla chips over the bottom of your dish.

– Layer half your salsa on top of the chips.

– Grate your cheddar (ready-grated isn’t even close to being the same) and layer half of this over the salsa.

– Repeat with leftover chips, salsa and cheese.

– Top with slices of chorizo and hefty scattering of jalapenos.

– Heat in oven for approximately 12-15 minutes, or until cheese on top layer is starting to crisp up.

– Serve with sour cream, guacamole, refried beans and hot sauce.


Things to note: those squeezy Old El Paso bottles of guac and sour cream are wrong, SO wrong, do not use them. Doritos WILL work, but ideally you want the tortilla chips from the basic range. If you scrimp on cheese or salsa things will go very, very badly for you.

There’s no neat or polite way to eat these. You just got to dive in mucky paws first and try and score all the extra sexy slices with oozy cheese AND a chorizo slice on. OH BOY. Food porn to the absolute extreme.

  • These are now ALL I want *drool*

    Shiana xx

  • So much yes. I’m afraid if I’m having one and half bags of tortilla chips though, I may as well just have two…Those squeezy bottles though – any sour cream that doesn’t need fridging is highly suspect D:

  • This looks amazing, never thought of putting chorizo with nachos! SO hungry now!

  • These look delish! Can never have too much cheese either 🙂

  • Sophie Hughes

    Literally been waiting like a woman possessed for this post ever since your insta pic! So content right now! ❤❤

  • Nachos are my absolute favourite! They would definitely be part of my last supper!! These look incredible!

  • Ive been waiting for this post after I watched your vlog. I love me some nachos, they are delicious!!

  • Hot sauce is NEVER optional in my opinion 😉
    Every time you post about your nachos you can find me over here, just drooling away…YUM!

  • Mexican is my absolute favourite and these look to die for. I completely agree, it’s all in the two layer technique!

  • If I could have these for lunch today I would. The best I’ve got is a slice of cheddar on a cracker or a walkers crisp – does that count?! Alice xxx

  • THANK YOU, those bloody ambient ‘last forever’ el paso salsas, sour creams, guacs are DISGUSTING and yet for some reason the bf insists on them because they’ll last a bit longer in the fridge. NOPE! These look pretty gorgeous, I like making a sort of tomatoey sauce by roasting cherry toms and blitzing them, adding hunks of mozzarella, black beans and chunks of avo. Now I want nachos!

  • These sound so good! but I don’t think I’d want to share. Can’t wait to give your recipe a go.

  • Since going to uni two years ago nachos have become an absolute staple in my diet! There is nothing better after a long day in the library than a giant plate of nachos! Definitely agree about the el paso squeezy quac, it should just not be allowed! Xo

  • Mel

    NOW I want to eat badly, I was doing so well so far today 😛

    Mel ★

  • kat

    Yes! I’m so glad someone else takes nachos as seriously as I do. The two layer technique is deffo a must! and cheap chips – I think tesco value ones are my fave and at 40 – odd pence a packet cannot go wrong. I like adding a bit of grated mozzarella with the cheddar too just for that extra stringy cheese ooziness while still getting the flavour punch from the cheddar….gosh I’m sad!

    UGH Old el paso guac is disgusting! It’s not guac! It’s green baby food type consistency nastiness and it takes two minutes to knock up a beautiful homemade guac… might have to go make nachos now tonight.

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