Five Goals For The Rest Of 2016


Fucking hell autumn, how are you HERE already?

Dancing about with your pumpkin spiced lattes and your dark evenings and your chunky knit cardigans like you think you’re something special.

(You are, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, baby girl).

Twenty sixteen has been one hell of a year, and so obviously it’s passed by in a flash of lightning and wait a minute, wasn’t I making Christmas pierogi in the kitchen like a month ago?

So I thought I’d set down a few goals to keep me feeling inspired and motivated for this last little slither of the year. A few things I’d like to focus on and put more energy towards as the days trickle off towards Christmas.



About a month ago I decided to step up my skincare routine – I wash it every morning and night with a warm cloth, I moisturise, I love me a good face oil, I use masks, and woah – I even exfoliate. It’s time-consuming and sometimes I feel like I cba because I’m already in bed and look I’m practically asleep. But I’d like to keep it up, because my skin does feel better for it. I’d also like to up the ante a little bit by actually using the tubs and tubs of body moisturiser hidden under my bathroom sink…



After whizzing off nearly 10,000 words last week, my brain was feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I’ve been taking this week to focus on less mentally aggressive things like blog posts on cocktails and nachos and eye liner, obvs.

I sent off a couple of rough sample chapters to a contact at a publishing house who said she really liked the writing, so now it’s up to me to sit down and properly construct a new book proposal complete with chapter outlines, what the point of the book is, who would read it, and why I’m the best person in the whole wide world to write it. MUCH EXCITE. I just need to accept that it is going to be emotionally exhausting but that it has the ability to reap some pretty sweet rewards.



I haven’t been to visit my Polish nan in a while because she’s three hours away on the south coast, but I’m hoping to head down and hang out with her for a bit this month.

She doesn’t really know who I am or remember much about the world, and it scares me that the more I see her the more it’ll be this version of her that’s burned into my memory. But it’ll 100% be harder to live with the regret that I didn’t soak her up as much as I could whilst I had the chance.

I can’t wait to hold her hand and sing Polish lullabies with her.



I bloomin’ loved filming that ASOS try-on haul for you the other week – and loved reading through all the comments on what I should keep even more! I’m planning a New Look AW16 one with a similar vibe in a few weeks time, and maybe an under £30 for next week, but please do whack any suggestions you have in the comments section below.

I’m going to try and set up my filming so that you can have all of HG in the frame for my next video, rather than just from the thighs up. You lucky things.



With Friday nights now dedicated to hygge nights – think no phones, lots of candles, lots of food and good conversation, and with a pretty successful garden party the other week, I’m feeling really in the swing of enjoying things outside of work. And I feel so much better for it.

I love blogging. I love creating content and writing and taking photos for Instagram. I even love scheduling tweets and replying to emails and making invoices. I don’t love getting sucked into the black hole of self-comparison that blogging seems to bring with it. The more things I have to look forward to in the offline world, the less time I dedicate to aimless Instragram browsing and it is BABIN’.

So uh yeah, more of the above please.


What else are you guys hoping to fit in before the end of the year?

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