Six TV Shows I’m Watching Right Now (And You Should Too)


I dunno about you, but with the darkness creeping in (love you Autumn, boo) the only thing that’s stopping me curling into the foetal position and finding a bear to hibernate with is the thought of long cosy nights in with blankets, cake, candles and a pot of tea.

OH and TV.

And maybe new pyjamas and some pizza too.

But not like any old TV, like juicy, meaty, I-don’t-care-if-I-only-get-five-hours-sleep-I-MUST-watch-another-episode TV.

It’s kind of hard to find that though and so often I realise I’ve been slumped across the sofa for hours and all I’ve done is watch three episodes of Friends, half an episode of The Big Bang Theory and a good helping of Sky Sports News. Yum.

So instead of wasting your cosy evenings away to programmes you’ve already seen 5747647 times before, I thought I’d hook a girl up with the things I’m watching right now in case you’re searching for a bit of downtime inspiration.


This crime thriller is from 2013 I believe, but it’s busy lurking on the Sky boxsets page (upgrading our subscription to have full access to these was the best extra £10 a month I’ve ever spent, just FYI…).

It’s part British and part French and there ARE some subtitles and I usually hate subtitles but honestly, after three minutes I just kinda stopped noticing them.

It’s about a body found in the Channel Tunnel and about a serial killer and if I haven’t already utterly gripped you by that then I dunno what to say. It features the girl who played Fleur Delacour as one of the main characters and I mostly just find myself girl crushing all over her hair.

There’s two seasons on Sky, and I’m half way through the first one so no spoilers please you mean gargoyles.

Watch on Sky.

Chris always tells people I don’t like funny TV shows, and I absolutely do, it just has to be a little bit clever and a little bit relatable.

And Friday Night Dinner is all of those things wrapped up in a big parcel of joy. It has Will from the Inbetweeners as one of the main characters and is centered around a middle-aged couple’s weekly Friday night dinner with their grown-up sons.

The latest season has just finished – but there’s a good few seasons on 4OD and each episode is only about 25 minutes.

I’d say it’s a similar kind of humour to The Inbetweeners but with less fingering and boobs and more crumble and custard. Divine.

Watch on 4OD.



Technically I’m not watching this right now, as we devoured all eight episodes in about 72 hours, but y’know, had to add it to this post anyway.

It’s a Netflix original and is set in the mid eighties. It’s scary, so don’t watch it alone in a dark house unless you’d like to wet your bed for the first time in twenty years…

It’s got a sci-fi edge to it and centres around a group of nerdy kids – the whole show really kicks off when one of them goes missing.

It’ll remind you a *bit* of ET, in a good way, and make you want to go rummaging in vintage clothing shops ASAP.

Watch on Netflix.

If there’s one thing I tweet about more often than links to my own bloody blog, it’s Teen Mom. And Teen Mom 2. And 16 And Pregnant. And all glorious, glorious shows about American pregnant teenagers and young mums.

Anyway last week a new season of Teen Mom OG kicked off on MTV , which follows the lives of four different couples from the very first season of 16 And Pregnant way back when some time in the noughties.

They’re all around 25 now with marriages, more babies, plastic surgery, prison time, drug addictions and the rest and omg the most addictive trash TV to ever exist. I mean, once you’re hooked it’s hard not to dedicate your entire life to stalking the members on social media and just Googling ‘teen mom news’ over and over again…

Watch on Sky.

I always feel like an awful person for being completely and utterly intrigued by real-life crime documentaries, but then there wouldn’t be entire channels dedicated to them if I was the only one, right?

I’ve actually watched Crimes That Shook Britain for a good few years, and it can be found on the ID channel on the documentary section on Sky.

As the name suggests, it focuses on some of the biggest crimes in Britain – mostly horrific murders – from the past decade or so. There’s a couple of older cases on there too, but the majority of them are about things you’ll probably remember happening.

There’s a few episodes on Sky at the moment, but they come in waves, so it’s worth series-linking it and keeping your eyes peeled. They interview family members and police officers who worked on the case, so it offers a pretty in-depth look at each individual crime.

Watch on Sky.



This British sitcom had been recommended to Chris and I a few times so we watched one of the later episodes of season two back at Christmas (there’s six episodes per season and currently only two seasons), and well, we didn’t reaaaally like it. It was too much about grown-ups and we were like um huh, we’re not grown ups we’re hip and fun and young.

Whilst baby-sitting for my nephew the other week we started watching it from the beginning and whipped through the first five episodes as they’re pretty short.

To give you a brief synopsis, it’s about an Irish woman who has a week-long fling with an American businessman and then she gets pregnant and well, they try and have a stab at a proper relationship.

I like the first season, pre-baby. It’s fun, it’s relatable and it’s super rude and full of all the swears. The second season *kind* of scared me off children for a little while.

But it’s a super easy watch if you’re hungover and wriggling about in bed.

Watch on 4OD.

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