Friday Favourites: August 2016



Is anyone else on the cusp of doing an over excitement wee over the impending bank holiday weekend complete with heatwave?

No? NO?


I’m currently listening to Kisstory with a can of my girl Diet Coke whilst trying a new Topshop gel polish and I am feeling all light and free and full of good vibes.

(I mean, not to kill those good summer sunshine vibes BUT I just got an email to say that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte launches in-store next week, so y’know, it’s basically Christmas).

And then it’ll be 2017 and then suddenly I’ll blink and hang on why do I have four kids and wrinkles and wah, life, stop flying by so quickly you little weasel.

Anyway, this month’s bffs…



The other week I was busy babysitting my two-year-old nephew (changed his nappy AND bathed him and everything because look everyone, I can adult), and as I was settling down to watch his baby monitor like it was an episode of Friends, I decided I needed a snack.

I had the quickest rifle through my brother’s cupboard and found a bar of Lindt Cherry Intense chocolate which had already been opened, so I stole a square. And then I stole another one. And then just one more.

And well, that’s when our love affair began. If you like dark chocolate and you like happiness in your mouth, then I beg you to head via Tesco on your way home and grab a bar. You deserve it, boo.



First up, I know that at £49.50, this mask is something that financially isn’t realistic for a lot of you, but I wanted to include the Oskia Renaissance Mask in here anyway, because, well, I really bloody love it. Like, a lot.

I’ve been using it a couple of evenings a week as part of my try-and-switch-off-from-the-internet routine, which involves this, a bath, and maybe some colouring in, reading or listening to a bit of HP on Audible.

It smells heavenly (probs because I love anything that smells of rose – it reminds me of Turkish Delight and therefore reminds me of my nan, my babcia), and is an absolute dream to massage into the skin. It leaves me skin feeling fresh, bright, and exfoliated.



When I met up with Debs the other week to shoot some of my fave outfits, she was wearing this perfect little black suede belt with a gold circle buckle and I wanted it, immediately.

Turns out it was a fiver from Peacocks online and came in khaki and tan too – so I snagged the tan one because y’know, it’s handy to have belts in every colour.

I went for a medium but because I wear it around my waist, but I’ve had to create some of my own holes. So yeah, size down.



The title of this book makes it sound like I don’t want to be here, and oh boy, could that be further from the truth.

Reasons To Stay Alive is a short book on depression. I feel like I read most of it whilst my brain was buzzing with racing thoughts, so I’m not entirely sure I took it in. But it’s a good read, it’ll make you feel less alone if you’re losing yourself to the insides of your own head.

The main reason it’s made my faves this month is because it inspired me. It inspired me to start writing my own book, my own memoir, again. And that can only be a good thing, right? I’m currently 10,000 words down, so fingers crossed I can keep it up!




Hello new fave food spot in London!

And when I say fave food spot I mean fave food spot that makes me look like a sophisticated piece of ass, rather than y’know fave food spot for burgers and macaroni cheese and eating until I nap.

Dickie Fitz is located just off of Oxford Street and features the prettiest interiors – all marble tables and beautiful lights. Plus the avocado on toast is something else (sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a basic bitch, but alas, nope). Oh and omg the chicken satay and lobster gyozas for lunch are also <3<3<3



On hot days when I wear these, all I can think about is Kim Kardashian’s swollen pregnant feet. So that’s nice.

I realised I didn’t actually have any sensible every day sandals – aside from sliders and a leopard print pair, so convinced myself that spending £12.99 on these in the H&M online sale was actually a very important worthwhile investment.

The only issue is that the cords to tie around my legs are definitely a good few centimetres too short and then lol OK no circulation in my feet. But what’s fashion without a cute little bit of suffering, eh?



I saw a few other bloggers singing the praises of this new BB cream but kind of mentally rolled my eyes like OK hun, you’ve probably just done that to please the PR but ha, I was wrong as ever.

I tried a bit on the back of my hand just out of interest before I got into the bath the other day and rubbed it in and I was like HANG THE HECK ON HERE. It’s magical.

I mean, not literally Dumbledore-magical, but it does such sweet stuff to the skin. The BB Skin Dtox Fluid has heavier coverage than most BB creams, but evens out the skin tone beautifully and still feels so damn light.

I’ve only been using it a few days, but it’s been perfect for this hot weather – it also has SPF 25 in it. We’ll see if it lasts the test of time…



Lol, SO late to the party.

But my name’s Hannah Gale and until two weeks ago I’d never been to Chiquito. Ha.

I had a sponsored Snapchat takeover with them, so along with a couple of friends, Chris and I headed out to our local branch for a midweek Tex Mex and cocktail session. And oh boy will we be going back.

The chorizo croquettes were divine, as were the jalapeno poppers and potato skin sand wow, I shouldn’t have started writing this at quarter past one, should I? Because my stomach is making all sorts of noises at me.

The cocktails were also pretty special too, and start at just over a fiver. But let’s be honest, anywhere that has an entire page in the menu dedicated to margaritas was always going to get 78935673 thumbs up from me, wasn’t it?



I haven’t had my summer party yet, but I’m adding it to this list because just planning it has brought so much warm, lovely, happiness to my soul.

I decided aaaaages ago that I wanted to have an annual party. An annual party that people would look forward to – where we’d send out paper invites and put up decorations and have a signature cocktail and make too much food and play too many games.

And so this bank holiday weekend marks out first annual summer party. Chris bought a gazebo and everything.

It’s a random mix of siblings and school friends, colleagues and childhood pals, so I’m busy praying that a) the weather holds out b) everyone doesn’t cancel last-minute and c) my signature nachos are cooked to perfection.



And when I say massage, I mean deep, emotional, hypnotic experience. And I mean all of that in a really, really good way.

Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, LUSH’s flagship store on Oxford Street actually has a spa. Uh huh. It’s hidden in their basement and is decorated like a little wooden house in the countryside and you’d legit never know it’s there but it is.

Anyway, they offer this 80-minute Synaesthesia treatment, which is technically a massage, but oh man, it’s not, it’s so much more.

It’s tailored to you – to your mood and what you need from life in that moment – and, well, takes you on a real journey of self-discovery, using all your fave LUSH products of course.

Pricey at £125, but an absolute treat and a half.




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